Collection | Appreciation of Qianlong Porcelain in Qing Dynasty at the Palace Museum (3)

East Blue Glaze with Golden Rooster

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 18.3 cm, aperture: 2.3 cm

The flower is cast in the shape of a rooster, head erect, long tail hanging on the ground, on the back of a crank gallbladder bottle, the mouth of the chicken for the flow, bottle mouth for the water injection mouth.Spray the whole body Shi Dong blue glaze, the chicken body is painted with gold color to describe the wings, the bottle body with gold color to describe the banana leaf and the dragon dragon pattern.

The day chicken is a kind of auspicious god bird, the Tang Dynasty famous poet Li Bai in “sleepwalking Tianma Yinliu” in “half the wall sees the sea day, the air smells the sky chicken” sentence.This flower pouring is a court of the Qing Dynasty handed-down utensils, small and exquisite, meticulous description of gold, reflects the royal use of the noble atmosphere.This device can be used not only to water flowers, but also as a furnisher in the temple, practical and ornamental will be ingeniously combined together.

Sautéed Peach Bottle with Gold Carved in Spicy Sauce

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 21.3 cm, aperture: 5.2 cm, foot diameter: 7.2 cm

The body of the bottle is a three-lobed flower-shaped one, with its mouth slightly turned, long neck, round abdomen and round feet.The inner wall of the bottle is made of Shi Song Shi green glaze, and the outer wall is covered with paste glaze, which is painted with gold-colored tapestry.Neck pile of plastic curly branches and leaves and 5 pieces of tender peach, shoulder with ganoderma lucidum.The outer bottom inscribes” the big qing dynasty qianlong year “three lines six character seal book.

The three-leaf shape of this bottle has achieved a multi-level visual sense and three-dimensional effect, avoid the common long-necked bottle slightly dull.Peach paste and ganoderma lucidum from the bottle show that the bottle should be the birthday of Emperor Qianlong.

Golden Blue Glaze Glaze Glaze Glaze Flour-colored flower-and-bird pattern square vase

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height 32.8 cm, aperture 10.2 × 7.9 cm, foot diameter 11.6 × 9.3 cm

The bottle is tetragonal in shape, its mouth is slightly curled, its neck is long and its abdomen is straight.In the bottle Shi Song Shi green glaze.The outside of the bottle is decorated with gold-covered lotus-grain and gold-covered blue glaze. The neck and feet are decorated with gold-painted leaves for a week.On each side of the bottle, there is a rectangle with white and open light, in which the pictures of mandarin duck lotus, peach-blossom bird, andromeda mantis and peony chrysanthemum are painted in pink.In the bottle foot Shi Song Shi Shi green glaze, the outer base alum red color seal book “big Qing Qianlong year” three lines six words.

The shape of this machine is square angle, the molding process is complex, the burning difficulty is quite big.The pattern in the open light is light and elegant, which is in sharp contrast with the gold painted on the jilai blue glaze.

Blue Glaze Hollowed-out Powder Decoration Gold Kuei Phoenix Ribbon Set Bottle

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 32.8 cm, aperture: 7.2 cm, foot diameter:11 cm

The bottle is a gallbladder type, slender neck, hanging abdomen, circling feet.In the bottle Shi Song Shi green glaze.The outer wall of the bottle is decorated with yellow ground rolling track and pink flower pattern. The neck is decorated with blue ground rolling track and the abdomen is decorated with blue glaze and hollowed with gold and phoenix grain.A small bottle is attached to the bottle.The foot Shi Song Shi green glaze, outside the center of the white square office Qinghua seal book “Da Qing Qianlong year” six words three lines.

This bottle first in the high temperature will be blue glaze, white glaze one-time firing, finish painting gold and then after low-temperature firing, reflecting the high level of ceramic technology at that time.

Purple Rolled Roller Paint with Gold and Tokelau Cup

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 28cm, aperture: 7.8cm, foot diameter: 7.9cm

The cup is flat round mouth, two columns, the top of the column is round ball, there is tail flow, deep abdomen, lower abdomen arc, small flat bottom, three feet out.In the middle of the tray, there are raised mountain-shaped pillars, the three grooves of the pillars just support the three feet, the bottom of the disk three long arc-shaped feet.

The exterior of the cup and the tray are covered with rouge and purple glaze. The inner wall of the cup and the bottom of the tray are all blue ground.Dracula and tray decoration style the same, with the raceway process to decorate the bottom lines.In order to divide the main body pattern into several parts: the cup body is painted with gold dragon pattern, the upper part of the foot is painted with animal surface pattern, and the lower part is painted with a variety of cicada pattern.The mountain-shaped pillars are painted with blue-and-white river cliffs and peach patterns, and the inside edge and outer wall of the plate are painted with dragon patterns, which echo the decoration of the trophy.The bottom center leaves the white book “Qianlong year” four-character seal book.

This jubilee cup is modeled after three generations of bronze ware.The production and use of porcelain jubilee cup as a sacrificial vessel is a common practice in the three dynasties of the Yuan and Qing Dynasties. This kind of cup with tray is the earliest known one in the archives of the Qianlong Dynasty and the Palace of Qing Dynasty. One for the rouge purple, one for the yellow ground, the raceway brocade lines and the Kui lines, the production are extremely fine.There are also blue-and-white objects, similar objects in the Guangxu Dynasty also have imitation.

