The Characteristics of the Chinese Blue and White Porcelain, Together with Long Knowledge

Chenghua Doucai can be said to be the most famous porcelain variety in the history of Chinese ceramics, but in terms of technology and artistic achievements, Chenghua blue and white is not the same as Bozhong, or even more outstanding.And the Qingli Qinghua Chenghua elegant, full of innocence, and strong and thick Yongxuan Qinghua formed a sharp contrast.Chenghua blue-and-white porcelain is an important historical period in the history of Han nationality ceramics. It is the representative of the blue-and-white porcelain art in the middle of Ming Dynasty.

Compared with the bowl before Ming Dynasty, Chenghua blue-and-white porcelain is characterized by its thin and inverted shape.Why does this happen?

a. Improving the technical level of porcelain making

Since Yuan Dynasty, we have used binary formula to make porcelain. The clay contains about 17% alumina and about 35% alumina. The clay is made of two mud and combined into a flat tire. The content of alumina is between 20% and 23%.Low circle foot and bottom need to thicken, high can make circle foot and bottom thin.Jingdezhen in the Chenghua period began, kiln people know to increase the alumina content of porcelain tire, grey tire in the kiln under high temperature is not easy to collapse soft deformation of the truth.So the potter makes the porcelain tire wall thin, makes the circle full thin, this can make the porcelain light and beautiful, but also can save the porcelain soil, but also saves the fuel.It is difficult to burn through the thick ceramic tire, cost more fuel, and easy to produce defects such as fissile floor.Therefore, it is based on the breakthrough of porcelain-making technology that Chenghua porcelain circle hailstone tire base is thin.

b, The reason why you’re in the shape of an octoid.

The porcelain circle is composed of the figure eight of Yuan Dynasty, the vertical circle foot of Yongle, Xuande and blank period in Ming Dynasty, and the inverted eight-character circle foot at the beginning of Chenghua period.We have already talked about that in the early Ming Dynasty, high-grade porcelain was made to place a porcelain cake on the ring of the porcelain body, sand under the pad, and sagging under the sand.If the porcelain circle is small, the pad can be revised into an octagonal shape during the formation period, so that the consumption of porcelain clay can be reduced and the cost of porcelain production can be reduced when the same objects are fired.

Chenghua blue-and-white porcelain has the following characteristics

1, The fetal quality is pure and smooth, the fetal body is light and light, the face light perspective shows the tooth white or the flesh red, such as fat is like milk, Yingrun is bright and clean.

Enamel is thick, bright crystal is bright, embryo essence glaze also is fine, tall Mu deep elegant, achieve with wonder.The touch of the hand has a jade texture.Chenghua porcelain tire repair rules, bottles, cans, pots and other vertical objects can vaguely see the interface traces; plate collapse bottom, bowl, plate is more straight and slightly high, the bottom has glaze, and there are six-yu double-loop or six-word double-frame, write “Daming into a year.”From the porcelain unearthed in the kiln site, there are two-frame porcelain, which is generally the product of the later period of Chenghua.There are also on the can to write the word “heaven”, no ring frame, commonly known as” sky-word can.

2. There are two kinds of glaze colors: blue and whiteNo matter what glaze color, the glaze color of the outside foot and body is the same, which is one of the important characteristics of Chenghua official kiln porcelain.

3. In addition to the early use of Su Ma separate green porcelain, the color is thick green, Xuande legacy still exist, into the blue and white porcelain, most of the use is produced in Leping County, Jiangxi Province, Pantang greenAlso called Equal Green, but its characteristics are blue and white color talk elegant, to elegant, quiet tone line in the world.But often because the enamel is thick, blue and white light, and there are clouds to hide the hidden phenomenon.Especially with the base of the blue-and-white tone, the performance of the most prominent.Blue and white tone heavy, similar to the late Xuande, and most light tone, coexisting.

4. The six-character standard script of “Daming Chenghua School” and “Daming Chenghua School” have been found so far.Most of the four-character and two-character items of “Cheng Hua-year” are fake.Especially like “Cheng Hua year” black ground green style, Cheng Hua Dynasty has no such production at all.The form is powerful, the stroke is round and the font is larger.

5. Common Decoration of Chenghua Blue-and-White PorcelainThere are lotus mandarin duck, pine bamboo and plum stone, ganoderma lucidum flower, gooseberry peony, folding branch flowers, chrysanthemum alfalfa, orchid mast, precious phase flower, camellia, morning glory, lotus eight treasure, dragon, phoenix, fire cloud, lion unicorn, sea animal, flower group dragon, baby drama female, eight immortal kao shi, eight xian, And Sanskrit and Tibetan.The inside and outside of the machine is decorated with strings, and a few are decorated with curly grass or brocade.The outer wall of the foot is usually surrounded by two or three strings, one on top, and the other near the bottom edge of the foot.

6. Fine lines, multi-purpose double line outline fill color method, light fill color.Only use flat coating, only cent thick and light and no difference between yin and yang, no rendering.The painting character clothing, only draws the monochrome outer coat, does not have the underwear to make the foil, therefore has the kiln “one piece of clothing” the statement.Chenghua blue and white is well-known for its elegance, replacing “Su Niebo green material” with “equal green material” with “Su Niebo green material”.

7. Common Guan Kiln PorcelainThere are bowls, plates, cups, high-foot cups, high-foot bowls, recumbent bowls, cans, boxes, furnaces, washing, saucer, plum bottles, jade pot spring bottles, pear jars, and so on, most of them are small pieces, “into no big things” said.

Chenghua kiln blue-and-white porcelain, blue and white color of the same light gray hair, decorative common lions, Kirin, sea animals, lotus pond mandarin duck, okra tea, mountain rock and grass, broken branches peony, baby play, kao shi, tie treasure pestle and so on, some of the soft decorative painting, some of the painting scrawled, No matter which kind of show dashing and lively, from the casual to see its Qingli.

Although Chenghua Min kiln porcelain can’t compare with the fine rules of the official kiln porcelain in the same period, but it is the most prominent in the Ming Dynasty.Most of the blue-and-white porcelain in the kiln have no money, a few have money not only write “Daming Chenghua year”, but also write “Daming Chenghua Year”.