Chongzhen blue and white: so much more wonderful than we thought

Ming Chongzhen Qinghua Water Margin character storybook vase

This product uses mouth and neck, straight wall and bottom micro-convergence, flat-bottomed foot-less, the shape is straight and regular, the volume is large.Because of its shape for the tube-shaped, so that the other called “Jiangshan Unified Bottle.”This product has no glaze on the bottom, and it can be seen that the quality of the fetus is fine and white.At the bottom of the bottle, the banana leaves are poured in the size of a blue-and-white ornament.The middle Liangshan four heroes: Jie Bao, Xiao Rang, Tao Zongwang, Suo Chao.The size of the characters is large, almost half the body of the bottle, but also high and low, well-proportioned distribution.The name and name of each character are inscribed in official script, and the typeface is also typical in the period of Chongzhen.

“Water Margin” is one of the four classics of Chinese classics, which describes the story of 108 heroes led by Song Jiang in the end of the Northern Song Dynasty.Its earliest blue version is the Song Dynasty “Xuanhe legacy”, to the Song and Yuan Dynasty, there are a lot of materials from the water Margin story.On the basis of folktales, characters and operas, Shi Nian arranged and re-created the stories and characters, especially the heroes, and finally became a great work which was loved and deeply influenced by the readers. The image of one hundred eighty-eight good men is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Sochao, the pioneer, Beijing Da Ming Fu (now Handan Da Ming County), left Si Zhengpai Army, Liangshan attack Da Ming Fu, was captured and returned to Liang Shan, Fangla when killed.Liangshan No.19, Tiangang 36 stars sky star.The original description of its image “head after the fight of a red flower”, the image on this bottle will evolve into a plum, clad in armor, with a broad robe, waist with a sword, this person ranking the most front, in the bottle also has the highest position in the body, majestic, As Zan said, “Brave as Yuan Da ‘an’s country, Zhuangruo Lingshen cleaves the peak of China. Right away, cross-arm golden hatchet, take the name of the Pioneer.”

Jiebao, double-tailed scorpion, Dengzhou native, was born into a hunter family, and his brother Jie Zhen lived by hunting.The hunting tiger was set up in prison by the landlord, Mao Taigong, and later escaped from prison against Dengzhou, on Liangshan, the 35th place, Tiangang 36 star sky crying star, professional army leader, when the battle in Fangla killed Wulong Ridge, the pursuit of Zhongwu Lang.Look at its image, wearing tiger skin shawl, leopard skin skirt, show its hunter identity, waist wearing bow and arrow, hand-held eyebrow stick, across the waist, handsome, just as praise is” holding lotus iron lilac, waist hanging pu leaf sharp knife. Tighten the tiger sash around the waist, two-tailed scorpion hero Jie Bao. ”

Xiao Rang, Shengshou Shu Sheng, Jeju Shi, good at writing Su, Huang, Mi, Cai four typefaces, Wu Xianyi Dai Zong asked Xiao Rang and the jade arm craftsman Jin Dajian to Liang Shan forged Cai Jing documents, rescue Song Jiang, Cai Jing was later left in office.Liangshan placed 46 th place, the earth evil seventy-two stars of the earth star.The picture is a wide robe, holding the good luck, the book image leapt to the paper, and the original poem in praise of the poem is quite the same, praised as” Wusha Tang cap rhinoceros belt, Subai Luo dry soap boots. Generous chest in the possession of elegant, vertical and horizontal pen walking dragon snake. ”

Tao Zongwang, the nine-tailed tortoise, Guangzhou family, Tianhu origin, fall grass Huangmen Mountain for the four zhaizhai, after the gathering of Yiliang Mountain, the seat of the 75th, the earth of the 72-star geographical star, when the battle in Fangla Runzhou, the end of Yijie Lang.

