Appreciation of “Yuan Dynasty Porcelain” in Palace Museum


four-series flat pot with dark carved cloud and dragon pattern in red and white glaze

Element, height 34 cm, aperture 8.5 cm, foot horizontal 26.5 cm, foot longitudinal 8.2 cm.The Palace Museum is a collection.

Pot round lips, short straight neck, curved shoulder, both sides of shoulder set double, flat abdomen, square ring foot.The floor is bare, and the tire is white.Glazed white through the blue-gray, between the white glaze and egg white glaze.Both sides of the pot are carved dragon pattern, ganoderma-shaped cloud pattern, fire bead pattern, Ruyi cloud head pattern and folding branch pattern, the pattern outside the glaze red fill the ground.This pot’s unique shape, with the characteristics of the northern nomadic people.The craftsmanship reflects the production level and artistic style of the red porcelain in the Yuan Dynasty.

Longquan kiln blue glaze pot

Element, height 25 cm, aperture 4.5 cm, foot diameter 3 cm.Imperial Palace Collection

Hold the pot straight mouth, under the mouth gradually full, hanging abdomen, circle foot slightly out.Long flow on one side of the pot, crank on the other side.With flat-topped dome cover.The mouth, the feet, and the fetuses.Green glaze is applied to the whole body.This stick pot thin under abundant, smooth lines, put moderate, beautiful shape.Its glaze surface is even, glaze color powder green, beautiful if natural ancient jade.

Jingdezhen kiln green flower tangled branches peony grain pot

Element, height 27.5 cm, aperture 20.4 cm, foot diameter 19 cm.The Palace Museum is a collection.

Can straight mouth, short neck, shoulder, drum, shallow circle foot, sand bottom.The outer wall is decorated with blue and white glaze, and the top-down double string is separated into 4 patterns.The neck is painted with gardenia, the shoulders are painted with lotus, the abdomen is painted with peony, and the feet are painted with lotus petals.

This blue-and-white can is full and dignified in shape.Blue-and-white color bright, gemstone blue and black spots, indicating the use of foreign green materials.The paintbrush is smooth, the composition is complex and not messy, each layer of decoration is separated by strings, which not only highlights the theme pattern, but also increases the level of the picture.

Jingdezhen kiln blue glaze white dragon pattern plate

Element, height 1.1 cm, aperture 16 cm, foot diameter 14 cm.
Fold along, shallow wall, flat bottom.Blue glaze is applied inside and outside the whole body, and there is no glaze on the outer bottom.Pan xin tan ping, in the blue glaze on the ground with white clay plastic paste a vigorous white dragon.The dragon’s neck was thin, with three claws, and its head was high and tumbling.
This plate belongs to high temperature cobalt blue glaze porcelain.Four of these blue-glaze white-dragon plates were published in the Yuan Dynasty. In addition to the collection of the Palace Museum, one was collected by the Deguang Museum in Japan, the Toyo Ceramics Museum in Osaka and the Great Vide Foundation in London.
High temperature cobalt blue glaze porcelain is one of the new varieties of Jingdezhen kiln in Yuan Dynasty.The modelling of the blue glaze ware of Yuan Dynasty has plum vase, Yi (yíe phonograph), Jue, small cup, dish and so on.Decoration methods include tracing gold and pasting dragons with white mud, phoenix, hippocampus and so on.Blue glazes decorated with white dragon patterns are found only in plum bottles and plates.

Jingdezhen kiln blue-and-white glaze with red engravings and carved tin

Element, height 41 cm, aperture 15.5 cm, foot diameter 18.5 cm.

Can straight mouth, short neck, shoulder, drum belly, circle foot, sand bottom without glaze.With a lion’s new umbrella-shaped cover.The fetal body is thin and thick, with fine quality.Blue and white color is rich and bright, glaze inside red slightly dark.Full body blue-and-white glaze with red lines.Canister cover painted green flower lotus leaf, roll grass, back lines a week each.The tank body near the edge of the painted blue-and-white twine pattern, each week rolling grass pattern.The shoulder is painted with pendant cloud head pattern, the cloud head pattern is painted with blue and white lotus, and the cloud head pattern is painted with broken tree peony pattern.Four sides of the abdomen double diamond string beads open light, the opening of the carving stone, peony, chrysanthemum and other four seasons landscape to glaze red painted rocks, flowers, blue and white painted leaves, embossing effect.The underside of the abdomen is decorated with a brocade lotus flower, corresponding to the figure of the head of the cloud on the shoulder.At the bottom of the scroll and deformation of lotus-shaped patterns, lotus-shaped patterns painted upside-down flower patterns.

Jingdezhen kiln glaze red carved rabbit pattern jade pot, spring vase

Element, height 20.5 cm, aperture 6.3 cm, foot 6.8 cm.

The bottle has a thin neck, a drooping abdomen, and a circle of feet.The clear and white glaze is applied to the whole body.The shoulder and abdomen diameter biggest place each has the dark inscriptions chord grain 4, the upper abdomen inscribes a hare to run in the flowers and plants, the small rabbit makes the look back and look like, with the glaze inside red dot, the carving technique is skilled, the knife front is sharp and free, the line is smooth and natural, the image is lifelike.Patterns in the blank at will painted red in the glaze, the formation of red white flowers, enhance the artistic effect of the pattern.The inside of the bottle is covered with glaze red.

The jade pot spring bottle is the Yuan Dynasty Jingdezhen porcelain common instrument type, its variety in addition to the inside glaze red, there are blue and white glaze, malachite green glaze blue and white, and so on.

Jingdezhen kiln, blue-and-white sea water, dragon pattern, plum vase.

Element, height 46.1 cm, aperture 6.2 cm, foot diameter 13.4 cm.

Plum bottle thick fetal bone, small mouth flat, short neck.The bottle is slender and has eight edges.Shoulder decoration, the next week big ruyi cloud head pattern, painting phoenix or kylin through the peony pattern, bottle in the middle of a week painted 4 white dragon, lined with blue and white sea water and flame lines, near foot decorated with a week Ruyi cloud head pattern, inside painted peony leaves.

The sutra says that the mandala begins in the east, ends in the northwest, and is always in all directions, meaning that the dharma is spread all over the surrounding area.Yuan court worship of the Buddha, this instrument, and dragon patterns for decoration, meaning that the emperor Weiga the world.

This is the Yuan Dynasty porcelain in the large-scale wine, fine and white fetal bones, glaze moisture transparent, green color and bright.The blue-and-white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty has a large and full shape, rich and rich patterns, and its composition is rigorous. The traditional pattern of porcelain since the Tang and Song dynasties has been simplified, and the detailed description and the complicated level have formed the artistic style of flowers and flowers.The large blue-and-white cloud-head patterns on the shoulders and near feet of the instruments draw on the patterns of the silk shawls of the Yuan Dynasty.

Longquan Kiln Blue Glaze Paste Four Fish Pattern Washing

Element, height 7.2 cm, aperture 27.6 cm, bottom diameter 24.5 cm.

Wash the mouth to show petal shape, the abdomen is shallow, honest.There is an inner fovea in the center of the outer base.The fetus is thick and heavy.Green glaze is applied inside and outside.The outer bottom of a circular area does not apply glaze, the umbilical core of the application of green glaze.The outer wall has two incised chords.Wash inside with the technique of painting water ripples, lotus patterns, and affixed with a pattern of four fish patterns.