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An article, let you read blue and white porcelain! | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

An article, let you read blue and white porcelain!

The white glaze and the blue-and-white flowers are in fire.

The flowers are clear through the glaze.

Can be considered to develop the innate beauty,

Unequal origin comes Tai Chi student.

Gong Shi’s Tao Ge of Jingdezhen

Blue-and-white porcelain, outlined on natural white mud blue and white flowers, covered with a thin layer of transparent bright glaze, such as snow-covered blue and white.Once again into the 1300 degree kiln fire Nirvana born, out of the kiln, its porcelain Yingrun delicate, its flowers green drops, is a bloom in the time never fade.

If you have seen blue-and-white porcelain, it will certainly be shocked by its beauty: clearly only blue-and-white two colors, but there is a quiet gorgeous;Obviously writes the pen succinctly, but has a kind of from inside but outside the beautiful;Clearly free-flowing, but there is a kind of scattered spirit of the free-flowing……

Qing Kang Xi · Qing Hua characters hollowed-out bowls

Yuan Qinghua, a unified Jiangshan, the king of the world

Blue-and-white porcelain, which began in the Tang Dynasty, to the Yuan Dynasty, the craftsmanship is well-known, a change from the previous era porcelain thin and small, implicit and restrained wind, the Yuan blue-and-white instrument shape is large, decorative complex, bold and bold, one fell to seize the dominant position.

Ma Weidou said, “The emergence of the Yuan Qinghua, unified Jiangshan, the king of the world, established the dominant position of Qinghua, seven hundred years can not be shaken.”

Just like this big jar of Yuan Qinghua “Ghost Valley Down the Hill”, the ink is thick and thick, and the color is ancient and beautiful.Extremely magnificent, only a glance to know that extraordinary, to 230 million high-priced sale, is the world’s most expensive porcelain.

Yuan · Qinghua ghost valley down the hill picture pot

And the nine tall cups,The cup was almost half a kilo full.full displayMongolians drink large bowls of wine and eat meat in bold and rough.

The top is bowl-shaped, the bottom of the bamboo-shaped cup handle, is for the convenience of riding on the horse to drink, so also known as the “horse cup”, can not help but remind of “To drink the pipa at once“The air is bold and unrestrained.

The bottom of one of the cups is written in blue and white. “One hundred years of life is always drunk, counting thirty-six thousand games“The free and unruly exhalation of the lines is the light of the glory and disgrace and the thorough understanding of the vicissitudes of life.

Such a great realm, “said Wang Han.”Don’t laugh when you are drunk and lie in the sand.“It can be compared.

Ming Qing Hua, Su Ma Li Qing, in-depth fetal bone

Bright blue and white when push yongxuan, known as” qinghua yongxuan “said.If Yuan Qinghua is the overlord of the world, then Yongxuan Qinghua is a hermit far away from the river.

Yongxuan blue and white glaze is elegant and simple, the decoration is extraordinary, Su Ma is deep in the fetal bone, scattered spots like ink and ink painting, light faint and dyed out of the realm of transcendence, was praised as”It’s a wonder that a generation has never seen before“I’m sorry.

A handful of lotus flower plates from Yongle’s time,A deep ink meaning.It is suitable for scattered halos, dry and smooth with smooth painting, smooth and smooth layout, elegant and elegant, lotus pitch posture, graceful and elegant, quite ink and ink fun.A green lotus never fall, meaning that the human life Qingqi long stay.

And this is Xuande years of the blue and white fish algal pattern of large bowl, white porcelain for paper, green ink, between a small, poetic sky.

Wonderful in the bowl with ten-petal style, as if the lotus half-opened, breeze, filter out the world’s 3,000 troubles, only a quiet and leisurely.

Qinghua, halo-dyed rivers and mountains, blue and white five colors

Qing Dynasty green flowers to Kangxi “green blue” for the most, blue and green hair color different, as if ink on Xuan paper in the ink, render the remote mountains near the water, layers of mountains feel, “Tao Ya” in: “Its blue and white one color, see deep see shallow, there is a bottle of a can and cent seven colors, nine colors more, delicate and delicate.

This blue-and-blue blue blue-and-green flower is as clean as a kingfisher’s feather.Take Mie’s landscape raindrop method, random point dye, it becomes grass and wood mountain stone, or thick or light, if there is no,Qingfeng green, cloud-shrouded,form one’s own school “light smoke and light rain cage“The image.

This blue-and-white landscape scroll cylinder, “ink five colors,” green green hair color, landscape color clear-cut, the stone with the ax cut into a crack, sharp green strength.

Among the pine and cypress, there is a thatched cottage family, where a hermit listens to the sound of the river with his stick, a leisurely and self-satisfied artistic conception, making people feel quiet.

“It’s blue and blue, and I’m waiting for you. The smoke rises thousands of miles across the river…… like the ancient blue-and-white porcelain, which is beautiful, and you have a smile on your eyes.”

Blue and white into porcelain, never wither.It opened in the dust of years, self-care beautiful, amazing time.Like the vast sea of people you and I meet, suddenly moved, quiet and happy.