Ming Chongzhen Qinghua Three Kingdoms Fengyi Pavilion character storybook bottle

This product has a luxurious mouth, straight belly and flat bottom, fine and white body, and smooth glaze.In the middle of the picture, Diaochan, Tingting side stand, Lubu stand on the left side, wearing a small crown, wearing armor, hand-held square sky painting halberd, it appears majestic, the most right side is Dong Zhuo, Its open face is different from the general character of the transformation period open face, quite characteristic, the face appears to be wrinkled and cumbersome, even the beard, wear a double-ear official cap, with the morning gown, a hand to hold the beard, the movement exaggerates, will shock angry the expression incisive and incisive.The characters behind the cloud day, yard, mountain stone, banana leaves, grass leaves, etc. are detailed portrayal.

This product is made of neat, beautiful shape, beautiful blue and white hair, moire, sun, scaly ground, egg-shaped leaf and mountain and stone have very distinct characteristics of the times.In addition, Lv Bu and Dong Zhuo’s portrayal of the two characters than the general Chongzhen characters more elaborate, in the same category is actually a fine.

Ming Chongzhen Qinghua Xiangshan nine-old picture pen

The pen barrel has a straight wall and deep abdomen, wide diameter, and a one-week cutoff near the bottom to form a double step-like foot, which is a typical repair method for porcelain in the transition period.The body of the pen barrel is solid, the glaze is soft, the white body can be seen at the bottom without glaze, just like the baby’s skin, the whole body is decorated with blue and white paintings, the color is light and fresh, the picture is set with pine and cypress, bamboo, Xiangyun and strange stone. Four of them sat around in front of the case, while the other five sat idly on the grass, playing the flute, or clappers, or playing the piano, or singing, in which a sense of ease appeared.In front of the table there were four young boys, smiling and drinking and holding a towel from the side.From the analysis of the number of characters in the painting and the situation, the story of this product should be “Xiangshan Jiulao Tu”.Legend has it that the Tang Wuzong Huichang five years (845 years), Bai Juyi invited Hu Gao, Ji Mei, Liu Zhen, Zheng Zhuan, Lu Zhen, Zhang Hun, Li Yuanshuang, Zen monks such as full of more than seventy-year-old friends in Luoyang Longmen Xiangshan Temple will form a “Nine Elders’ Association”, drinking poetry, singing and dancing, And a portrait for everyone.This shows the poet’s respect for old people, and has great influence on later generations. It is called “nine old people in Xiangshan”, also known as” nine old people in Luozhong “and” nine old people in Huichang “.

Chongzhen blue-and-white painting style elegant, light tone, especially at this time to print-based drawing of the various characters of the story is the most representative.At this time, the figures painted by the objects are different from the vigorous atmosphere of the Kangxi Dynasty, more delicate and graceful feeling, showing a different fresh beauty, so as the Qinghua Kangyao is popular with the world.This product embryo glaze, repair blue and white flower hair color and other aspects of the era characteristics are obvious, clouds, grass and other details of the description methods are also unique at that time, painted figures different posture, vivid expression, more valuable lies in its volume is extremely large, at present see the same kind of organ, rarely out of its right, And the whole state of preservation, very rare, worthy of the treasure of collectors.

Ming Chongzhen blue-and-white sacrificial cylinder vase

This product mouth, neck, shoulder curve smooth, long straight wall, flat, large volume, the shape is straight and straight, at the bottom of the tire can be seen fine and white, compact and dense.In addition to the bottom of the bottle, white glaze, white glaze in the pan-green, shoulder and shin there are dark carved string lines, the mouth is decorated with blue flowers down the banana leaf pattern.The arrangement of white stem and size in banana leaves is typical feature of Chongzhen period.Bottle belly blue-and-white painting character story, the face of the characters wearing a beam crown, long beard, wearing a wide robe sleeve, hand-held Wat board;Behind him the boy wore a turban, a short robe and a hand-held fan.The boy held the umbrella cover in front of him and looked back at him.The blue-and-white painting is the most representative work of the Chongzhen period.

