Museum of the Palace Museum: Appreciation of Yongzheng Doucai Porcelain


Ducai tapestry plum vase, Qingyong Zheng, high 657.5 px, caliber 137.5 px, foot diameter 297.5 px.
Bottle round lips, small mouth, short straight neck, shoulder, below the shoulders gradually converged, close foot outside, circle foot.Full-body colorful decoration.Neck draw 4 group flower pattern, shoulder adorn hook lotus pattern, abdomen take 6 group fold branch flower grain as the motif embellishment, up and down with deformation hook lotus pattern is separated.The tibia (j ‘ng) part draws the tangled branch precious phase flower pattern.White glaze is applied inside the circle foot.Outside the Department of Green Flower, “Daqing Yongzheng-year” double line six-character, the outer blue and white double coil.
Yongzheng Doucai porcelain represents the highest level of the Qing Dynasty, because of the introduction of powder and gold color in the picture, resulting in the formation of a new process of fighting color plus gold and fighting color plus powder enamel, which is a major breakthrough in the combination of blue and white under glaze and multicolored glaze in Ming Dynasty.It can also be seen that there are precious rouge colors in the glaze besides red, yellow and green, making the painted flowers more rich and beautiful.

Doucai twining three-foot washing pattern, Qingyongzheng, high 135 px, diameter 437.5 px, foot distance 337.5 px.
Wash straight mouth, shallow wall, flat bottom, bearing three feet.There are 9 small nail marks on the outsole.White glaze applied inside, the outer wall of the decoration decorated with tapestry tangled branches of lotus.All three feet on the drawing of the fold-branch chrysanthemum pattern.The outer edge and near bottom are painted two blue-and-white string lines.White glaze on the outer bottom, the Department of the Qing Dynasty, “Daqing Yongzheng year,” three lines of six-character.

Doucai hook lotus chrysanthemum flap, height 642.5 px, diameter 550 px, foot diameter 390 px.
Respecting mouth, round abdomen, high circle outside the foot.The whole device is used as a daisy valve.The shape of the instrument is neat and dignified, the outside of the device is painted with colorful vertical lotus pattern, the composition is novel and unique, the color is light and elegant, the base blue and white double circle inside the regular script “Daming Cheng Hua year” six-character money.
Yongzheng Doucai is made by imitation of Ming-hua Doucai, which is a step forward in decorative layout, color matching and filling process.Its outstanding performance, first, has successfully imitated the Chenghua colorful chicken cup, the sky character jar and other objects, some have reached the disorderly true degree;Second, in Yongzheng period, the popularity of powder enamel, breaking through the traditional process of simple under-glaze blue and glaze powder, under-glaze blue and on-glaze powder, so that more fresh and elegant Doucai.With flower and bird characters as the decoration subject matter Yongzheng Doucai, under the glaze blue and white hook line, on the glaze fills the various colors, all fills the color accurate, does not have the edge line, and pursues the color change, fills in a flower with the purple red yellow green green and so on many kinds of colors, reflects Yongzheng Doucai production craft has been quite mature.