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An article to read the late Qing Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain | share antiques | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

An article to read the late Qing Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain | share antiques

After the Opium War, the Qing Dynasty entered the end of the period, and the rivers and mountains were swaying, the invasions and uprisings came in succession, and the rulers did not care to make porcelain, at which time the porcelain went down another grade in the middle.Out of a few official kilns outside, are bad goods.The Xianfeng Dynasty suffered the invasion of China by the British and French forces and the Taiping Rebellion, and Beijing was occupied by the Allied Forces.The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom once occupied Jingdezhen, during which the imperial kiln was forced to stop burning.

Blue and white porcelain varieties continue the Daoguang period, no innovation, the shape of objects rigid, no sense of grace.The fetal body is loose, repair foot also is not fine enough, the mouth edge is thicker, the implement of small piece can have change, but still loose.The glaze surface is many thin, the glazing application is uneven, basically has” the wave glaze “the phenomenon.There are two colors on the glaze: one is white and the other is blue in white.Blue and white hair color deep stability, a little purple, a little back to the feeling of green, but it is not back to green.The green flower gives the person the feeling is floats on the glaze surface, does not have the deep fetal bone feeling, may be with the glaze thin degree to concern.

The blue and white flowers in the same period were basically the same as those in the Xianfeng period, but the yield was larger than that in the Xianfeng period.What needs to be mentioned is that there are few blue-and-white porcelain with Xianfeng style, which is rare.

Qingxian Feng, blue and white, bamboo stone, banana pattern, jade pot, spring bottle.

The blue-and-white flowers of the Guangxu period were the most worth saying in the late Qing Dynasty.This is not to say that there was some innovation on the blue and white flowers during the period of Guangxu, but it was to imitate the blue and white flowers of Kangxi, one of his ancestors.This also shows that the Qing Dynasty Kangxi Qinghua is considered to be the only step of this dynasty.The other is similar to the same treatment, without further description.

Overall, Guangxu imitation Kangxi Qinghua is still very good, once confused a lot of people.Guangxu imitation blue-and-white porcelain in the shape of a better imitation, but not Kangxi that kind of hard and soft feeling.Fetal body treatment, overall loose, not as dense and thick as Kangxi, the feeling of hand almost.Glaze is also thin, which is the common characteristics of late Qing Dynasty, the combination of tire glaze is not tight.

Guangxu blue-and-white flying bat pencil holder

Kangxi period of “tight skin bright glaze” later generations more difficult to imitate, Kangxi period in the production of fetal glaze spent a great deal of effort.As a metaphor, “tight-skinned bright glaze” is like when people are young, collagen is full, feel very good, “wave glaze” is people with the age of the emergence of traces.

Guangxu imitation green flower color will be blue, do not have Kangxi period of the green blue.Moreover, the “blue and white flowers” of Kangxi period were not obvious on the blue and white flowers which were imitated by Guangxu. The blue and white flowers were also the features of the late stage floating on the surface, floating, without the feeling of accumulation.

Guangxu imitation Kangxi green flower landscape figure phoenix tail

The fall of the dynasty must be expected to follow the decline of the blue and white porcelain, there is peace of life, troubled times difficult to protect themselves.It should be noted that although the late Qing Dynasty in all aspects of the blue and white do not need to be before, it still has high-quality goods, the fate of the encounter, to a good grasp.