This product draws the character story subject matter is not common, the plot is simple, only in the middle of a major character, holding Wat board, gesture appears very pious, head slightly up to the sky.The Wat-board is used to record the king’s orders or will, or to record the words on it, for the sake of oblivion, when the men and women present themselves to the king.”Li Ji · Yu Zao” records” All refers to the painting in front of the monarch, Wat; Make in front of the monarch, then the book in Wat. “And the son of heaven sacrifice, Also hold Wat board, As a gift, There is the intention to report to heaven.The characters in this product are well-dressed, holding the Wat board, looking up at the sky, or in the ceremony.

The characteristics of the porcelain style in the Chongzhen period are remarkable. In general, several characteristics are summarized according to one chronological period of Chongzhen seven years (1634).If a cluster of V-shaped symbols used to represent grass, in some of the better quality of objects, for people, horses, trees, furniture and other supporting surface.This is an important and significant feature, often as an important basis for dating.But the V-shaped pattern of this period also has three kinds of painting methods: One is to draw only V-shaped pattern, with extremely fine and dense V-shaped pattern, the V-shaped pattern is not decorated under rendering, this method is the most time-consuming, need to draw more V-shaped lines, this is this kind of product;The second is to first render the background color, on which the V-line embellishment, time-consuming less than the former, but the decorative effect is similar;Its 3 few embellish a few V character lines, appear a bit perfunctory, general adornment draws rough person to use this method.

This product cloud pattern painting method also has the characteristic, this period most common is the parenthesis moire, according to the picture request, the drawing length is different, the main decoration position is divided into two kinds: One is located on the object backside, namely not the main body part, generally draws the mountain stone, the moire floats in the meantime, That is to say, clouds and clouds also express the feeling of miasma between the mountains.The second is in the main part of the picture, generally on the main body of the location, the painting of a corner of the cloud, clouds, hidden pavilions and other buildings, in order to increase the depth of field and decorative pictures.And this product is the selection of cloud-like moire, with the wave-like moire as the lines, delineate layer by layer of clouds, in the line light color rendering, the appearance of the moire has a cloud-like feeling, and the parenthesis moid moire show the flow cloud and mist effect is different, Not only in the decoration effect has a bright role, but also makes people feel that the clouds, quite natural fun.

There are three kinds of rendering techniques: one is to draw out the outer outline of clothes with dark lines, and to draw the inner lines with simple drawings, and to distinguish the different clothes of different people, the clothes of the boy before and after this product will be rendered in this way;The second is only to outline the simplest outline, the fold to render the heavy to represent, this method is often used to draw small people;The third rendering method is similar to the rendering of fine brushwork, pasted lines render several layers, deep and shallow different, the most suitable for drawing the wide robe sleeve, can be the image of the layer-by-layer dress fold of the vertical sleeve, this product is in the middle of the wide robe sleeve will use this method, decoration effect is excellent.

Mingchongzhen Qinghua Longbai Guanyin water purification bowl

Water purification bowl is a kind of popular utensil from late Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, which is famous for its holy water.This bowl lip mouth is slightly extravagant, the abdomen arc is full, the shape resembles a small cylinder, the high circle foot, the circle foot leaves a week astringent tire to have no glaze.The fetal body is thick, the fetal body is firm and exquisite.Glazed white in the green, the inner wall of the white glaze, the outer wall painted with blue and white glaze, a week of painting along the edge of blue and white flower pattern decoration, the abdomen panorama painted blue and white longbai guanyin map, guanyin face, sitting on the fairy altar, children maidens standing respectfully on both sides, on the water surface, Standing above the cloud, armed with a sword, the old dragon king in the water looked up at guanyin’s guard board, surrounded by dragons, soldiers and paratroopers, surrounded by bamboo shadows and clouds, a fairyland.The brush strokes are fine and smooth, the characters are exquisite in appearance, and the blue and white flowers are bright and bright in color.Guanyin as the theme of the clean water bowl has also been found in the Beijing Museum of Art, collection of Qingkang Xi Qinghua to send children to the clean water bowl, for reference.The clean water bowl which is well-preserved is rare. Mr. Geng Baochang mentioned in his book “Identification of Porcelain in Ming and Qing Dynasties” that there is a blue-and-white clean water bowl in the Chinese Museum of History, which has a definite chronology——————————————————— However, no matter in the fetal quality, painting, blue-and-white hair color on the typical characteristics of Chongzhen blue-and-white porcelain.a wooden seat

