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How much is the Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain worth | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

How much is the Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain worth

There are many kinds of Chinese porcelain, but really in the world well-known and well-loved, is not blue and white porcelain.Many people do not understand that the same porcelain, other porcelain is unique, why only blue-and-white porcelain is so popular.For this point, a small compilation in the article will explain one by one for everyone.In addition, about Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain worth how much, the small will also give you a clear introduction Oh.

Figure 1: Qing Kang Xi blue and white dragon pattern bottle;The transaction price: RMB 23,420,800;Size: 24.1 cm high;Auction Company: Christie’s Hong Kong Limited;Transaction time:2006-11-28.

Why is blue-and-white porcelain so popular?

It is not too much to say that blue-and-white porcelain is a national favorite. It is not the kind of blue-and-white flower we buy in our supermarkets, but a real historical relic.As early as the Tang and Song Dynasty, there had been blue-and-white porcelain, but the burning technology was backward, resulting in the Tang and Song Dynasty of the blue-and-white porcelain is relatively thick, simple.And to the Yuan Dynasty, blue-and-white porcelain firing technology has been very mature, composition is also more plump, multi-level, not messy, this has a distinct visual effect of porcelain, give a clear pleasure.

Figure 2: Qing Kang Xi Qing Hua three dragons to catch the pearl pattern cover pot;The transaction price: RMB 6,012,760;Size: 16.5 cm high;Auction Company: Christie’s Hong Kong Limited;Deal time:2012-11-28.

In addition, the Yuan blue-and-white painting to the peak of the art, so in later generations, the position of the Yuan blue-and-white is very high, and lasting.Not only do Chinese people think so, but so do foreigners.The arabian region regards the yuan qing hua as a treasure, the clark porcelain which is popular in europe refers to the green flower, even when the foreign powers invaded in the late qing dynasty, they also identified as blue-and-white porcelain, know little about other china.

Figure 3: Qingkang Xi Qinghua Mi Fu landscape map mallet bottle;The transaction price: RMB 4,645,800;Size: 45.5 cm high;Auction Company: Christie’s Hong Kong Limited;Transaction Time:2015-06-03.

What are the characteristics of Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain?

Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain has a lot of shapes, and all are antique and innovative, this kind of porcelain is more variety, coverage is more extensive, there are furnishings porcelain, also have daily life porcelain, in addition, such as sacrificial porcelain, the export of porcelain have.Although the change of Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain is big, it is more popular.According to the small to learn, Kangxi blue and white porcelain, small pieces of high originality, strict and generous, a wide range of decorative subjects, the layout of ingenious, especially the folk kiln fired Kangxi blue and white porcelain, is a breakthrough in the standard, there are a lot of lively, full of life flavor of porcelain.

Figure 4: Qing Kang Xi blue-and-white glaze red four-shot reading music poetry pen;The transaction price: RMB 3, 491,600;Dimensions: 19.1 cm in diameter;Auction Company: Christie’s Hong Kong Limited;Transaction time:2018-05-30.

Most can reflect the characteristics of Kangxi blue and white porcelain is the character of the landscape, its style is imitated by a famous painter, but the three-dimensional sense is very strong, and fine painting method, suitable for thick and weak.The most important thing is that the artistic conception of Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain is far away, giving people a sense of leisure.

Figure 5: Qing Kang Xi green flower pine bamboo and plum pattern hat bowl;The transaction price: RMB 3,450,000;Size:22 cm in diameter;Auction Company: China Jiade International Auction Co., Ltd.;Deal time:2013-05-12.

How much is the Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain worth?

The price of Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain is not low, such as the 2012 auction of Qingkangxi blue-and-white three-dragon catch pearl pattern cover pot, the final transaction price is 7.46 million Hong Kong dollars,2006, QingKangxi blue-and-white dragon pattern bottle, the transaction price is 25.2 million Hong Kong dollars.From these two auction records, we can see that the price of Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain is very high.

Figure 6: Qing Kang Xi blue and white sea animal straight neck bottle;The transaction price: RMB 3,220,000;Size:27 cm high;Auction Company: Beijing Hanhai Auction Co., Ltd.;Closing time:2013-12-08.

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Photo 7: Qingkangxi Qinghua Kui phoenix lines ring.Turnover price: RMB 2,869,020;Size:24 cm;Auction Company: Hong Kong Sufubi Auction Co., Ltd.;Transaction Time:2017-04-05.