The Auction Price and Transaction Records of Y2019Yuan Blue and White Porcelain

Yuan blue-and-white porcelain to Jingdezhen as a representative, the production of exquisite and rarely handed down to the world, so very precious, according to the time is roughly divided into three stages: Yanyou period, to the positive period and the end of the Yuan period, which is the best to “Zhengzheng”.Yuan blue-and-white porcelain has opened up a new era of transition from plain porcelain to colored porcelain. It is a wonderful flower in the history of Chinese ceramics. It also made Jingdezhen the center of the medieval world’s porcelain industry.

The blue-and-white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty, with its main body emblazoned with the “Ghost Valley,” described the story of Sun Bin’s master, Ghost Valley, who agreed to come down the mountain to save Sun Bin and Du Gu Chen, who were trapped by the State of Yan.On July 12,2005, at Christie’s in London, the auction of “Chinese Ceramics, Arts and Crafts for Foreign Sale” sold for £14 million, plus a commission of £15.688m, or about Rmb230m, making it the world’s highest ever auction of Chinese art.The tank height is 27.5 cm, the diameter is 21 cm, the abdominal diameter is 33 cm, the foot diameter is 20 cm.Vegetable base wide circle foot, straight mouth short neck, lip mouth slightly thick, slip shoulder round abdomen, below shoulder gradually wide, to the abdomen gradually under, to the bottom micro-turn.Using imported cobalt material drawn blue and white decoration, divided into four layers, one layer of neck decoration water ripples, two layers of shoulders decorated with peony twine, three layers of abdomen for the theme of “ghost millet down the hill” decoration, four layers of the lower part of the lotus-petal pattern inside painting treasure, commonly known as” eight big yards”.

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Some people say that the Yuan blue and white all have flint red, no flint red is not the Yuan blue and white, this statement is wrong.There is no flint red on many blue-and-white outcrops.As long as the fetal bone, glaze, green material, craft, painting, etc. are correct, whether or not there is flint red is a Yuanqing.

From the point of view of flint red, it can be divided into several situations:

(1) Large areas of flint red, and flint red thick.

(2) flint red is lighter.

(3) There is a flint red at the junction of the tire and the glaze.

(4) There is no flint red.

The situation of the outcrop of Yuan Qing Hua is more complex, can’t judge true and false Yuan Hua to have flint red.

The variety of flint red is determined by the iron content and water content in the soil.

(1) When the vitreous tire is dried thoroughly after application of the glaze and the glaze has been dried through, there is usually no flint red on the exposed tire, only some black spots of sesame seed accumulated by iron.

(2) When the tire is not completely cool enough, the iron in the tread will emerge as the water evaporates.The surface of the tire shows flint red.

(3) The surface tire has been exposed to the sun, but it has not been dried and fired after glazing, because there is water in the glaze, it will form a circle of flint red with varying weight around the glaze water.

(4) What appears to be a thick red-and-yellow protective glaze on the underside of the outcrop of a flower seems to have been coated with something that has been burnt and condensed, and further study is needed.

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Hong Kong Sotheby’s 2016 fall sale of “China Art Treasure” featured 130 pieces of Ming and Qing imperial porcelain at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Among them, the Yuan Qing flower banana leaves Xiu Shi printed peony pattern rhomboid plate fell at HK $25 million for HK $29.88 million (pre-sale valuation: HKD 25,000,000-30,000,000)。The blue-and-white plate was collected by French Marshal Mitchell Ney, who worked for Napoleon and was inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.Later, it became the collection of Major Paul Louis Weyer.

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