Textbook of characters in the Qing-Hua Western Chamber of Ming Dynasty

In 17th-century porcelain, people are happy to paint stories, take historical subjects or a sample of meta-music, rich in content, it is thought-provoking.”The fairies of heaven turn people into flowers and smile.”

It is the theme of this canister painting.Its take the material “Western Chamber Story” the fourth of the third fold in the story, the poor scholar Zhang Junrui and the prime minister thousand gold Cui Yingying love, by the Yingying mother opposed, after Yingying mother asked Zhang Sheng only in get fame as an official can marry Yingying, Zhang Sheng can only love Yingying to go to Beijing to take an examination of.It is this parting scene that is depicted on the porcelain picture. The scholar wearing the Tang scarf at the bottom of the left is Zhang Sheng, whose arch hand and Ying Ying Ying said goodbye.In the middle of the picture, Yingying, holding a broken branch in hand, is sending a message to Zhang Sheng. The book is on the top left of Zhang Sheng’s head. It is a reference to Wu Gang’s love of Wu Gang Chang ‘e. The content is to encourage Zhang Sheng not to be discouraged. The warbler will be waiting for him to come back.Such feelings, make people cry.Behind Yingying, the lady holds the fan to serve, wish Zhang Sheng early high school, and Miss can group Luan candle.In the 17th century, there are many paintings on porcelain with the theme of “The Story of the Western Chamber”.Among them take its paragraph, show the story of different eclectic, and the same eclectic story is also to take different ways and the content of the picture to express, it is ever-changing, different, let posterity see, it is interesting.Various public and private museums and sales outlets have also seen different versions of the subject painted on various types of porcelain, which can be studied and interpreted in a paper.The story mentioned in this bottle is not the beginning of the story, so Yingying and Zhang Sheng met when the face has been open-eyed, eye-to-eye, is” if the two feelings are long-term, but also in the morning and evening. “Here has abandoned the traditional concept of feudal society, and is no longer the “Western Chamber” the first fold in the “temple of Buddha,” the performance of the warbler “small fan to cover the face of shame” scene.This bottle has the typical 17th century style from the painting style, and its book body, there are “V” shape grass pattern on the ground, the fish egg-shaped leaves on the side of the rocks, floating in mid-air the top of the mountain, the top of the hill has row of fir tree pagoda-shaped trees, the white stems of banana leaves, The “mesenchymal” leaves in the gap between the rocks, the shavings of the rocks, the floating clouds with parallel brackets, and the toon-leaf spots beside the banana-leaf rocks, all of which are the elements of the typical standard apparatus.In addition, it has another characteristic, is its unique characteristics, in the stone side of the three brush-ink moss-like rendering techniques, is created by the five generations of painters Dong Yuan, the late Ming Dynasty in Dong Qichang’s advocacy of re-popular.This kind of painting is the time characteristic of late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, but it is very rare.

