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How to measure the value of “underglaze” blue-and-white porcelain? | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

How to measure the value of “underglaze” blue-and-white porcelain?

In the last article we discussed some of the relevant logic of glaze color, this article let us briefly discuss the underglaze color price of some measures.

The traditional blue-and-white porcelain is mostly under-glaze color, under-glaze color and in-glaze color is completely different, in-glaze color is not able to play the manuscript, can only take the direct painting, the success of the painting depends on a quick effort;Underglaze color is basically made in advance of the manuscript, and then described through the manuscript to modify, so you can draw a very complex subject matter, and can draw very fine.So the underglaze color is like the traditional Chinese painting method.

Gongbi painting, also known as fine brushwork”fine drawing”It belongs to the category of Chinese painting techniques.fine brushwork and painting”freehand painting”Symmetry.A fine painting, such as that of the Song Dynasty.painting of courtyard styleMing DynastyChou YinɡDefigure paintingWait a minute.the requirements of fine brushwork”a subtle and delicate person”Han Zhuo of the Northern Song Dynastypure collection of mountains and rivers’I’m sorry,’ he said.ink,Qian Jianɡ,turquoise, Kimpy,boundary paintingArtistic forms such as fine brushwork can be displayed.

There is a basic measure of the price of traditional underglaze blue-and-white flowers. Let’s put aside painting for a moment.

In the under-glaze painting, usually is full of objects than only painted part of the expensive, and full work, the use of water, line description and so on are very affected the final price of objects.

And in the material selection, the most expensive must be the characters, followed by animals and birds, then the landscape plants, and finally the embellishment, characters and animals in the first two, because this needs to test the artist’s expression of the characters and animals, which is very difficult, Because people and animals are living things, living things need to be expressed very difficult to grasp, I remember my father friends do another art, related to fish, fish body after the completion of the creation, the final need to fish to focus on that, practice for many years, In the absence of the last stroke of his work, the fish seemed dead in any case.So if the characters want to paint well, extreme test painter’s skill, and birds and animals are so, any life-like subject matter, its facial expression is the most difficult to express.

The difficulty of landscape, lies in the rationality of the structure level, and the valor that finally presents, but the study of painting should know, painting inside, the complex picture is relatively good painting, because the more complex, if you make some small mistakes in painting, It is easy to make up, or even stay in it will not be noticed by too many people, but the more simple the composition of the more difficult to draw, such as I draw a circle, it round everyone at a glance;Landscape theme is a very complex composition in painting, so although it seems complex, but it is not so difficult.

Plant subject matter, also very test painter’s skill, because the plant all has the life, how can draw the plant alive, this finally tests the artist’s observation and understanding of the environment in life, in order to finally reflect the plant in the picture that dynamic.

Because there are standard decorative, so only need to draw a good manuscript, in a little bit on the description, because it does not involve too complex skills, is a time-consuming work, so the relative to the above several subjects, natural prices are not as good as the above several categories.

Of course, this is the most basic classification, and ultimately according to the real painter’s differences, the value of the work presented must be different, a good painter painted even the subject matter of decorative paintings may be better than the general painter’s landscape theme, Prices are naturally not equal, so the above are in the same level of painter under the premise of the measurement, is not the same as general.

Next, let’s briefly discuss painting skills, traditional underglaze blue-and-white painting is equivalent to fine painting, andline molding isfine drawingThe characteristics of the technique are also the basis and backbone of the fine brushwork.The requirement of fine drawing to line is neat, delicate, rigorous.nextdecorative and flat feeling, Decoration is especially an indispensable factor in fine brushwork.From composition, line drawing, color setting to image details are with a certain sense of flatness and decorative.On the one hand, decoration comes from the traditional stylized technique, on the other hand, it ispainterThe aesthetic effect that the image in life forms by refining, exaggerating, and creating.

Speaking of the use of lines, you can use a more intuitive case for comparison, such as painting a pine, this pine line is strong and powerful, line use is decisive or not directly affect the overall spirit of this pine.

There is also a degree of rigor, a good work to be delicate and rigorous, can no longer be small details of the place to relax the requirements, such as this Jingdezhen a kiln porcelain, the overall painting is very important, but in these small flowers grass above the painting is too casual, Cause the whole to appear less coordinated.

Then there is the division of water, the traditional blue-and-white porcelain painting style, the use of the division of water directly reflects the skill of the painter, the artist can be a strong picture of the air-tight painting but the layers are clear, so that people can not see, this is particularly important in the porcelain, Because the blue-and-white porcelain above is not the WYSIWYG, only after the completion of the burning of water to know how to do, this is a great test of the artist’s experience, so the more water-sharing of porcelain, the higher the level, the higher the price naturally.

Glazed painting style is not like freehand style sketch painting, underglaze color for experience and skills grasp is very important, this tests a painter’s perennial accumulation and around the subtle things around the observation and understanding, the final appearance of a perfect painting.

So most of the glaze is a sketch painting, he tested the author is the understanding of beauty.The underglaze color is mostly a fine brushwork, which tests the author’s skills and experience.The two styles vary in style and style.

The above two articles briefly elaborated on the shallow understanding of the blue and white, said that there are wrong places also please advise each other to discuss learning, then we use one to summarize the porcelain.