Taipei Palace Museum collection porcelain appreciates, raises the eye!


plum vase with golden blue glaze

Ji blue glaze plum vase, height 27.4 cm, aperture 3.8 cm, foot diameter 8.6 cm

white glaze plastic paste red flat chi pattern garlic bottle

White Glaze Paste Red Chili Garlic Bottle, Mingjiajing, Jingdezhen Kiln Products,30 cm high,2.6 cm diameter, foot diameter 10 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō

blue-and-white dragon pattern square cover can

Blue and white cloud dragon pattern square cover can, Ming Jiajing, high 15.5cm, diameter 4.8cm, foot diameter 5.4cm

blue-and-white vase with bird-and-flower pattern

Blue and white flower bird pattern plum vase, height 44cm, aperture 6.5cm, foot diameter 13.8cm

blue-and-white double dragon covered can

Blue and white double dragon pattern cover can, the height is 54.2 cm, the diameter is 25.2 cm, the bottom diameter is 30 cm.

blue-and-white three-lamb bowl

Blue and white three sheep pattern bowl, Ming Jiajing, high 10.5cm, diameter 16.3cm, foot diameter 5.5 cm

Yellow ground red color tangled lotus pattern gourd vase

Yellow ground red color tangled branch lotus flower bottle, height 45.1 cm, diameter 5.1 cm, foot diameter 13.4 cm

Acanthopagrus argenteus

Blue and white group dragon pattern lifting beam pot, through height 30cm, aperture 10.5cm, foot diameter 15.3cm

Minglongqing green flower, dragon and phoenix grain box, pink rose

Ming Long Qing blue and white dragon phoenix grain box, height 15.3cm, diameter 20.9cm, foot diameter 19.2cm

multicolored hollowed-out vase with cloud and phoenix grain

Colorful hollowed-out cloud and phoenix pattern bottle, height 49.5 cm, diameter 15 cm, foot diameter 17.2 cm

blue-and-white twig-twining tripod furnace

A three-leg furnace with eight-bar pattern,9 cm high,10 cm in diameter and 9.5 cm in foot pitch.

The furnace is drum-shaped, straight belly, three-hoofed foot.The mouth and foot are decorated with one week’s tympanoplast, and the abdomen is covered with eight-treasure pattern.Two circles inside the bottom of the furnace in the middle of the blue and white script “da ming into a new year” six-character funds.

blue-and-white scalloped foot bowl

Bowl with blue and white pattern,5 cm tall, 13.7 cm in diameter and 6.9 cm in foot diameter.

blue-and-white twig-twined vase with melon rims

Blue-and-white twig-twined melon rims bottle, bright, 27.8 cm high,3.3 cm diameter, 6.7 cm foot diameter

yellow blue-and-white flower-and-fruit pattern plate

Yellow ground blue flower folding fruit plate, height 4.6 cm, aperture 26.1 cm

Blue and white lotus pond swimming dragon pattern bowl

Blue and white lotus lotus pond dragon pattern bowl, height 7 cm, diameter 16 cm, foot diameter 6 cm

yellow glaze painted gold double animal eardrum

Yellow glaze tracing gold double animal earpot,32 cm tall,19 cm in diameter, 17.5 cm in foot diameter

yellow glaze gold binaural can

Yellow glaze tracing gold double ears can, ming hongzhi, height 31.6 cm, diameter 18.8 cm, bottom diameter 17 cm

plain three-color sea toad pattern three-foot washing

Three-foot washing with three-color sea toad pattern, 10.8 cm high, 23.7 cm in diameter and 17.8 cm in foot pitch.

bright red glaze plate

Bright red glaze plate, height 4.9 cm, aperture 20.3 cm, foot diameter 13.1 cm

malachite green glaze bowl

Malachite green glaze bowl, Mingzheng De, height 6.6 cm, diameter 16.2 cm, foot diameter 6.5 cm

blue-and-white infant’s play bowl

Blue and white infant play pattern bowl, height 13 cm, aperture 22.1 cm, foot diameter 7.5 cm

blue-and-white character box

Blue and white character box, height: 23.9 cm, diameter: 16.1 cm, foot diameter: 10.6 cm

