Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain pictures and the price value of how much

The blue-and-white porcelain of the official kilns in the chenghua period of the ming dynasty.Chenghua official kiln blue-and-white porcelain, the number of small fired, and imported materials and domestic “equal green” materials to share.”Equal green” Also known as” Bei Tang Qing “, the origin of Leping County in Jiangxi Province, it came from behind, gradually replaced the” Su mud Qingqing “, characterized by a stable color, blue color or blue-blue pan-green, small iron content, so that there is no black spots, color and not floating, to warm and elegant see long.Its decorative, painting, painting exquisite, with the pen thin and soft, clear and thorough, set to white and delicate glaze, making the period of the blue and white porcelain into an elegant work of art.

Chenghua official kiln blue-and-white porcelain, the process of attacking Xuande system, but also a new, more blue-and-white red, blue-and-yellow glaze red and yellow, green glaze blue-and-green, green and green filled with green with bright colors and colorful, it is even more exciting.The characters of “Daming Cheng Hua year” or “Heaven” are written in the style of “regular calligraphy”, which is powerful and unique in style.

The ten blue-and-white porcelain wares of the official kilns of the ming dynasty.It is the most authoritative dating scale and the most reliable material evidence for its time-dependent and high academic value, which is unearthed from the Zhushan official kiln site in Jingdezhen.

Yongxuan Qinghua is another peak after the Yuan Qinghua, there are “all the best, the most expensive blue and white” statement.During the Yongxuan period, Zheng He made seven trips to the West, and brought back the “Su Ma Li Qing” cobalt ore green material used to make blue and white porcelain. This kind of green material contains low manganese content, high iron content, bright and bright green flowers after firing, and black spot marks with metallic luster. This color has become a major feature of the evergreen blue-and-white flowers.Yongxuan blue-and-white fine quality of the fetus, glaze layer Yingrun thick, glaze color mostly white in the pan-green.On the pattern decoration, Yongxuan Qinghua changed the dense layout style of the Yuan Dynasty, which appeared to be sparse, with flowers, melon and fruit as the main decoration, and fewer flowers, birds and characters.In painting, changes in the Yuan Dynasty and Hongwu period of a point painting style, the use of double hooks fill color, and with small pen fill, make blue and white color has deep and shallow different strokes mark, this has also become an important feature of the Evergreen blue and white.Yongxuan blue and white flower shape variety, in addition to the common plate, bowl, plum bottle, jade pot spring bottle, there are some new device type, such as treasure moon bottle, no stop, flower pouring, octagonal candlestick (Editor note: Tang Changsha kiln fired octagonal candlestick), sleeping pot, and so on, some of which have obvious exotic atmosphere, This is due to the prosperity of foreign trade and cultural exchanges, the Middle East, China and Western Asia, the import of Islamic culture, so that some blue and white porcelain production from the shape to the decorative impact.

However, these three dynasties only after the Yongxuan, to undertake the Yongxuan period of advanced porcelain manufacturing technology, so there are no lack of fine, but because of less or difficult to identify the world, the objects are rare and precious, it is the collector’s rush, to collect “blank period” blue and white porcelain as the ultimate goal.