Ming Chongzhen Qinghua landscape figure pattern tripod

This product has a wide caliber, three-legged bottom, relative to flat-bottomed works, the number of less.The picture of landscape characters is painted on the outside wall of the pen tube. The blue and white flowers are distinct in color, suitable for thick and weak, the layout of the picture is sparse, the scenery of the landscape is undulating and undulating, and it is very strong.A few strokes of the painted characters can be seen in subtle ways.In the picture from the mountain and the next stone path, two high men in the road chat, the surface of the mountain there are three small boats, boat or talk, or pole.Painters to the remote mountains near the shore, high-rise pavilions, mountains of yin and yang opposite side, the trees are dense and dense, are depicted in the spirit.The mountain stone uses the split-water chapped technique, strong and full of momentum.All the painting meaning is high and far, showing a elegant and quiet artistic conception, for the literati desk display fine goods.

Ming Chongzhen blue-and-white blue-and-white picture pen


Jingdezhen kiln production in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty showed a brand-new style of the times, many of the decorative porcelain contains strong literati flavor, the special subject matter, rich content, are not unique to the start of a generation.In Chongzhen period, it was popular to paint stories on porcelain. At this time, the selection of domestic cobalt materials greatly improved the painting effect of blue-and-white decoration.The blue-and-white color of the best Chongzhen porcelain is far superior to that of the late Wanli period.This blue-and-white blue-and-white picture pen is the representative work of the late Ming Dynasty.

This pen tube is tube-shaped, wide upper and narrow lower, straight wall slightly oblique, dignified among rich changes, smooth lines.The bottom is supported by three feet, the bottom center is slightly concave, the bottom is exposed, and there are fine and dense chord lines.Engraving decoration at the mouth and near the bottom, white glaze, blue and blue, is the typical characteristic of the porcelain in the late Ming Dynasty.The body of the body is thick, the quality of the fetus is fine and white, the glaze is plump and smooth, and the whole body is painted with blue and white flowers to reduce the dragon and the tiger.Strange stones, rippling water, dense forest;The dragon is singing and the tiger is whistling, the wind is changing, but the face is already showing its timidity;Another group of rohan lectured on scriptures.The whole picture was influenced by the late Ming Dynasty painter Ding Yunpeng’s” Luo Han Tu “. The painting was vivid and vivid. It was deeply influenced by the painting style of late Ming Dynasty literati.Blue and white hair color pleasing to the eye, mellow elegant bright, the layout is sparse, delicate strokes, characters, with cobalt materials instead of ink, rendering, very ornamental effect.Stationery innovation flourished in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. The fashion of the decorative study rising from Shang Jia was popular in Jiangnan and out of the palace. Therefore, all kinds of fine style pens came into being, among which five-color porcelain and blue-and-white porcelain were most popular.At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the porcelain pen making technology is more fastidious.This blue-and-white blue-and-white blue-and-white pen tube, dignified and elegant, has the degree of production, the painting is exquisite, reflects the Chongzhen period’s superb porcelain production level and the distinctive literati interest, is placed in the study desk, adds the elegant.

Ming Chongzhen Qing Hua opera figure picture pen

The pen barrel is of a large shape.The inner wall is carefully applied with bright green glaze, the outer wall is painted with the figures of the opera, the composition is full and has 17 characters, the painting is exquisite, the appearance is vivid, the green flowers are green, the upper and lower edges are slightly carved lace decoration, the mouth and the bottom are not glazed, it is a fine product in the blue and white pen case of the same period, It is also the standard of Chongzhen blue-and-white porcelain.

Mingchongzhen Qinghua Zhaoxian story tube bottle

This bottle is wide-mouthed, neck-tied, shoulders slightly shrugged, flat-bottomed, slightly concave, without glaze.External application of white glaze, glaze slightly brilliant blue.Don’t undercut the shoulders and feet.

The mouth is decorated with an inverted banana leaf with a blue-and-white painting for a week.Banana leaf pattern is a common decoration in this period. Most of the times of Chongzhen were realistic.