Green flowers twined with twigs and flowers

Blue and white twine twine flower lines out of halberd, height 21.7 cm, diameter 15.3 cm, foot diameter 10.6 cm

blue-and-white Arabic candlestick

Blue and white Arabic candlestick, Mingzheng De, height 24.6 cm, diameter 6.7 cm, foot 13 cm

five-color cloud crane pattern can

Five-color cloud crane pattern can, height 19.3cm, aperture 13.2cm, foot diameter 11cm

Can straight mouth, short neck, shoulder, thin bottom, circle foot.Its whole body is decorated with blue and white flowers, yellow and green colors,6 groups of head lines of Ruyi painted on the neck, one week of lotus-shaped patterns painted on the shoulders, one week of cloud and crane painted on the pot, one week of banana leaf patterns painted near the feet, and six-character double-line copies of “Daming Jiajing year” in the double circle of blue and white flowers.

Blue glaze carved Kirin pattern pot

Cupping pot with entwined branches and lotus grain

Cupping pot with lotus grain, 15.3cm through height, 4.8cm in diameter and 7.7cm in foot diameter.

Straight mouth, belly rolling, out of the circle.A curved flow is placed on one side to reinforce the kettle flow, which is connected with a cloud-shaped cross plate between the neck and a crank on the other side.The body is decorated with green flowers, the neck is painted with lotus lines, the handle is painted with honeysuckle lines, the root of the flow is painted with a faucet, and the dragon’s mouth is flushed with anger.Stream of the front of the Green Flower, “Daming Xuande,” a six-character line, the outer blue and white double-line square.The pot is attached with umbrella-shaped cover, the cap is topped with a bead button, and the cover is painted with a crease pattern.

blue-and-white flower pattern pot

Blue and white flower pattern pot, height 32.1 cm, diameter 7.5 cm, foot 10.7 cm

Pot straight mouth, slender neck, folded shoulder, long abdomen, circling foot.One side of the neck is a pot handle, the other is a rectangular flow, flow mouth is a gourd-shaped.The neck of the pot is painted with twigs, the shoulder is decorated with lotus petals, the abdomen is decorated with eight sides square open light, each opening interior is decorated with up and down two flowers, the foot is decorated with curly branches.

In the early Ming Dynasty, there were many people who imitate Islamic silver and bronze ware. In addition to holding pots, they also had folding basin, flower pouring, plate seat, candlestick, flat-belly bottle and so on.This artifact is shaped like an Islamic silver injection.

blue-and-white wadding washing

Blue and white Luanfeng Washing, 4.5cm high, 17.5cm in diameter, 14.2cm in foot diameter.

Washing in anemone shape, the heart slightly protruding.A clear blue and white decoration.The mouth is decorated with blue-and-white double-line lines, in which the heart of a phoenix, each one of the emperor, between a cloud.The outer wall is drawn in groups of phoenix 10, corresponding to the body of the sunflower-shaped organ.There are “Daming Xuande’s” six-character two-line regular script.

The unique shape of this device, glaze Yingrun, blue-and-white tone rich, skilled craftsmanship.

Children’s Drama Cup

The picture cup is 4.8 cm high,6 cm in diameter and 2.7 cm in foot diameter.

Cup deep, straight mouth slightly open, under the abdomen gradually, circle foot.The cup in the mouth draws the blue and white line grain one, the outside picture of the scenery to draw the baby play: The sky color cloud floats, one child two hands holds the line to fly the kite, another child watches, makes the happy dance shape, the other three children holds the flower for the play, the empty space supplementary sunflower tree, plantain, cinnamon stone, the flower and so on.In addition to green flowers, but also filled with red, green, ocher three colors, two columns in the foot in the blue and white script “Daming into a” six-character money.

bright red glaze painted bowl with golden cloud and dragon grain

Bright red glaze tracing gold cloud dragon grain bowl, height 8.8 cm, diameter 20.9 cm, foot diameter 9 cm

Bowl skim, curved abdomen, thin bottom, circled feet.General application of red glaze, the opening of a white, known as the “grass edge.”Both inner and outer walls are painted in gold, and near the bottom of the outer wall is painted in gold and deformed lotus-petal pattern for a week. Although the gold color has fallen off, but the pattern is visible, you can expect the original gold and bright red glaze reflected in the rich air.White glaze is applied in the foot, but no money.