Stonefoil with figure pattern of yellow ground gold flower powder color

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 6cm, aperture: 6.8 × 2.5cm, foot diameter: 7.4 × 3cm

The flint sac has a rectangular shape, a female mouth, a cover, a body and the side of the bottom foot with a perforated band, a yellow line, and a bead of rice and coral on the rope.In the instrument Shi Song Shi green glaze.Surrounding the outer wall, it is decorated with golden rolls, flowers and twining patterns.On both sides of the body, there are rectangular open-light, open-light inside painted Western characters” Jinbao map. “Shishisong stone green glaze, the middle of the book red-colored “big qing qianlong year” six-character seal book horizontal.

The flint bag is a device for holding a fire-sickle and is worn over the body.The appearance of this device is very similar to metal products, the effect of imitation gold and silver ware, ingenious design, small and exquisite, exquisite production, is not only a practical device, but also a fine art for viewing.

Yellow ground blue-and-white twig-twined heart-changing bottle

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height 19.8 cm, aperture 9.2 cm, foot diameter 11.3 cm

Bottle skimming mouth, short neck, flat round abdomen, circumferential feet.Inner wall stony green glaze.The outer wall is decorated with yellow green flowers.Draw the grass grain at the bottom of the mouth, the banana leaf and dot at the neck, the back line at the shoulder and the cloud head at Ruyi.The upper and lower abdomen draws the tangled branch lotus pattern, the middle is the hollowed-out back cover lotus” T “pattern.A small bottle is enclosed in the bottle, which is connected with the outside of the bottle and can be rotated.The small bottle with purple red color for the ground, painted a plum tree.In the circle Shi Song Shi green glaze, the Department of Qinghua seal book “Daqing Qianlong year” three lines of six-character.

This bottle is hollowed-out in the middle, not connected to each other up and down, can be used for small movement, but can not be opened.This craft is called “Jiaotai”, Meaning “One up and down, The world is peaceful, All the best.” Through the investigation of Tang Ying play, It can be seen Qianlong eight years (1743) Inspector Tang Ying and Co-created to urge the general of the old Ge had “New proposed the sandwich exquisite Jiaotai bottle and a total of nine pieces, I would like to submit to Beijing.”This heart-to-heart bottle should be one of them.Tang Ying made it on his own in order to please Emperor Qianlong.

Conversion bottle is the innovation variety of Qianlong, its shape is novel and wonderful, the technical level is extremely excellent.

powder enamel letter-type gold bell cage

Height:14 cm, length: 20.5 cm, width: 11.7 cm

Cage rectangular, shaped like tapestry book set in the thread-bound letter.On the letter is a double-arched, rectangular stone seal and a porcelain round ink box.Under the seal there is a recumbent groove and a hollow letter box, through which can be fed to the golden bell and other songworms.There are cherries, peanuts, lotus seeds, melon seeds, such as raw porcelain fruit, the bottom of the box has 5 holes to communicate with the box, the lid can be removed after the cage can hear the sound of insects.The letter-type golden bell cage is not only a writing room furnishings, but also a small cage for feeding songworms.

Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory in Qianlong of Qing Dynasty often used powder enamel to decorate porcelain handicrafts, this letter-type golden bell cage is one of the best works.

The inscription on the letter-type Jinzhong cage is written in Chinese calligraphy “Leshan Tang”, which is made in imitation of “Yue Shan Tang Jin Ji”.

imitation bamboos with multicolored flowers and birds pattern ink bed

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height 2.5 cm, length 8.6 cm, width 4.3 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō

Ink bed like bamboo bed, bed and four-foot application of light green glaze, decorated with brown and yellow spots, quite like mottled young bamboo.The bed is decorated with white and multicolored mountain stone flowers and birds pattern, the back of the book red color “Jiuwan Mountain House” four-character seal book.

This beautiful new shape, pleasing to the eye, soft and elegant glaze, as if the body exudes a natural fragrance, is a full charm of porcelain room appliances.

powder enamel four-season landscape cover can

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 19.2cm, diameter: 7cm, foot diameter: 7cm

The opening of the jar is introverted, the shoulder is enlarged, and the bottom of the shoulder is convergent, and the circle is full.Canister with two sections of tower-type hollowed-out gold tracing cover.Can body light pink on the ground painted tangled branches lotus lines, around the abdomen round open light, painting the four seasons landscape character landscape.Douban green glaze inside the circle, the outer base of the green “Qing Qianlong year” six-character three-line seal.

In the Qing Dynasty porcelain pattern to open the light method to use more, in the powder enamel porcelain is very common.Most of the Qianlong Dynasty used four round open light, and flexible, the theme is prominent.This pot has a novel shape and beautiful color, especially the hollowed-out cover, which is exquisite and exquisite.The landscape and scenery painted in Kaiguang are far-reaching in artistic conception, pleasant in scenery and exquisite in pen meaning, which shows the high level of porcelain painting in Qianlong Dynasty.