Old value: Introduction and characteristics of blue-and-white porcelain


Inscription records can accurately prove that the Yuan blue flowers are 11 years ago in batches into the market, otherwise Tsinghua Zun will not have such a presence.

Coincidentally, Raozhou ancient porcelain museum also has a pair of glass red inscription gourd bottle, its content and Dawei Tibetan blue and white porcelain bottle similar, is also the temple’s sacrificial utensils.However, admirers are not the same, but they are all in yushan county, capital of xinzhou, jiangxi province (shangrao).Gourd bottle waist tight white material word, for “Xinzhou Lushun County Shuncheng Zhao Qingmin and his children ordered three countries glaze, Zhongqiu, Fu, Qi, package, treasure, wind, water and other three forever Qingji children safety, to the fifth year of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

David’s collection of elephant ear bottle inscriptions recorded as” Xin Zhou Lu Yu Shan County Shuncheng Cape Li Jing Tang, “to pray for the peace of the family.Remember the good days of April the eleventh of the year.Hsing yuan ancestor tang hu jing handsome confession.According to the written record, it was six years later than the red gourd bottle.

Looking up the records of Yushan County in Yuan Dynasty, the Yushan County in Yuan Dynasty was divided into ten townships, twenty-four li, forty-four li, namely, setting up villages and building them in the countryside.Generally speaking, a number of township management, Shuncheng only moral education, belonging to 30 natural villages, are subject to the moral jurisdiction or Shuncheng.

Shuncheng County, Shunshan County, Xinzhou City (Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province) Shuncheng County and urban donors worship blue and white elephant ears and glass bottle gourd, there is no way to prove that the donor is a village.However, the local temple worshippers strong winds, like the gourd bottle, ear respect is not ordinary utensils, production technology is very high, the price is naturally high, unofficial gifts are the gift of the outstanding rich.

The blue and white elephant ears collected by Daweide are the standard equipment of the original blue and white flowers. There is no need for more description, and the true and false glaze red gourd bottle needs to be explained in detail.

The bottle is 50 cm high and 28 cm in diameter.

Although the fetal body is thick, but the jade quality ground is strong, lubricates.

Glaze bright green evenly weigh, moisten like jade.Glazed red is divided into six layers of decoration, around the waist will be divided into two parts of the bottle, the upper variant of Meng Lien for support, the theme of the lines for the Phoenix wearing branches and flowers.The next section corresponds to the fighting scenes of the same Monroe painting in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.From the analysis of riding and using weapons, it should be Guan Yu and Pang.Peng called the white horse as a general, Guan Yu riding into a red rabbit horse, the picture of the mount is exactly red and white, will be good with the knife, hold very fierce, the mountain and rock grass fell in an orderly way, the image is lifelike.

From the porcelain making materials and micro-change analysis, glaze red gourd bottle is the product of the Yuan Dynasty, but compared with the Yuan blue, blue flower, only these two bottles engraved on the inscriptions is unfair!

After Genghis Khan entered the customs, the iron riding, the Great Yuan Empire unified Eurasia, in order to meet the needs of world trade, will choose Jingdezhen as an important base of porcelain industry, Jingdezhen why choose Jingdezhen?And from Yilan, Turkey and other places to introduce green material cobalt orchid (commonly known as Su Ma Liqing, Suni Boqing), but unearthed from the Song Dynasty Hultian kiln porcelain, Guan Yin in the late Song Dynasty has glaze red decoration.The results show that in the early period of Yuan Dynasty, the copper mine was in the process of popularizing and using, and it is easier to obtain local materials than foreign copper mines.It is not difficult to speculate that since we have mastered the color of the glaze decoration, then the red should be earlier than the blue and white flowers!