[Tianjin Museum] Blue Ya Jing _ Collection of Ming and Qing Dynasty Blue and White Porcelain Appreciation (1)

China is the hometown of porcelain, blue-and-white porcelain is a splendid flower in ancient Chinese porcelain.Blue and white porcelain foetus delicate, moist enamel, white blue flowers, give a fresh and elegant aesthetic feeling, with Chinese traditional ink painting effect.Since the Yuan Dynasty, it has been lasting, its rich shape, exquisite decorative, elegant temperament, deeply loved by the Chinese, has become the mainstream of Ming and Qing porcelain.Not only that, blue-and-white porcelain is also sold overseas, has a strong vitality, by China’s surrounding countries of praise and imitation.

The collection of Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain in Tianjin Museum has a large number, each dynasty has a representative collection of objects, self-made system, unique.More than 250 pieces of cultural relics are displayed in this exhibition.