Explanation of the embryo of the fine goods of cloud. Blue and white flowers appear gradually

Ancient porcelain is a great collection of Chinese history and culture, and a perfect combination of calligraphy, seal cutting, poetry and art.Among them blue-and-white porcelain, elegant and beautiful harmony and unity, like peonies, leaves blue-and-white red, elegant, national beauty.Its tonal specific gravity has extensive variability, or thick makeup light wipe, or freehand realistic, all the artistic conception far-reaching, ingenious.

Blue and white porcelain is a cobalt ore containing cobalt oxide as raw material, painted on the ceramic embryo, then a layer of transparent glaze, after high-temperature reduction flame one-time firing.

Cobalt is blue after firing and has the characteristics of strong coloring, bright color, high firing rate and stable color.

In ancient times, cyan was an auspicious color. The Book of Rites and the Order of the Moon described the custom of the Son of Heaven:”In the beginning of spring, ride on a green horse, put on a green coat, and bring green jade to meet the spring in the eastern suburbs.”

The blue-and-white porcelain through the experience of time, formed a unique artistic appearance, whether the royal kiln green flower magnificent, or the folk kiln green flower green jasper, all have its own artistic characteristics, created an unparalleled artistic achievement.

Here comes the magnificent dividing line

This issue of Liuyun is a middle and late Qing Dynasty, from the kiln of household porcelain _ Qinghua small pot.

Mahayana Buddhism is often used “as if the lotus does not have water, as the sun and moon do not empty” to describe the moment of victory, there is compassion and joy.

This bottle of blue and white jars can be used to add color and color, as well as to store pen and brush.Even if it’s still, it’s a low-key, introverted work of art.

The already mottled bottle is like an old man who has gone through the vicissitudes of life, telling the story of what he saw a hundred years ago.It was a time we had never been to, and a few stories we had never known.