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A brief introduction of the Yuan Qing Hua Xiao He Yue’s follow-up to Han Xin | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

A brief introduction of the Yuan Qing Hua Xiao He Yue’s follow-up to Han Xin

The blue-and-white porcelain represents the porcelain of the Yuanjingdezhen kiln, which is two kinds of special and valuable categories.Blue and white color strength, stable color, decorative never fade, and elegant style, elegant and plain.The brilliant blue-and-white glaze and elegant and clear white tire cooperate with each other cleverly, which is quite characteristic of Chinese ink and wash painting, and marks the arrival of a new era from plain porcelain to colored porcelain.With its multi-level, full-screen, main and second-level decorative features and color painting-based decorative techniques, it has opened up a new way for the development of Chinese ceramic art

Yuan Qing Hua Xiao He Yue follow Han Xin Tu Mei bottle unearthed in Nanjing Jiangning District General Shan Mu Ying Tomb, collection in Nanjing Museum, is the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain rare treasures, is a national treasure-class cultural relics, is the Nanjing Museum of “Town Museum Treasure”, one of the three Chinese porcelain. It is also prohibited by the State Administration of Cultural Relics from going abroad to exhibit cultural relics.

The experience of chasing the bottle of Han Xin Tumei under Xiao He of Yuan Qing is very complicated.In 1950, Mu Ying’s tomb was stolen, and the vase was one of the stolen cultural relics and was quickly sold.According to Mr. Wang Yin, a senior cultural relic expert, someone was selling a large porcelain vase near Xinjiekou, Nanjing.Coincidentally, this scene let then opened antique shop collector, after liberation in Nanjing heritage company work Chen Xinmin saw.When Chen Xinmin saw it, he recognized it as a plum vase and knew it was not easy.Chen Xinmin’s heart was full of joy.At that time, he decided it was the porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty. He asked the man where he had come from and how much he wanted.The man saw Chen Xinmin’s order and began to bargain.Precious things can not be desired, fleeting.Chen Xinmin finally spent 5 gold bars (say 10 gold bars) to buy it.Tomb robbers, Kang Yong-hai, were quickly arrested and shot by Mayor Liu Bocheng of Nanjing.After the identification of cultural relics experts, this plum vase is a national treasure, designated as” Qing Hua Xiao He month after the Han Xin Dame bottle. “Collected in Nanjing Museum, is the museum’s” treasure town, “one of the three Chinese porcelain.

Yuan Qing Hua Xiao He month under the Hanxin Tumei bottle is Jingdezhen kiln products, porcelain.Height 44.1, aperture 5.5, abdominal diameter 28.4, bottom diameter 13 cm., the fetal quality is white and fine, blue and white is stable, white glaze is pure, transparency is very high, blue and white is used to import Su Niebo green material.No cover, small mouth, mouth along the thick flat, short and thin neck, flat shoulder, under the shoulder convergence, shin long, near the bottom of the outside, flat.The figure of Xiao He, Han Xin, Han Xin and Shui Gong are full of personality, and the image of pine, bamboo, plum, plantain, mountain and stone is the background, the image of a vivid development of a historical scroll.Outside the picture is equipped with five groups of decorative ribbon, the whole plum vase decoration is elaborate, decorative belt layout is dense, is the best blue-and-white porcelain in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty.

The figure story pattern of “Xiao He-yue’s pursuit of Han Xin” is emblazoned with the theme of “Xiao He-yue”.Auxiliary decoration has miscellaneous treasures, tangled branches of lotus and lotus leaf patterns, although there are many levels of decoration, but the primary and secondary clear, complex and not chaotic integration.With the ancient history as the decoration subject matter, often used in the Yuan Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain, reflects that the opera story at that time has penetrated into all aspects of social life.The vivid expression of the characters painted on the bottle is vivid.Yuan Qing Hua Xiao He month follow the Han Xin Tu Mei bottle painted a variety of blue and white patterns, although various layers, but up and down the decoration of passionflower, miscellaneous treasures, deformation lotus petal patterns, pendant bead patterns, etc. are very good for Xiao He month to follow the Han Xin this main decoration service, So that the whole thing is integrated and the theme is distinct and prominent.The picture of the china was placed on the belly of the plum vase, occupying the main position.The shape of the whole object is dignified, steady, pure and dense, green and green hair color green and rich, and the vivid expression of the characters painted in the bottle is particularly exciting: Xiao He’s beard was raised by the wind when the galloping horse, the eyes of the urgency and anxiety;Hanxin river wandering, confused and hesitant;Old boatmen hold pulp and stand quietly waiting, are displayed incisively and vividly.And the blank space is lined with pine, plum bamboo, mountain stone, appears to be staggered.Mei bottle is not only pleasant and beautiful, and white glaze clean and moist, blue and white materials are suitable, beautiful hair color, rich sense of layers, plus the strong Tuomao painting porcelain pen, so that the picture has the beauty of the blue and blue, around the body radiating the luster of beautiful things.The body of this instrument is tall, beautiful shape, the subject matter is classical rare, the painting is exquisite, the decorative lines are round and smooth, the blue and white color is pure and rich, and is unearthed for the year of the year of the tomb, the preservation is complete, it can be called the best of the blue and white porcelain in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty.

The Cultural Relics Value of Han Xin Tu Mei Bottle under Xiao He-yue of Yuan Qing Hua

Yuan Qing Hua Xiao He Yue chasing Han Xin Tu Mei vase for the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain rare treasures, with a very unique blue-and-white decorative patterns, reflecting a very high level of burning.Meiping is a kind of high-grade tombs in Ming Dynasty, which can ward off evil spirits.In addition to the status of the symbol, there are feng shui on the consideration of non-princes, do not “enjoy” this kind of funeral.The porcelain was unearthed in 1959 at the tomb of Mu Ying, the founder of Guanyin Mountain, Jiangning County, Nanjing.This plum bottle is 43 cm tall, with a diameter of 14 cm at the bottom and a diameter of only 5.2 cm.Small mouth, abundant shoulder, oblique abdomen, converging shin, circle foot, beautiful shape, round, smooth lines, elegant, shoulder abdomen painted with “Xiao He month chasing Han Xin” classic historical characters story, painted on the porcelain bottle of blue and white decorative layers, very unique, give people a dignified aesthetic feeling.

The Yuan Dynasty “blue and white” existence is rare, domestic only more than 100 pieces, the value is inestimable.

The “Ghost Valley Down the Hill” pot sold for £15.688m (about Rmb230m).And “Xiao He month chasing Han Xin”, porcelain body texture, blue and white hair color, are better, and the plot of the characters painted vivid.And there are only three blue-and-white plum bottles like this one in the world. The other two have been sent abroad and are smaller than this one. The glaze and the embellishment are not as beautiful as this one.

There have been industry experts estimate, “Xiao He month after Han Xin” Yuan Qing Hua plum bottles if appeared in the auction market, at least worth 1 billion.The official statement is that, first, it uses superior materials, using the expensive “Su Ma Li Qing” cobalt material;Second, the subject matter is rare, with the character story pattern of the Yuanqing is extremely rare;Third, the art value is very high, in the production of tyres, painting, burning, and other aspects have reached the level of pure fire;Fourth, such a large blue-and-white vessel is extremely difficult to burn.