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Wonder thing!”Daming Kangxi year” of the blue-and-white porcelain, after the appraisal: is true! | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Wonder thing!”Daming Kangxi year” of the blue-and-white porcelain, after the appraisal: is true!

For those who like to collect antiques, the most tragic thing is to spend a lot of money to buy a fake.Everyone is not an expert, it’s impossible to tell if it’s true or not.Identification of antiques is a comprehensive knowledge, not only to master a variety of utensils, calligraphy and painting process, but also to understand history.Of course, sometimes imitators because of poor academic skills, but also often laugh generous.There is a blue-and-white porcelain in the Nanjing Museum. Ironically, the bottom of the porcelain is written “Daming Kangxi year”. The layman can see the problem, but experts say blue-and-white porcelain is not a fake!

Ancient Chinese porcelain is well-known in the world, from the royal to the common people, daily life is not without porcelain.The ancient workshops dedicated to making porcelain for the royal family were called “official kilns,” and because they were used exclusively for the imperial family, the porcelain they made was of better quality and color.And the above nanjing museum collection of that strange flower porcelain is made by the official kiln, since it is the production of the official kiln things, whether materials, craft or supervision are very strict, why will make such a mistake?As we all know, the words of the Qing Dynasty prison is very serious, make such a mistake, or the whole family will be beheaded ah!

According to historical records, the Qing Dynasty porcelain made by the official kiln usually has to be printed with the corresponding number of years, and the porcelain made during the Kangxi period, because the quality is very good, there were a lot of fakes.Some wrongdoers who burn porcelain will also print the words” Kangxi “on it as substandard.Later, the Ministry of Industry also found this phenomenon, how can the imperial use of things can be copied?But it’s not possible to put an end to folk counterfeiting, so ministry officials have a good idea: order all official kilns to burn porcelain with the words” Kangxi “on the left side of” Kangxi “, so as to effectively distinguish fake and authentic products!

The method looked very good, but later Emperor Kangxi ordered that it be forbidden to print the previous year’s number on the bottom of the porcelain. Why?It is known to all that china is very delicate, but it is very easy to damage it, breaking it down on the ground.Kangxi once broke a fine piece of porcelain, which was not much of a thing, but when he saw that the words” Kangxi-year “on the bottom of the porcelain had also been broken into pieces, he was very unlucky, so he ordered a ban on the printing of the annals.Some people say that it is because Kangxi forbade the printing of the Year of the Qing Dynasty that someone deliberately printed the Year of the Year into a “Kangxi-year of Daming.”

As for this large Ming Kangxi-year porcelain, experts have identified it as a product of the Kangxi years, so why would craftsmen risk killing their heads to make this mistake?It is not easy to know that even the defective porcelain inside the kilns will be destroyed.