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The collection of blue-and-white porcelain in the Yuan Dynasty. You must read this article on the identification of cultural relics | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

The collection of blue-and-white porcelain in the Yuan Dynasty. You must read this article on the identification of cultural relics

Porcelain collection, Song and Yuan Dynasty is a family, Ming and Qing Dynasty is a family.Playing the Song and Yuan porcelain is generally called playing the ancient porcelain.Like to collect more friends, really love antique porcelain is willing to study less.

No wonder everyone is busy making a living.Usually eight to six, it is not easy to get a Sunday, there is a pile of housework, children, parents to take care of things, which to play leisure?Even if you take time off to play, you’ll end up with a word.If you really want to study it, I’m afraid it’s only the one out of ten thousand who can do it.

Play things into a family, the most famous is old Mr. Wang Shixiang.I have read what he wrote. To tell the truth, I haven’t learned what I want. It’s all about Mr. Wang’s playthings.The so-called “master belle three treasures, fingers, walnuts, birds in the cage”, mr. wang is comparable.

Don’t talk about it, but read it.Play with porcelain, blue-and-white porcelain is a big category.Blue and white, glaze red are under-glaze color, that is, in plain blank with mineral pigments painted and then covered with transparent glaze one-time firing of porcelain.Blue is the color of cobalt oxide minerals, usually all blue, in pure blue to blue-black changes, and blue with purple.In-glaze red is the color of copper oxide.In fact, copper red can also burn out of green, but I do not know why, there is no special green glaze in the existence of green, there are green glaze is red in the color.There are black glaze, is the color of iron, the Yuan Dynasty can also be seen, the Ming and Qing Dynasties on the rare.

I have observed for a long time, a lot of collection lovers friends, in fact, do not understand the basic concept.Underglaze color and overglaze color difference is obvious, belong to different kind.Vegetable porcelain is another big category.Generally want to become a professional collector, should select category for special collection.

Here we say Yuan Ming blue and white porcelain collection outline;

1. The Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain has Yunnan Yuxi, Jianshui kiln, belongs to the local small kiln, to the real estate blue and white material color painting, generally rough, collection value is not too high.And the blue-and-white porcelain produced by Jingdezhen kiln is divided into two categories, one is the blue-and-white porcelain exported to Iran, Turkey and other regions, the shape of the device is tall, exquisite, the use of the Middle East imports of the Soviet mud blue-and-white painting, the industry is known as the right type of blue-and-white porcelain, Also known as Iran-type blue-and-white porcelain or Istanbul-type blue-and-white porcelain.A category of ash can, that is, general commodities for daily dishes, most often found in the Philippines unearthed porcelain, also known as the Philippines.The use of porcelain residue of the tire mud and green material tailings fired, the color is more gray.There is also a kind of folk collection in recent years some of the blue and white flowers, exquisite degree less than Iran-style, hair color but close to Iran-style.The author conjectures that these things should be the Yuan Dynasty porcelain bureau’s private work or to be 12 years later to Hongwu six years ago Jingdezhen peasant war during the commodity porcelain.

Yuan Qing Hua Gu Zi downhill pot

2. In Hongwu period, it was only 4 years before Jianwen was built, and until Yongle period, the official kilns were all made up of Ma Cang soil and Su Bo mud or Su Ma Li Qing.Both Su Bo Ni Qing and Su Ma Li Qing are high manganese low iron, but the content is different, can prove not a place of origin, but both from the import.There are typical cyan iron rust spots and halo emission color and other characteristics.Hongwu period blue and white hair gray, rarely see blue, are generally black or gray glaze.The pattern pattern decoration basically is the Yuan Dynasty multi-level full picture.The blue-and-white porcelain of Yongle period began to restore the beautiful color of Yuan Dynasty, the pattern layout tends to Shu Lang.

Hongwu-Yongle blue-and-white peony pattern big plate

3. There were 11 years of Hong Xi’s Xuande period.Hongxi less than a year, can be ignored, there is no porcelain.Xuande porcelain is Su Ma Liching and home-made green mixed.At present.Collectors do not know enough about Xuande’s celadon porcelain.One of the characteristics of Xuande is the appearance of orange peel lines on the glaze.And Yongle Hongwu did not.This characteristic should be caused by the change of kiln structure in Xuande period.The orange peel pattern of Xuande porcelain was obvious, but the yield increased greatly.And Yongle porcelain is not extremely exquisite, or crude, the reason and kiln structure has a lot of relations.Different kilns create different visual effects of the finished product.

Xuande Qinghua Pomegranate Zun

4. The blank period refers to the three dynasties of orthodox Jingtai Tianshun.At this time, due to the change of the civil fort, the orthodox emperor was captured by Walla, the state crisis, empress dowager and Yu Qian and others held the emperor’s brother to the throne, and later the orthodox emperor was placed under house arrest.Later, Emperor Jingtai fell ill, orthodox restoration, the new year for Tianshun.This period Jingdezhen official kiln is more dark, when the emperor empress dowager explicitly ordered the suspension of Xuande emperor fired porcelain, Jingtai war in the country, Tianshun only a few years, the emperor’s focus is on the stability of the court, no time to consider Jingdezhen.So there is no blue-and-white porcelain with the Nian number.But Jingdezhen in recent years unearthed the blank period ceramic display, at that time the official kiln still has to burn.Its characteristics and Xuande close.At this time there is a trend of retro porcelain, many artifacts without careful debate, it is easy to confuse Yuan porcelain.

Blank period, blue and white, with piano visit friends, plum bottle

5. The period of Chenghua Hongzhi.The emperor’s center of gravity shifted to the small bucket.Blue and white porcelain is not valued.Adopted is the production of Jiangxi Leping Pitang Green, also known as Equal Green.This kind of green material has been used up to 20 years in Jiajing.Pitang blue color relatively elegant, no iron rust spots and stannum light and other imported green material characteristics.

Chenghua blue and white garden flower cover pot

6.Zhengde Jiajing Period.Zhengde when the use of a large number of equal green, hair color and Chenghua Hongzhi the same.However, late Zhengde, eunuchs from Yunnan received a return of the green, this kind of green material is also imported, the origin is unknown.High in cobalt, rich in blue and purple, and low in iron content.Jiajing period, but more complex.Jiajing 20 years ago, the domestic materials used is Pitang Green.After 20 years of Jiajing, Leping Ge Kill, Pitang Green.The stone was again used.In addition, the method of mixing pebble green into green is developed, which can be divided into top-middle and bottom-grade green materials.At this time the kiln began to flourish, and many porcelain officials set the people burning.People’s kilns are used in large numbers is the stone green, but also a few because of the burning of ancient official tools and obtain the green.

Zhengde blue and white lion ball drum

7. Wanli to Taichang Tianqi Chongzhen, Hui Qing gradually less.The stones are green.Wanli to Chongzhen, the invention of green calcination method, water sinking for the fire forging, the content of cobalt oxide green greatly increased.Domestic green material can already send out bright blue.Zhejiang materials gradually appeared in the official kiln blue-and-white porcelain.Zhejiang calcined than the stone green hair color rich, and later replaced the import back to the green.Wanli period back to the Qing Dynasty has been very few, historical records have been hard-won.In the middle and late period of Wanli period, Ma Cang soil, began to use a large number of kaolin.This is also one of the characteristics of the Wanli period.

Wanli Qing Hua Sanskrit Lotus-style Disc