The main body of the bottle is the story of the Qinghua painting, the image of the side of the bridge is like the imperial official hands holding a scroll, officials behind the flag-flagging and the three armed guards, the official coupe in the mountains hidden under a corner of the top, a picture of the layout of the smooth and meticulous.Officials bowed to the man standing face to face, with two buffaloes behind him, who should be farmers.Viewed from the picture, it should be the scene in which the court officials were ordered by the emperor to call men of talent into the court.This bottle draws the technique exquisite and skilled, with the blue and blue flower outline of the mountain stone hard green strength, fills with the thick and weak different blue and white, the contrast is strong;Two buffaloes, big and small, are vigorous and leisurely.As the ideal of many literati and officials in ancient times, “Emperor Tian Shilang and the Late Emperor of Heaven” is also the ideal of the wise and able men and the wise and virtuous men, and it is the ideal of political affairs of Gao Jie.

Ming Chongzhen Qing Hua Gao Tang dream character story design cylinder

This product lip, neck micro-beam, arc abdomen, flat-bottomed micro-concave.At the base of the exposed fetal body can be seen delicate white, dense tight.The outside wall of the cylinder is painted with blue-and-white pictures of the dream characters of the high Tang Dynasty. In the picture, one person is lying on top of several cases, and on the right side there is a child standing waiter.The man’s head flew out of the clouds, for a dream, four of whom stood opposite each other.On the other side of the picture, painting bamboo forest, banana leaves, mountain stone, fine strokes, depicting nature, with elegant blue-and-white hair color, a fairyland in the world.

This product is decorated with a few cases of men lying down and sleep, the head of the dream, women in the dream, and other details can be located in the story as a “high Tang dream.””The Dream of Gao Tang” gives out “Zhaoming Wenxuan” volume 19 “Gaotang Fu”, telling the story of King Xiang of Chu and Song Yu swimming in Yunmeng’s platform, looking at the view of Gao Tang, it has the cloud air, Wang asked why the gas, Song Yu answered for the Chaoyun, and asked why it was Chaoyun, just lead to a section of the dream of Gao Tang.According to Song Yu’s words, the former king (that is, King Huai of Chu) swam in the high Tang Dynasty and slept in the daytime, dreaming of the woman who said that he was a Wushan woman and a guest of the high Tang Dynasty.After Emperor Huai was lucky, he set up a temple called “Chao Yun”.The dream of the high Tang Dynasty was later used as a metaphor for men and women encounter, “Wushan Yunyu” that is the word.

Wang Daokun, a writer of miscellaneous drama in Ming Dynasty, wrote “Daya Tang Yuefu”, which included four stories: “Gao Tang Dream”, “Luo Shui Pai”, “Wuhu You” and “Yuanshan Opera”. He changed his love affair into “Zaju”, which conveyed a kind of elegance and sentiment of the literati at that time.The first volume of this Ya Zang Board’s” Fine Painting and Embroideries” is a dream of Gao Tang, the plot is similar to “Zhaoming Wenxuan”, and the print illustrations are very similar to this product. It is clear that the sleeping man is the King of Chu Huai, and the woman in the dream is the goddess of Wushan.

The story of Wushan Yun-yu painted by this product originated from the print of Zaju, but the characters’ images and clothes are typical of the painting method of Chongzhen period.Due to the limitation of instrument type, the platform of Yunmeng is also represented by pavilion railing.This style theme was adapted in the Ming Dynasty as a drama, and in the late Ming Dynasty painted on porcelain, as a desk play placed in the study, reflecting the elegant taste of the literati at that time.