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty wrote poems to praise this red glaze bowl of Xuande:

“When the rain falls over my feet, and the sun shines on me alone.”

This bowl of pottery is colored by the mud, iron, and almonds.”

Ducai sea water dragon pattern “heaven” word cover can

Ducai sea water dragon pattern “sky” cover can, height 13.3cm, diameter 8.7cm, foot diameter 11.2cm

multicolored chicken cup

Color chicken cup, height 3.3 cm, diameter 8.3 cm, foot diameter 4.1 cm

doughnut tangled lotus pattern can

Bucket color wrapped lotus pattern can, 8.3 cm in height, 4.3 cm in diameter, 6.5 cm in foot diameter and 5.6 cm in cover diameter.

gaussian cup

Doucai Kaoshi Cup, 3.4cm tall, 5.9cm in diameter, 2.7cm in foot diameter.

bright red glaze plate

Bright red glaze plate, 5cm in height, 20.9cm in diameter and 13.5cm in foot diameter.

Glazed High Foot Cup

Imitated Goku high-foot cup, cup height 9.7 cm, diameter 8 cm, foot diameter 3.9 cm

blue-and-white Kirin plate

Blue and white unicorn plate, height 6.5cm, diameter 34.5cm, foot diameter 22.2cm

blue-and-white sea water bowl with dragon pattern

Blue and white sea water dragon grain bowl, height 7.8 cm, aperture 17.2 cm, foot diameter 7 cm

blue-and-white rock and flower covered can

Blue and white mountain stone flower cover can, 11.3 cm high, 7.9 cm in diameter and 10.3 cm in full diameter.

Green flower loquat ribbon with bird pattern

Green flower loquat ribbon with bird pattern, 9.2cm high, 51.2cm diameter, 34.5cm foot diameter.

blue-and-white flower vase with brocade pattern and double ears

Blue and white flower brocade pattern double ears flat bottle, Ming Yongle, height 24.3 cm, aperture 3.5 cm, foot diameter 7.4 cm

blue-and-white double-eared gourd flat bottle

Blue and white double ears gourd type flat bottle, Ming Yongle, height 25.2 cm, diameter 3.3 cm, foot diameter 6 cm

blue-and-white bamboo and stone vase with banana grain and plum

Blue and white bamboo and stone plum vase, Ming Yongle, height 41 cm, bottom diameter 12.2 cm

Green Ganoderma lucidum with grain bowl

Ganoderma lucidum grain bowl, height 5.5 cm, aperture 11 cm, foot diameter 4.5 cm

blue-and-white jade pot spring vase

Blue and white jade pot spring bottle, Ming Yongle, aperture 7 cm, foot diameter 10 cm, height 27 cm

Green sea water white dragon pattern flat bottle

Green sea water white dragon pattern flat bottle, height 45.3 cm, diameter 7.8 cm, foot diameter 14.5 cm

bright red glaze rhomboid washing

Brilliant red glaze rhombus washing, height 3.8 cm, diameter 15.9 cm, foot diameter 13 cm

Aoyama Sanskrit rose with halberd cover and can powder

In Sanskrit, the halberd cover can is 28.7cm high with a diameter of 19.1cm.Cover diameter: 22cm, bottom diameter: 24.7cm

blue glaze and white flower fish lotus pattern plate

Blue glaze, white flower, lotus pattern plate, height 4 cm, diameter 19.2 cm, foot diameter 12.7 cm.

blue-and-white kiwi dragon pot

Blue and white kiwi dragon pattern jar, height 19 cm, diameter 15.8 cm, foot diameter 13.8 cm

blue-and-white entangled lotus flower vase

The bottle is 19.8cm high, 3.8cm in diameter and 7.1cm in foot diameter.

