[Physical Appreciation]: Two important characteristics of Xuande blue and white porcelain _ “Su Ma Li Qing” and “orange peel pattern”

Xuande blue-and-white porcelain, which was made by Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln in the Ming Dynasty (1426-1435 AD), played an important role in the development of Chinese ceramics.Xuande Qinghua and Yongle blue and white, is the peak of ancient Chinese blue and white porcelain, known as the history of the blue and white “golden age.”

blue-and-white twined flower pattern skim plate

Xuande blue-and-white porcelain of the body white delicate, dense and smart, moderate weight.The glaze surface is thick and bright, has” the fat bright feeling “, the glaze layer surface has the denser” the orange skin pattern “.In order to meet the needs of the market, many new models have been burned, many of which have been made by the Middle East gold and silver utensils, glass models and the impact of the shape, the shape of objects dignified and dignified, elegant and neat.In the painting of the decorative painting with small brush rendering fill color technique, because the pen small dip material is limited, need to repeat the dip material painting, this makes the decorative leave a lot of deep and light brush trace, which is very different from the later use of large paintings style.

Two Important Characteristics of Xuande Blue-and-White Porcelain

blue and white

Xuande blue and white porcelain is used in the import of “Su Ma Li Qing” material, blue and white color is dark and light, heavy will often appear black spot spots, in the white delicate fetal color and white in the light of green glaze against the background, it is particularly exquisite.The content of iron and manganese is higher in the material of “Su Ma Li Qing”.Because of the low content of manganese, the purple and red tones in the blue and white flowers are reduced, thus the sapphire color can be shown under the appropriate temperature;Because iron content is high, often appear black iron spot in blue and white, this kind of natural formation black mark spot and thick blue blue to match.

Su Ma Li Qinɡ Rao

tangerine striae

Blue-and-white porcelain glaze multi-orange peel pattern is the prominent characteristics of Xuande blue-and-white glaze of thick and smooth enamel, blue-and-white in the edge of the body of blue-and-white porcelain, such as the corner, often appear water green glaze accumulation.Some glaze bubble density, different sizes, showing milky shape.Glaze in the chopper is uneven flow, visible droop marks.In the Qing Dynasty, there was a lot of milky phenomena in the imitation of Xuande.Yongzheng when imitation Xuande the most, but the glaze blue white, glaze bubble size and no level, orange peel pattern is too regular, also not natural, the glaze of modern imitation is too deep, glaze layer is thin, some do not have orange peel pattern.

tangerine striae

With the introduction of Su Ma Li-qing, the history of China’s blue-and-white porcelain has seen its second peak since its maturation in the late Yuan Dynasty, especially the combination of the blue-and-white porcelain in Xuande period and Chinese traditional culture.

Appreciation and analysis in kind

Matter 1: blue and white twined flower pattern skipping plate

blue-and-white twined flower pattern skim plate

Specification: Diameter: 32.5cm bottom diameter: 21.5cm

Description: Waste outside the round mouth, arc abdomen, circle foot, exposed floor.In the center of the plate, the flower and fruit patterns are painted with green flowers, curly grass along the edge and tangled flowers around the plate.The bottom of the tire is covered with brown kiln slag and yellow flint, which shows the characteristics of the generation.Exchanges of market value and appreciation of porcelain: excess total 189-2376-1320

Item 2: Blue and white cloud and dragon pattern bowl

blue-and-white bowl with dragon pattern

Specification: Diameter: 26.4cm bottom diameter: 12.6cm

Description: Bowl close mouth, deep abdomen, low circle foot.Inside and outside in the white glaze to the Su-blue painted clouds dragon lines, with white glaze as the ground in the sapphire blue shade, the color transition natural, the painted dragon lines alone step in the sky, spread teeth and feet, majestic.The outer part of the foot is arranged along a low level, and the bottom of the tire adheres to some kiln slag.The bowl shape is solid, glaze evenly, flint red natural, should be a good product.

The Influence of Xuande Blue and White Porcelain

We should understand the development process of Xuande, after the innovation and development of the Ming Yongle period, Xuande became an important period of the development of the blue-and-white porcelain in the Ming Dynasty.Xuande also relatively stable political situation, rapid economic development, the world is more prosperous, for the development of porcelain industry provides a good social environment.In addition, Emperor Xuande himself loved art and was good at painting and calligraphy. Under his initiative, the atmosphere of art stirred up and influenced the creation of blue-and-white porcelain.Exchanges of market value and appreciation of porcelain: excess total 189-2376-1320

Xuande Qinghua, which occupies a very important position in the development history of Chinese ceramics, reflects the social, economic, cultural and artistic ideas of the time from one side.As a palace porcelain and exquisite art palace, it has a unique artistic charm, which has a lot to do with the perfection of the system and the maturity of technology.