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Different blue and white folk kiln porcelain jar and vase | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Different blue and white folk kiln porcelain jar and vase

The folk kiln, that is, the folk porcelain kiln, is unofficial in operation compared to the official kiln that the court has set up.


Jingdezhen in the Ming Dynasty has a large number of folk kiln, which has many styles. In addition to some well-known ceramic painting styles, there is also a folk kiln style.

Most of these folk kiln styles are used by the people, so the paintings do not pay attention to the brushwork and composition, and they are very free to paint flowers, birds, grasses and characters, and more abundantly express the real life of the people.

Random strokes, each picture is unique

Because of the flexibility of the style, it is suitable for many different scenes.

Simple atmosphere

Simple decoration in life can also be beautiful

Tea sets don’t have a taste…

Plain beauty

Waiting to enter the kiln

Each one is handmade and painted

Blue and white is an eternal classic

There are many uses, omitted here…

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