Blue and white porcelain paper-cut pattern sharing

blue and white porcelainproduceTang Dynastythrive onYuan Dai.Yuan QinɡhuaGreat changes in the traditional porcelain with implicit and introverted style, with a distinct visual effectThe fruit gives a simple pleasure.with its high atmosphereThe spirit of spirit and the original spirit of art, the blue and white painting art to the peakthe establishment of later generationsblue and white porcelainProsperity and long-lasting.

The pure white body outlines the blue and white flower, imitates the former dynasty’s elegant.Celestial blue paper can also cut out the beauty of the ancient blue and white flowers.This article shares several blue and white porcelain paper-cut drawings, download print engraving mounting, decorative living room studyIt’s quite charming.Feel the picture is not clear please contact the author.

The pattern can be printed in black and white.It is recommended to print A3 format, A4 is a little small to produce out of the atmosphere, elaborate pattern for the beginners is not easy to make.

After printing, the line is too thin place with the neutral pen thickens, relatively independent pattern and line please do a good connection, convenient after the stickup, glued after the removal of the connection of redundant lines.As shown below, the eye and mouth of the eyebrow are relatively independent, leaving the lines attached when cutting, mounted and removed from the position of the mouth attached to the eyebrow.

manufacturing tool

On how to quickly mount paper-cut, mounted flat after no wrinkles, this later on, there is no special technology to speak, it all depends on your patience, care.First of all, suggest that you cut the paper to choose a thick point of not easy to fade, no matter mounting or preservation is relatively easy, four treasures, calligraphy and painting stores are generally sold.