blue-and-white figure-tattooed high-foot bowl

Blue and white figure pattern high foot bowl, Ming Xuande, height 10.2cm, diameter 15.5cm, foot diameter 4.5 cm

blue-and-white sea banana leaf

Blue and white sea water banana leaf, Mingxuande, high 15.1cm, diameter 16.5cm, full diameter 10.9cm

blue-and-white twined vase with sky ball pattern

Blue and white twined bulbous vase with a height of 46.1cm, a diameter of 8.9cm and a foot diameter of 15.2cm.

Plum vase with tangled branches and flowers

In the glaze, red pine bamboo and plum pattern jade pot, spring vase

In the glaze red pine bamboo plum pattern jade pot spring bottle, the height 33 cm, the caliber 8.8 cm, the foot diameter 11.3 cm

Four Seasons Flower Patterns in Red in Glaze

In-glaze red flower pattern of four seasons,53 cm high, 26.5 cm diameter, 23.2 cm foot diameter

inlaid red folding peony pattern flower-opening plate

In glaze red fold branch peony grain flower mouth plate, height 8.6 cm, diameter 45 cm, foot diameter 22.1 cm

blue-and-white folded branches with floral patterns

Blue and white folded branches flower pattern large plate, high 8.5 cm, diameter 45.7 cm, foot diameter 26.9 cm

Glazed red twined peony pattern pot

Pot of peony grain with red twining in glaze,32 cm high, 7.3 cm in diameter and 11 cm in foot diameter.

Acanthopagrus argenteus

The pot is 27.8 cm tall, 7.7 cm in diameter and 11.7 cm in foot diameter.

bright red glaze high foot bowl

Bright red glaze high foot bowl, 9.9 cm high, diameter 15.8 cm, foot diameter 4.2 cm.

Bowl skim, curved abdomen, high circle feet slightly out.The outer wall of the bowl and the feet full of bright ruby red glaze, the inner wall is white glaze, there are dark cloud dragon pattern decoration.”Yongle-year” four-character version of the seal-carving book in the heart of the bowl.

This beautiful bowl, bright red glaze pure and flawless, bright and even, for the Palace Museum collection of the only with the Yongle official kiln style of the red glaze.

High-foot bowl in the Yuan Dynasty, also known as the target cup, in the early Ming Dynasty is also very popular.Yongle red glaze high-foot bowl precious, the most prestigious.

Tri-series pot with green glaze

Tri-series cans with green glaze, height 10.4cm, diameter 9.9cm, foot diameter 14.1cm

sweet white glaze vase with tangled lotus pattern

Sweet White Glaze Wrapped Lotus Plum Bottle, 24.8 cm in height and 4.5cm in diameter.

blue-and-white twining basin

Blue and white twining patterns along the basin, 13.9cm high, 31.6cm diameter, 21.5cm bottom diameter

blue-and-white hand cup

Green flower press hand cup, height 4.9 cm, diameter 9.2 cm, foot diameter 3.9 cm

blue-and-white dragon plate

Blue and white cloud dragon plate, height 3.1 cm, aperture 19.4 cm, foot diameter 11.7 cm

Ming Yongle, blue and white, bamboo stone, banana pattern, jade pot, spring bottle.

Blue-and-white bamboo and stone plantain pattern jade pot spring bottle, height 32.8 cm, aperture 8.2 cm, foot diameter 10.8 cm

blue-and-white flower-and-fruit vase

Poplar vase, 28.5 cm tall, 4.8 cm in diameter and 11.3 cm in foot diameter.

blue-and-white tangled lotus pattern casting

Blue and white twined lotus,14.7 cm high,8 cm in diameter,4 cm in foot diameter.

blue-and-white twined flat pot

blue-and-white phoenix-in-flower pot

Blue and white phoenix through the pot, height 23.5 cm, diameter 4.7 cm, foot diameter 7.3 cm, abdominal diameter 13 cm

blue-and-white glaze with red engravings and carved tin

Blue and white glaze red carved cover can,41 cm high, 15.5 cm in diameter, 18.5 cm in foot diameter.

