Doucai-Blue and white porcelain make-up, powder enamel light make-up!

Porcelain is one of the unique cultural symbols of the Chinese nation, which not only condenses the unique charming Chinese craft, but also contains the ancient Chinese thought of pursuing: symmetry, completeness, innocence, tenacity _ porcelain as human character.The porcelain of different category, style is different, also contain the emotion that the ancients are different repose: Jun porcelain is brilliant, Ru porcelain is high clean, fixed kiln porcelain is rigorous and meticulous.

When it comes to “fighting lottery”, what is the Chinese thought?I think it’s Harmony.Doucai is a combination of blue and white under glaze and many colors on glaze. It has both the “light make-up” of blue and white porcelain and the “thick plaster” of powder enamel.

“He Xiang Shi Li” Blue and white colorful Yu Ping/ Plot

In the Ming Dynasty Xuande period, the period of Chenghua was a period of great prosperity.Now, the elegant painted porcelain has a new heir _ Wang Zhou, Yu Ping couple.


“Tea Tasting Map” comprehensive decoration cover jar Wangzhou/ Plot

“Lotus. Dragonfly” Engraving Pieces of Wang Zhou/ Plot

Harmony also has the meaning of “harmony and unity”.”Dream of Red Mansions” has a cloud on the twenty-eighth time:” The husband sings with the true and united. “Just like the beauty of the harmony contained in the painted porcelain, Wang Zhou and Yu Ping follow the art with one heart and one mind, on the basis of imitating the ancients, they inject a strong sense of life into the colorful, fresh and pleasant, one pen at a time, Describe the quiet years.

“Jin Yu Man Tang” Sculpture of Yu Ping/ Works

Couples, the more long, the more in love, the more like each other in the face, this is the so-called “husband and wife phase.”Perhaps in the process of creating each other, poured too many gentle factors, Wang Zhou, Yu Ping’s painted porcelain works also have a “husband and wife phase,” a dignified style, with a clear pigment, Pianpi Song’s style.If the viewer does not ask, I am afraid it is difficult to tell who the work is.Wang Zhou, Yu Ping’s works, born in “harmony”, styling aesthetic and then “integration” for one, this, but also “harmony” image of a presentation!Ducai porcelain painting, first under the glaze as the outline of blue and white, after firing, and then filled with mineral pigments on the glaze with color, there is the under-glaze color and glaze color Douyu beautiful state, hence the name.As this blue-and-white vase “lotus fragrance ten miles”, lotus leaves, stems painted by blue-and-white materials, with a depth of different smear reflects the sense of depth, space, free brushwork, the traditional literati ink painting of the main points;Lotus and lotus are applied mineral powder color, a piece of pink petals interspersed in the indigo lotus leaves, and “a little bit of green from the red” state of the same work, not only without loss of the lotus pavilion posture, but also make the picture become lively and bright.

This is the beauty of harmony: two different styles of craft, the contrast is strong but integrated, different styles but can be flexible.Colour phase and, husband and wife are in harmony, in the fight for beauty, draw a picture of the full of interest.The beauty of art is the beauty of human nature and the externalization of the beauty of the mind.Wang Zhou, Yu Ping this pair of “couples”, into love for art, with glaze painting out the true feelings, with the true feelings to achieve life, career!