Read blue-and-white porcelain: first to understand the firing of green materials (multi-picture examples)

Blue-and-white porcelain originated in the Tang Dynasty, but today there are not a complete set of porcelain pieces unearthed;The Song Dynasty did not have a single step on the basis of the Tang Dynasty, the true Qing Hua Cheng Shu in the Yuan Dynasty Jingde, the Ming Dynasty Cheng Wei porcelain body of the mainstream, the Qing Kangxi Hong Feng;

Many people believe that the blue-and-white glaze, its real blue-and-white porcelain in the “under-glaze color porcelain”;The blue-and-white porcelain has been used as an oxidizing agent, as well as as as a transparent glaze.

It is important to study the blue-and-white materials used in the age-old blue-and-white porcelain, which describes the effect of different blue-and-white materials: (In different seasons, different kinds of blue-and-white materials are made in different parts, different types of work, different types of culture, different types of culture, and different types of heat, oxidation or flame. To the same generation of Wei ()

Zhejiang material: (the best quality of the country’s green materials)

In the early period of the reign of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng and Qianlong used this material, which was classified as” Yuanzi “,” Ziyuan “,” Tianqing “and” Yuanzi “.

Pearl material (blue and white porcelain world famous Kangxi “Cui Mao Lan”)


In the middle and later period of the Kangxi Dynasty, this kind of green material is like a Chinese ink-and-wash painting.So Kangxi Qinghua has” multicolored blue and white flowers”.Since the Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen has become a mature blue-and-white porcelain, the heart of Jing Dezhen blood, diligently for six hundred years of the real “Chunzheng” imperfection of the ideal blue-and-white success.But after Kangxi’s arrival, there was a bad accident.

Equal Green:

I also wrote “Pi Tong Qing” Daming Chenghua, Hongzhi, Zhengde use, blue and white pale elegant, clear, clear Li;Lanzhong transparent, stable color, and Yongxuan Qinghua’s weight is very different.

Stone Green:

In accordance with a certain proportion of green and use, gray and dark color, the color is not clear;Starting in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, it was widely used, and some people in the trade said that no one was known as either a pebble or a green stone.

The above-mentioned state-owned property

Hui Qing (the best color of Buddha’s head)

From the Western Regions, Wanli Jiajing multi-use this material, showing blue and purple, because of the dispersion does not receive more than one mixed with stones, according to different proportion, divided into Chinese and upper green;The outline of the middle-green, the rendering of the upper-green;

To leave one’s place

In the Ming Dynasty, Yongle was brought back by Zheng and Xiadu, and it was developed in the early period of Chenghua. The color is clear and crisp, the color is stable, the high iron is low, the heat is blue and stone-colored, and the heat is clear and transparent. On the other hand, there will be a big contrast between the density of Su Ma and the density of Su Ma, and there will be no scattered Su Ma Yu-qing.

Su Ma is out of the way in the sexual process, but a separate picture, and “not one family, not one family” feeling.

All of them are the most famous. The sale is well known, and the present cannot be imitated.