How to identify the blue-and-white porcelain

Now the world’s love for the Yuan Qinghua, resulting in Jingdezhen Yuanqing imitation sales.Jingdezhen’s enthusiasm for copying Yuanhua has also accumulated over time, and copies of various Yuanhua products are constantly coming out, and from the original low-grade goods gradually to the high-grade imitation.The following is an introduction to the method of identification of Yuanqing flowers for reference:

1, Yuan porcelain has a distinguishing feature, the sound is forbidden, but the tire soil particles are large, large open space, not dense, so if the hand can feel the tread if very tight and compact people want to be careful, they have a trick, that is, with the bullet objects, according to the rebound back feeling and strength, To feel the tension of the fetal quality, this need to take more real things to try to find the feeling is very accurate.But the fetal quality is compact and delicate, want to sweep Hongwu official kiln, cannot be designated as imitation.

2. Look at the shape

The style of shape of big ware of Yuan Qing Hua is type big, fetal thick, weight.The shapes and styles of Yuanqinghua are as follows: bottle, pan, pot, stove, bowl, washing, high-foot cup, fetal water injection, pot-holding, flower wine, etc.Domestic sales of porcelain majestic, handsome appearance, heavy but not clunky shape, with Mongolian customs, hobbies, aesthetic, taste to a certain extent affect the style characteristics of the Yuan Dynasty porcelain, with a relatively obvious characteristics of the times.The modelling of these utensils, proportion is appropriate, craft is fine, appearance exterior essence inside thick, have a kind of antiquated beauty.Its tool type is rich, each kind of tool type also has the size variety change, is for the adaptation, the Middle East West Asian people’s life habit, the Yuan Qinghua as long as is the foreign trade so big implement is more than the effect, the painting, the pattern decoration is the Chinese and western cultures union, it for the Chinese trade, The Silk Road made a brilliant contribution.

3. Look at the glaze

There are two kinds of glaze of Yuan-qing-hua.Blue and white glaze (including glass glaze) and egg white glaze, glaze has a pan-blue and also pan-white.Glaze crystal, moist, bright, transparent glass glaze, more than 95% to the positive type of Yuanhua have exploded glaze.Under the magnifying glass can see the rainbow light, also has the yellow make-up earth, where the Yuan Qing Hua all put on the protective tire glaze (including the make-up soil).Through the light to see there are fish lines, and beach-like patterns, and so on.These are the important characteristics of the identification of the Yuanqing flower.

4: Look at the quality of the fetus

All Yuan Qing Hua natural tire is the upper layer of protective tire glaze (make-up soil) This is the last flow of the wind, Yuan Qing Hua’s tire is made of porcelain stone plus kaolin (Mulun soil) made of fine, white, heavy, hard, but some sand eyes, no Ming and Qing official kiln close.The motif of Yuanqinghua has binary formula, or is ternary formula, this shows that the motif of Yuanqinghua is not very consistent, the difference on each object is quite obvious, the more high-grade products, the more refined the motif, Some of the original materials fetal quality can reach what we call “glutinous rice fetal” appearance, the general feeling of observing fetal quality is that the hard, symmetrical, there is a division of uniform narrow and narrow stomata, stomata and stomata between a uniform concave-convex surface.

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