Mingchongzhen blue-and-white figure pattern lotus seed jar

This pot blue and white hair bright color, the scene painted by many people, verified by the “Bingji asked Niuchuan” story.According to “Han Shu · Bingji Biography” record: Han Xuan Emperor’s prime minister, Bingji once went out to inspect the people’s situation, is met because the emperor went out to clear the road, drive away pedestrians and lead to casualties, Bingji passed by but ignored.The official who was with him was surprised, but he did not dare to ask more questions.Soon after, a farmer was driving a cow through the road. The cow was panting and its tongue was sticking out.Bingji sees this scene, stop a step suddenly, send guard to come up to stop farmer, inquire about original reason.The accompanying officials are very confused about the prime minister’s behavior, a prime minister, to the life of the great event to ignore the sky, but to care about a cow’s asthma, it is not put the cart before the horse?”The casualties are under the jurisdiction of local officials, and I’m the prime minister and I can’t take over. But now, in the spring, the cattle are as hot as the heat of the summer, and this is a sign of an imbalance,” explained Bingji. “The climate is abnormal and it’s a disaster.” As the head of the imperial court, it is my duty to ensure that the country is in good condition and that the people are spared the suffering of natural disasters, and should I not ask?

The theme of “Asthma Tau” has always been highly valued by the imperial court because of its image of a piece of well-known political style.The multi-talented Emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty wrote a poem, “Teppongji asked for a map”: “For the people have been thin, Yin and Yang Xie Li several people know. Only the side of the table to seek good help, there will be benevolent comfort to think.” The heart of the thirst for wisdom in words.

The characters in this lotus jar have all the elements, but with the change of the times, the scenes and characters of the picture will change slightly, and each painter will add his own imagination and play, but the theme of the picture will not change.

In Shanghai Museum, a picture cylinder of Qinghua landscape figures of Mingchongzhen is also a theme decoration, which can be compared with this one.

Ming chong zhen qinghua character story bottle (a pair)

The mouth of the bottle was slightly curled, with a long neck, round belly, and round feet.Neck with tulips, shoulders with daisies, belly with characters.The bottle body and the base are also decorated with gold plating, which shows a strong Western style.People painting vivid images, painting techniques and styles with typical features of the Chongzhen period, such as the V-shaped grass, multi-level rocks, used to separate the picture of the cloud, stone and a moon in the sky.Such fine works of porcelain at the end of the Ming Dynasty are worth collecting.

Ming Chongzhen blue-and-white flower picture box

This product straight mouth straight wall, waist micro-inward, flat bottom, near the bottom of the repair of the tire, from the bottom of the tire can see the white color of the fetus, fetal quality tight.In addition to the bottom of the pen barrel are all white glaze, glaze white in the green, the mouth along the lower and shin undercut string lines, the mouth along the lower two lines of the double-layer dark carved between the waves, between the moire.In the middle of the picture, there is a man with a wide robe and a long sleeve, his hands close together, holding the Wat version, and the soldiers behind him, holding a large knife and a umbrella cover guard, can show their noble status, but the posture is humble.In contrast, there was a fairy who fell into the clouds, with a long beard, a simple dress, and a little baby in his arms, as a gesture of presentation.The background of the picture is a corner of the cloud-shrouded barrier, rocky, foggy.On the send son immortal, the most famous person is not more than Zhang Xian: Zhang Xian is a Sichuan Taoist scholar of the Five Dynasties period, Zhang Yuanxiao, known as the send son Zhang Xian, is good at slingshot skills, in Bashu Taoist famous mountain Qingcheng Mountain to practice the path into an immortal, this god source said quite a lot, According to the “Continued Literature General Examination” recorded that “Zhang Xian can help people to avoid evil and help the children.” And “Jintai Ji Wen” recorded that “the world of Zhang Xian like, is the King of Shu Meng Chang bomb map. “The past generations of immortals Tongjian” that Zhang Xian also with a catapult to fight the evil god “dog”, the protection of the world’s ability to have children.The popular “Taoyuan Ming Bible” said that Emperor Zhang Xianfeng was appointed to be the god of the Emperor Guan.Although there is no obvious feature of this product, it can be pointed out that it is Zhang Xian, but the name of Zhang Xian is widely circulated in the folk, about Zhang Xian’s various statues, portraits more abundant information, so it can be speculated that this product painted Xianren is very likely to send Zhang Xian.