In the glaze, red carved rabbit pattern jade pot, spring vase

Spring vase with carved rabbit pattern, with a height of 20.5cm, a diameter of 6.3cm and a foot diameter of 6.8cm.

Steamed Plum Plantain with Prunus Herb

Festucous plate, height: 7.9 cm, diameter: 46.1 cm, foot diameter: 26.1 cm

Green sea water, white dragon pattern, plum vase.

Green sea water white dragon pattern plum vase, height 46.1cm, diameter 6.2cm, foot diameter 13.4cm

red-in-glaze high-foot cup

Glazed red high-foot cup, 9.1cm high,7. 5cm diameter,3. 8cm foot diameter

blue-and-white mandarin duck lotus pattern plate

The lotus pattern plate is 7.3 cm high, the diameter is 46.4 cm and the foot diameter is 29.8 cm.

Jingdezhen kiln blue-and-white peony pot

Jingdezhen kiln green peony grain can, yuan, height 27.5 cm, diameter 20.4 cm, foot diameter 19 cm

Blue glaze tracing gold Yi

Blue glaze tracing gold,45 cm high, mouth to stream 17 cm, foot diameter 8.5 cm

Longquan kiln blue glaze pot

Longquan kiln celadon glaze pot,25 cm high, diameter 4.5 cm, foot diameter 8.3 cm

blue-glaze drawing pot

Blue glaze with a pot, yuan, aperture 8.7cm, foot diameter 11.5cm, height 32.7 cm

Longquan kiln print dragon pattern blue glaze plate

Longquan kiln printing dragon pattern blue glaze plate, yuan, 7.5 cm high, diameter 42.9 cm, foot diameter 29 cm

Yuxi kiln, blue and white, jade jug, spring vase

yellow glaze gourd-type holding pot

Yellow glaze gourd holding pot, height 24.8 cm, diameter 2.8 cm, foot 6.7 cm

Chifeng kiln white glaze black pot

Chifeng kiln white glaze black flower pot, Liao, 38.5 cm high, diameter 19.7 cm, full diameter 15.8 cm

White ground black plum vase, height 46.8 cm, diameter 4 cm, foot 10.3 cm

Cizhou kiln, white ground, black flower, reed, wild goose pattern, tiger pillow

Cizhou kiln white ground black flower reed wild goose pattern tiger pillow, gold, height 10.7 cm, length 35.6 cm, maximum width 14 cm

White ground black flower circus pillow

White ground black flower circus pillow, length 29 cm, width 21.3 cm, height 11.2 cm

small pot with money pattern in Yaozhou kiln

Yaozhou kiln small pot, gold,13 cm high, diameter 4 cm, foot diameter 6 cm

Yaozhou kiln carved flower “Wu Niu Chuan Yue” pattern big bowl

Yaozhou kiln carved flower “Wuniuhuanyue” grain big bowl, gold, high 7.6 cm, caliber 21.3 cm, foot diameter 6 cm

Yaozhou Kiln Wuniutuan Month Ripple Bowl

Yaozhou Yao Wu Niufei Month Ripple Bowl, gold, 7.6 cm high, caliber 21.3 cm, foot diameter 6 cm

red glaze carved cloud and dragon pattern pear-shaped pot

Red glaze carved dragon pattern pear-shaped pot, 12.5 cm through height, 3.5 cm in diameter, 5.3 cm in foot diameter.

A bowl with red twined peony grain in glaze.

Glazed red twined peony bowl, height 10 cm, diameter 20.6 cm, foot 9.1 cm.

White Glaze Printing “Taixi” Mingyun Longwen Disc

White Glaze Printing “Taixi” dragon plate height: 2.3cm, diameter 17.8cm, foot diameter: 11.4cm

blue glaze white dragon plate

Blue glaze white dragon grain plate, element, height 1.1 cm, diameter 16 cm, foot diameter 14 cm

Jingdezhen Yaozhifu glaze plate with dragon pattern