“Blue and white porcelain rapid identification hand

“Blue and white” is a kind of porcelain glaze, generally used as a special name of the white blue porcelain.The blue and white porcelain belongs to the color porcelain under the glaze because the decorations are painted under the glaze.The glaze of blue and white is cobalt ore containing cobalt oxide.The production procedure is as follows: the blue-blue material is painted on the porcelain tyre, then transparent glaze is applied, and fired in the high temperature reducing flame.

Daoguang period blue-and-white porcelain used domestic materials, early blue-and-white stable, near Ming Dynasty Yongle, Xuande blue-and-white effect, bright color and rich, but lack of deep sense, no faint and black crystal spots, little legacy.Daoguang 20 years after the color elegant, clear level.The blue-and-white tones of the kilns are dull and floating.The production of light-painted blue and white flowers is very popular in the Doguang Dynasty.Blue-and-white porcelain has blue-and-white painted gold, blue-and-white painted ink, blue-and-white powder, blue-and-white multicolored, blue-and-white red, yellow-colored, green-glaze blue-and-white, blue-and-purple, blue-and-white glaze red, holly-ground blue-and-white pile powder and other varieties.A large number of blue-and-white powder painters appeared.Blue and white powder, also known as” stack powder blue and white “or” blue and white. “Stack powder blue-and-white porcelain first began in the Kangxi period, Yongzheng, Qianlong burning at some times, but the number of small, Jiadao relatively popular.

Blue and white phoenix through peony pot

By the Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen porcelain craftsmen had been able to burn mature blue-and-white porcelain.By the Ming and Qing dynasties, blue-and-white porcelain had become the mainstream of porcelain by crushing other types of porcelain.And exports Europe, the world’s attention.

Blue and white bamboo plums with grain bowl, Qingxuan series,7 cm high,13 cm diameter,5 cm foot diameter.

Blue and white tangled branch lotus cover can, Qing Xuan series, high 50.5cm, diameter 22cm, foot diameter 20.7cm.

Blue and white figure cylinder, Mingchongzhen, 14.5 cm high,19 cm diameter, 9.5 cm foot diameter.

Blue and white arhat clock, 19.6cm high, foot diameter 14.5 cm.