When did the blue-and-white porcelain, one of the 15 most difficult problems in the history of Chinese porcelain, start?

In Chinese history, the fate of porcelain is the fate of the nation, is the fate of the era, or the fate of a dynasty, known as” state porcelain “blue-and-white porcelain especially.It is well known that all the scales and claws left by Chinese-made porcelain in the history of porcelain making are delicate and delicate.

Today, as an important category in Chinese porcelain category, Qinghua has its irreplaceable status.It originated in China, but the world’s artistic forest, is still a dazzling pearl.

Chinese blue-and-white porcelain, also known as white blue-and-white porcelain and blue-and-white, Chinese porcelain is the most famous and favorite porcelain.It’s made into a unique characteristic that attracts people.Mr. Fang Wenshan has written “blue and white porcelain” inside a sentence “rough outline, color blue and white” natural movement, the perfect description of the beauty of blue and white porcelain, with poetry to praise the artistic glory of porcelain.

Why do people love blue and white alone?

Blue-and-white porcelain also known as blue-and-white, blue-and-white such an extremely simple natural name, but accompanied by Chinese porcelain history for more than a thousand years.The person that likes blue and white or the heart that likes collector, all put blue and white and “yuan” unite together, call yuan qinghua, although rich and brilliant blue and white porcelain is collected and admired, but blue and white porcelain is not the patent of yuan dynasty.China’s history of porcelain handicrafts, blue and white first appeared in the Tang Dynasty, after the evolution of the two Song Dynasty, and finally in the Yuan Dynasty.

Everyone knows the Yuan Qing Hua and few people know the Tang and Song Qing Hua, also do not know the Yuan dynasty after the Qing Hua, it can be said that the Yuan Qing Hua is too much of the limelight, Yuan Qing Hua title is also popular in the modern decades.This name is only an era of blue-and-white porcelain characteristics and performance, is not a proper noun, it can not be said that it reached the highest artistic standards of blue-and-white porcelain.

Once the Yuan Qinghua world-famous, a piece of porcelain: Ghost Valley down the blue-and-white picture pot.The embellishment on the jar mainly tells the story of Sun Bin’s master Ghost Valley.The jar set the world’s highest auction price for Chinese art at the time, at the time has also attracted the domestic and foreign love of collecting Yuan-hua fans.

Later, because of the great price of this flower was unexpected, although also belongs to the rare goods, but in the existence of today’s Yuanqing porcelain, painted with the story of the subject matter is even less, people for such a Yuanqing adulation and a lot of speculation, This leads to the overall burial of other types of blue-and-white porcelain.