Appreciation of Xuande Blue and White Porcelain 3

Xuan DeGuan YaoBlue and white, which played an important role in the development of Chinese ceramics, reflected the social, economic, cultural and artistic ideas of the time from one aspect.As palace porcelain and fine works of art, it has a unique artistic charm, which has a lot to do with the perfection of the system and the maturity of technology at that time.Xuande Guan kiln Qinghua is also unprecedented in quantity, according to the “Daming Hui Dian” records, Xuande eight years (1433The court issued an order of demand onceJinɡ DezhenThe task of burning 443,500 pieces of dragon and phoenix porcelain.Among them, the majority of blue and white, it can be seen that the scale of its burning, a large number of.Products not only for the court’s daily life needs, but also as a large number of goods sold overseas, as well as foreign tribute gifts, as the East-West cultural exchange witness.

the period of XuandePeople’s kiln green flowers are more concise and general, strength and quality slightly inferior to the official kiln, the glaze is insufficient moisture, painting method free and easy, with the pen more hasty, the picture composition is very careful artistic conception, full of folk life breath, lively and interesting.

Today, we invite you to enjoy Xuande blue-and-white porcelain bowl, plate class of fine.

Xuande Blue and White Porcelain Appreciation