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Collection | Appreciation of Yongzheng Porcelain in the Palace Museum in Qing Dynasty (1) | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Collection | Appreciation of Yongzheng Porcelain in the Palace Museum in Qing Dynasty (1)


kiln-changed glaze tube-ear vase

Height: 33.3 cm, aperture: 10.7 cm, foot diameter: 13.5 cm

The bottle has a straight mouth, a long neck, and a double ears.In the application of sky blue glaze, external glaze kiln change, the bottom of the application of paste glaze.Four-character double-line seal-cutting book “Yongzheng year” in the center of the bottom.

This modelling imitates the ancient bronze ceremony vessel, the artifact body production is exquisite, the molding is exquisite but does not lose the natural smooth characteristic, reflects the Yong Zheng porcelain exquisite place.

Gumbo Green Glaze Ruyi Ear Bottle

Height: 26.3 cm, aperture: 5.3 cm, foot diameter:11 cm

Bottle garlic mouth, neck down thin thick, round abdomen, circle foot, mouth, shoulder connected with Ruyi-shaped ears.White glaze in bottle and foot.External body of the green glaze, green with yellow, elegant and pleasant, known as” okra green glaze. “The mouth and abdomen all have dark carving entanglement branch lotus grain, shoulder convex string line 3, string line under decoration Ruyi head line a week.Qing Hua Seal Book of Foot “Great Qing Yongzheng Year”

The shape of this Ruyi ear bottle was created by Yongzheng, with steady body, graceful lines and strong decorative features.

powder blue glaze teapot

Qinɡ Yonɡzhenɡ

Height 11.6 cm, aperture 7.5 cm, foot diameter 14.5 cm

Cupping mouth, oblate body, short DC, square crank, false ring foot, flat bottom.The cover and the pot are covered with the mother mouth of the child, the cover surface is slightly raised, and the bridge-shaped system is attached to it.The whole body is coated with blue glaze, and the light element has no grain.The kettle flow and the kettle mouth along the glaze layer is thin slightly exposed white tire.Three lines of six-character seal calligraphy for “yongzheng year of daqing”, qinghua office.

This pot shape is concise, the line is hard but does not lose fluency, the color is light and elegant, the glaze is mild and smooth, it is a good work of appreciation.The production of celadon porcelain in the Qing Dynasty reached the peak of history, both in formula and in the technology of firing, so the glaze color of the pot showed perfect effect.

carmine glaze plate

Qinɡ Yonɡzhenɡ

Height: 2.9cm, aperture: 15cm, foot diameter: 9.3cm

Disk open, curved wall, circled foot.White glaze was applied both inside the plate and inside the foot, and rouge-red glaze was applied to the outer wall.Outdoor Department of the Green Flower Book “Great Qing Yongzheng year” double-line six-character money, the periphery of the blue and white double circle.

The carmine glaze was burned in the last years of Qing Kangxi, and was made in Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing and Guangxu dynasties, among which the output of Yongzheng was the largest and the quality was the most refined.It is a low-temperature red glaze made of gold (Au) as colorant and calcined in the furnace at about 800 ℃.Because this kind of red material is transferred from Europe, it is called “magenta” or “western red”, and the west is called “rose red” and “rose red”.Because this kind of red glaze is quite like the rouge color used by women in make-up, it is also called “rouge red”.The color of rouge red glaze has deep, shallow cent, deep person calls” rouge purple “, shallow person calls” rouge water”, lighter than rouge water says” light pink “.Yongzheng thirteen years (1735), the potter Tang Ying wrote “Tao Cheng Ji Shi” records the time-honored 57 kinds of glaze, colored porcelain is” Western red utensils. “Seen from the world, Yongzheng dynasty rouge red glaze porcelain modeling bottles, cans, plates, bowls, cups, dishes, and so on, all of the body thin, elegant and handsome, most are white glaze, outer rouge red glaze, a few of the inside and outside all applied rouge red glaze.

wall vase with imitation of official glaze

Qinɡ Yonɡzhenɡ

Height:24 cm, aperture:6-4.2 cm, foot diameter: 8.7-5 cm

Wall bottle half round mouth, cuboid, semicircular foot, foot edge is iron brown.General application of grey blue glaze, bright glaze and large open pieces, bottle wall raised four groups of gossip lines.Outer bottom book qinghua “big qing yongzheng year” six-character seal book.

The official glaze-style bottle appeared in the Song Dynasty. The shape and glaze color of the vessel are very similar to the works of the Song Dynasty. It is an antique work.During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of Qing Dynasty, the imitation of the five famous kilns in Song Dynasty made unprecedented achievements, and the level of imitation was very high.At this time, the imitation of the official kiln glaze glaze of the Song Dynasty Yingrun thick, there are powder green, sky green, gray white, gray blue and other color glaze, glaze or ice cracks or no-film lines, the lines are white or iron color.The color of the fetus is black, which can reflect the characteristics of “Zikou Iron Foot” in the official kilns of the Song Dynasty.Yongzheng imitation Song Guan Glaze glaze does not have genuine fat even clean, also do not have Song Guan Kiln that kind of instrument mouth glaze thin and gradually hoarded thick glaze round characteristics.

small bowl of rouge water glaze

Height: 4.8 cm, aperture: 9.5 cm, foot diameter: 3.6 cm

The bottle has an abutment, a curved wall, and a circle of feet.In the white glaze, outside the wall with rouge water glaze.The fetal body is very thin, the shape curve is very graceful.The foundation foot green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six characters money.

