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Quangu quanpai xuande qinghua: repeatedly created auction sky-high prices | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Quangu quanpai xuande qinghua: repeatedly created auction sky-high prices

Xuande blue-and-white porcelain has a deep color bright, permeated into the fetal bone, exquisite style, treasures, for the development of blue-and-white porcelain history of the pinnacle, for later generations double praise.Ming Wang Shimao “voyeurism outside the sky ride” included: “Yongle, Xuande Neifu fire made, up to now for your.”

For hundreds of years, Yongxuan porcelain has been the crown prince of blue-and-white porcelain, proud of its possession by both researchers and collectors.

The blue-and-white porcelain made by Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory in Xuande of Ming Dynasty plays an important role in the development history of Chinese ceramics.

It is famous for its simple, elegant shape, brilliant glaze color, colorful decorative patterns, and compared with other Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain in Ming Dynasty, its firing technology reached its highest peak, becoming one of China’s famous porcelain products, its achievements are praised as” a generation has not been strange “.

“Jingdezhen Tao Lu” evaluation of Xuande porcelain: “Blue and white are the most expensive things to know.”

Ming Xuande Year blue and white bowl9.8CM (9.8CM)aperture17.5CM (17.5CM)bottom diameter5.5 CM

Xuande blue and white flowers repeatedly hit the auction price

Xuande blue-and-white porcelain has always been a favorite of collectors, in recent years the market has been a record high.

as early as1992In 2006, there was a Xuande Qinghua “Shuibo Shuanglong” picture high-foot bowl at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong308Wanthe price of the Hong Kong dollar has come to a close2007In the same year in Hong Kong, Sotheby’s is to3504.7WanThe price of the Hong Kong dollar has been settled.15The years have gone up11times;

in2010Beijing Poly Autumn in 2006, a piece of Xuande blue-and-white dragon pattern with ten edges washed2688WanRenminbi yuan transaction;

in2010After the year, a billion yuan deal in Xuande Qinghua in the auction market also appeared several times: such as:2012In the spring auction of Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, a Ming Xuande green flower dark water tour dragon picture high-foot cup.1.1billionThe price of the Hong Kong dollar was settled;

2016Year5Once every month30Routine,. ..spring sales at Christie’s in Hong Kong.,A big jar with five-claw cloud and dragon pattern in Ming Xuande’s green flower2200HK $10,000 starts and ends up with1.5billionThe price of the Hong Kong dollar was settled;

in2011Year5On the mainland of the spring photo, a Xuande green sea water white dragon pattern flat bottle, to8000(10,000 Yuan)The first auction, after dozens of rounds of bidding, was final.2.24billionRMB deal, a record so far Xuande blue-and-white porcelain deal price.

Ming Xuande, blue and white flowers, twined branches, flower pattern, plum vase height53.1CM (53.1CM)aperture8CMfoot diameter16.5 CM

With the Xuande Qinghua market prices repeatedly record high, the Ming Xuande Qinghua big bowl auction price has also increased year by year.

2011In the autumn auction of Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, a flower and fruit bowl with folded branches and green flowers in Ming Xuande880WanRenminbi yuan price transaction;

2014A large bowl with flower and fruit pattern on the spring photo of Poly in Beijing in 1999.1265WanRenminbi yuan price transaction;

2015Beijing Poly spring photo, a Ming Xuande green flowers tangled branch lotus bowl to1667(10,000 Yuan)The price of RMB was settled.

Ming Yong Le blue and white pressure cup 4.9 CM high diameter 9.2CM foot diameter 3.9 CM

Xuande Qinghua:the crown of blue and white in Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty was the golden period of the production of blue-and-white porcelain in China, while the Xuande Dynasty was the peak stage of the production of blue-and-white porcelain in the Ming Dynasty.Xuande blue-and-white porcelain fetal quality, bottom glaze, painting, all fine.Xuande blue-and-white porcelain shape is dignified and dignified, glazed blue-and-white, fine and bold decorative, brushwork, has always been listed as the crown of the Ming Dynasty blue-and-white.


Only ten years after Emperor Xuande’s reign, at the height of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Zhanji’s personal fine art, such as the famous Xuande furnace, appeared in the reign of Zhu Zhanji, and the Ming Xuanzong, who understood the art, achieved the glory of the porcelain of the Xuande Dynasty.

Mingxuande green sea water white dragon pattern flat pot, high45.3CM (45.3CM)aperture7.8 CMfoot diameter14.5 CM

Infiltration of thick and gorgeous fetal bones

Ming Wang Shimao “see the sky outside the ride,” carried: “Yongle, Xuande Neifu fire made, so far for you.

At that time, the bristles and eyes sweet white for the constant, to Su Ma separate from the green decoration, to bright red for the treasure.”This is the earliest literature on Somerset.

Ming Chen Ji Ru “Ni Gu Lu” carry: “Xuanmiao kiln, selection of materials, sample making, painting, inscriptions, all not fine. Qinghua with Suboqing mud.” Minggao Lian “Yan Xianqing paper” carried: “Xuanyao green, is SuBoNiQing also.”

Ming Wang Shi Shi Shi “Guang Zhiyi” carried: “Xuan kiln to blue and white victory, the kiln to multicolored.

Xuan kiln green, true Su Bo mud blue also, when the kiln are exhausted.”

The documents such as” Tao Shuo “,” Jing De Zhen Tao Lu “and Tang Bingjun’s” Wen Fang Sai Kao” all have the same records.

Xuande Dynasty, Yongle Dynasty is no exception.Yongle, Xuande official kiln blue-and-white porcelain, all of which are made of Su-Ma-Li-Qing.

Mingxuande blue and white Kuyt dragon pattern can high 19 cm diameter 15.8 cm full diameter 13.8 cm

“as used in Xuande”Su Ma Li Qinɡ“With high iron content and low manganese content, blue-blue color can be seen after firing in a moderate kiln atmosphere, and because of high iron content, black crystal spots are often formed naturally in blue and white colors, that is,”rust mark“, commonly known as” tin light”, and the gorgeous blue mutual contrast, but also enhance its artistic charm.

. ..the imperfections of the acme of scattered achievement.

Xuande when the blue-and-white porcelain used “Su Ma Li Qing” cobalt material, showing a dark bright color, such as sapphire general, lines often have a halo phenomenon, such as ink painting halo, plus the black spots, glaze blue through black, has an extraordinary artistic effect.

Mingxuande green flower, banana leaf pattern  High15.1 CMaperture16.5 CMfoot diameter10.9 CM

During the Yongle and Xuande periods, the occurrence of Suma’s diaphaneity was especially obvious.

Yongle, Xuande’s blue-and-white porcelain, glaze more thick Yingrun.According to Mr. Wang Qingzheng of Shanghai Museum, the glaze of Yongle and Xuande blue-and-white porcelain is thick and transparent, if used.30to50The distribution of the bubbles in the magnifying glass is different in size and spacing.

Indeed, from the observation of the physical specimens, this kind of star-shaped bubble is more common, and, the more faint serious, star-shaped bubble is more common.

Mingxuande green flowers entwined branches lotus pattern bottle height19.8 CMaperture3.8CMfoot diameter7.1 CM

Su Mailiqing created a beautiful landscape for China’s ceramic aesthetics, which has been praised by ancient literati for its halo effect.