Both sides of the Palace Museum, Hongwu Yongle Xuande blue and white porcelain and blue and white glaze inside red

The early Ming Dynasty, the world Dading, economic stability, for ceramic production to provide a good production guarantee, Hongwu set up in the early years of the Imperial Kiln factory, specifically for the Ming Dynasty royal production of imperial porcelain.

The blue-and-white porcelain was rare in the Yuan Dynasty. Through the improvement and innovation of Hongwu, Yongle and Xuande, it was perfect.

The Museum of Beijing and Taipei has a collection of early Ming dynasty porcelain kiln, some Hongwu, Yongle, Xuande fine products, for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Spring vase with peony pattern in blue and white twigs, 32.2 cm high, 8.7 cm in diameter and 11.9 cm in foot diameter.

Pot of peony grain with red twining in glaze,32 cm high, 7.3 cm in diameter and 11 cm in foot diameter.

Glazed red tangled lotus pattern jade pot spring bottle, height 32.5cm, diameter 8.5 cm, foot diameter 11.5cm

In-glaze red flower pattern pomegranate, 53cm high, 26.5cm diameter, 23.2cm foot diameter

In glaze red fold branch peony grain flower mouth plate, height 8.6 cm, diameter 45 cm, foot diameter 22.1 cm

Two.the Yongle Period

Blue and white twining patterns along the basin, Ming Yongle, 13.9cm high, 31.6cm diameter, 21.5cm bottom diameter

Blue Flower Twin Ring Ear Bottle, Mingyongle,46 cm high,7 cm in diameter,35 cm in back diameter.

Blue and white sea water pattern censer, Mingyongle, 55.5 cm high, 37.3 cm diameter,38 cm foot distance

Blue and white flower brocade pattern double ears flat bottle, Ming Yongle, height 24.3 cm, aperture 3.5 cm, foot diameter 7.4 cm

Blue and white bamboo and stone plum vase, Ming Yongle, height 41 cm, bottom diameter 12.2 cm

Three.the period of Xuande

Blue glaze, white flower, lotus pattern plate, height 4 cm, diameter 19.2 cm, foot diameter 12.7 cm.

Blue and white twined marquee vase with a height of 46 cm, a diameter of 8.9 cm and a foot diameter of 15.2 cm.

The bottle is 19.8cm high, 3.8cm in diameter and 7.1cm in foot diameter.

Qing Hua Sanskrit halberd cover can, Ming Xuande, height 28.7cm, diameter 19.7cm;Cover diameter: 22cm, bottom diameter: 24.7cm

Mingxuande bright red glaze painted gold dragon pattern bowl, height 8.8 cm, diameter 20.9 cm, foot 9 cm

Mingxuandeji Red Glaze Pot Height 19.5cm, Flow length 19.5cm, Foot diameter 7.5cm