This bottle is pink rouge water glaze smooth and clean, in the thin white glaze against the background, more delicate.The process of making the bowl is to first burn a delicate white porcelain small bowl, and then use the method of spraying glaze evenly sprayed on it, and then put into a low temperature furnace in 800 ℃ firing, belonging to one of the rare color glaze varieties in the Qing Dynasty.Rouge water glaze is mainly used for small pieces of utensils, such as small bowls, small bottles, small high-foot cup, chrysanthemum plate, etc., is a newly created varieties of the Qing Dynasty Kangxi period, the Yongzheng period burning the most delicate, after the Qianlong Dynasty until the late Qing Dynasty burning, but more and more poor color.This small bowl shape elegant, small exquisite, its bottom glaze extremely white, rouge water glaze powder delicate and delicate, represents the Qing Dynasty this breed’s highest achievement.

eel yellow glaze bowl

Height: 32.7 cm, aperture: 30.6 cm, foot diameter: 27.3 cm

The bowl retracts the mouth, round abdomen, abdomen gradually, thin bottom, circle foot.Inside and outside the bowl, with eel yellow glaze, the bottom of the seal-cutting book “Daqing Yongzheng year” six-character money.

Eel yellow glaze belongs to iron, magnesium crystal glaze, Qing Dynasty court archives called “factory official glaze.”As a result of some differences in firing process, factory official glaze tone has a variety of changes.During the Qing Dynasty, there were many kinds of glaze, such as crab turquoise, eel yellow, melon skin green, etc.This bowl glaze yellow color, color such as eel skin color, neat and elegant, and neat, for the typical Yongzheng products.

jilted-red enamel-bile bottle

Qinɡ Yonɡzhenɡ

Height: 27.8 cm, aperture: 3.5 cm, foot diameter:8 cm

Bottle straight mouth, slender neck, shoulder clipping, bulging, circling foot.As a result of the shape of suspense, hence the name “gallbladder bottle.”High-temperature copper-red glaze applied through the body, even glaze surface, pure color.White glaze is applied inside the circle foot.Outdoor Department of the Green Flower Book “Great Qing Yongzheng year” double-line six-character money, the periphery of the blue and white double circle.

The gallbladder type bottle belongs to the furnishings porcelain, generally uses for the arrangement flower.This kind of tool-shaped burning in the Song Dynasty, at that time Jun kiln, Ge kiln, Yao Zhou kiln are fired.Yang Wanli, a famous poet in Song Dynasty, had “gallbladder-like silver vase jade-like plum, north branch not fully folded.

powder blue glaze

Qinɡ Yonɡzhenɡ

Height 13.3cm, aperture 21.2cm, foot diameter 11.6cm

ZHANG Guang outside the mouth, folded shoulders, the abdomen is hexagonal prism, girdle waist, circle outside the foot.The body is covered with blue glaze, and only a raised chord is placed on the shoulder.Outside base green flower book “big qing yongzheng year” six character seal book.

The graceful and smooth line of this statue is very elegant and has an artistic charm in its form.The powder blue glaze porcelain of Yongzheng period is a product which imitates the same kind of glaze in Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, but compared with the powder blue glaze of Yongle period, the powder blue glaze layer of Yongzheng period is more pure and thick.

light powder glaze bottle

Height 19.5 cm, aperture 2.2 cm, foot 6.7 cm

Bottle mouth introverted, mouth shape such as garlic head, short neck, shoulder, under the convergence, circle foot slightly out.The utility model relates to a light powder colored glaze, which belongs to a low-temperature red-red glaze.White glaze is applied to the inside and bottom of the bottle.Under the green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six-character money.

This bottle is white and delicate, beautiful in shape, even and pure in glaze color, pale pink, such as peach blossom in March, elegant and pleasant.Golden-red glaze porcelain for the Yongzheng burning, in the official kiln handed down to the world is also rare.This bottle is a typical Yongzheng Guan Kiln products, for the world’s treasures.

Lugu Jun Glaze Paving Earhorn

Qinɡ Yonɡzhenɡ

Height: 23.5 cm, aperture: 9.5 cm, foot diameter:10 cm

The pot is modeled after the bronze ware.Skip mouth, neck, shoulder, abdomen gradually convergent, high circle out of foot.The shoulder is provided with a symmetrical ear ring, commonly known as a “prep”.Stoma of mouth, shoulder, abdomen and shin.The general body stoker Jun glaze, the enamel congeals thick, the glaze color to the deep blue and the light blue main color fusion melts in one body, flows naturally, forms the long and short different vertical current stripe, the color mottle.Four-character double-line seal-cutting book “Yongzheng year”.This pot modelling is simple, glaze color is elegant, its shoulder is decorated with elephant ear, implied meaning peace is auspicious.

Lugjun glaze is a kind of porcelain color glaze which was burnt in Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory in Yongzheng period of Qing Dynasty, which was popular in Qianlong period.Because history book has” furnace Jun one kind, it is furnace in burn “record, so called” furnace Jun glaze “.Its technology is to first high temperature firing porcelain tyre, hanging glaze in low temperature color furnace after the second roasting into a device, glaze surface presents purple red, moon white, green and other colors, because of the flow of glaze, a variety of glaze color melt into one, some blue medium with red spots, some blue blue in the flash dot blue spot, very beautiful.