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Celadon Porcelain, One of the Nature’s Literary Hearts | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Celadon Porcelain, One of the Nature’s Literary Hearts

1.Yuan Qinɡhua

Permanent exhibition hall of the Great Wade Foundation of the British Museum,At the entrance there is a pair of blue-and-white standard _”The David Vases.”

©2012-2019, Photo by WGF

Sir Percival David, a British collector,

In the 1920s,He discovered it firstThe mark of the Yuan Dynasty at the bottleneck is” 11 years. ”

195Two years,Dr. J. Popper (Dr. J.A.) of the United States. Pope)A collection of museums in Turkey and Iran.dozens of piecesChinese porcelain in a similar style.Make sure this is a pair of blue-and-white porcelain bottles from the Yuan Dynasty.

Before that,

China’s blue-and-white porcelain has been believed to have matured since the Ming Dynasty.

From now on,

The Yuanqing flower has been valued by Chinese ancient ceramics scholars all over the world.

The object’s earbottle,It has also become the standard for the formation of the Yuan Dynasty.

2.imitation blue and white

The Yuan Qinghua Ghost Valley down the hill picture pot,

At the Christie’s auction in London in 2005,It sold for 14 million pounds.The commission will amount to about RMB 230 million.It was the highest auction record for Chinese art at the time.

The picture source of “Yuan Qinghua ghost valley down hill picture pot”: Network

It is said that

In the second year of the record price, the Ghost Valley went down the hill to set a picture jar.Ma weidou to jingdezhen, pleaseRao Keqin imitates.

Rao Keqin,In view of its achievements in the field of blue and white,Industry calls it “Rao Qinghua”.He crafted 24 high-quality copies.It’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Now,Rao Mingyuan Rao Zhiyang brothers and sisters undertake the inheritance of Yuan Qinghua’s cause.A complete system was set up under the leadership of Mr. Rao Keqin.

How to select blue and white materials?How to apply glaze?How do you cook it?

Imitation of the blue and white will give us a look at the truth.

Rao Zhiyanɡ

Listen to the teacher to sort out the history and aesthetics of ceramics

Explore the Historical Value of Contemporary Blue-and-White Porcelain

3.Green Flowers in Modern Lifestyle

Liu Baixu

In the research and practice of contemporary living utensils, Liu Baixu is undoubtedly a representative one. For the exploration of blue flowers in contemporary living utensils, blue-edged bowl is an important “case”.

Liu Baixu, a graphic designer, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts.The designer of the “21 cat” brand design.The “21 cat” square cake, pulp tray, disposable tableware, these features of the brand visual language has been popular so far.

Photo courtesy Liu Baixu

Like tea, in 2012 and the design of the “brown tea bag” product, has upended the use of black tea bag known to us, adding to a sense of experience and ritual.The person who pays attention to experience and the seemingly “insignificant” ritual in life can make our daily life have some touching “fireworks”.Later, pottery came into his sight.

Photo courtesy Liu Baixu

In 2014 began to promote the design of daily laboratory utensils brand “nevus birthmark”.The blue edge of the “nevus birthmark” series is the blue border of the blue flowers, the use of objects style, but also bearing the continuation of life style.

In Jingdezhen produced “nevus birthmark” utensils are not public, emphasizing the use of its own, not show craft.When the novelty is over, you can continue to use it rather than put it on the shelf.A long-used vessel will become a family member and will be moved from one place to another with you.

Bend big thick cup/The lips will cover the rim of the cup.Like kissing thick lips.The cup mouth is 9.5 mm thick, and the heat preservation is lasting.

Blue side folding waist plate/It’s the shape of a flat bowl.”When people live, they are more of a bowl,”The soup in Chinese food is more, the big bowl is the best.

These words are Liu Baoxu’s description of his own design of the utensils, there is no doubt that you can seeHis attention and understanding to life.He has been expressing the product’s” in-situ “, passing on Jingdezhen’s unique materials and craftsmanship.