Ceramics | Appreciation of Pottery and Porcelain in the Palace Museum of Beijing. Qing Dynasty Porcelain (1

Colorful farming and weaving picture bottle, height 46.5cm, diameter 12.3cm, foot diameter 13.2cm
Bottle wash mouth, straight neck, folded shoulder, straight abdomen, circle foot, shaped like the wooden mallet used for ramming clothes, so commonly known as” mallet bottle “.The bottle is painted with 4 sets of embellishment.The mouth is painted with green ink line for a week.Neck picture through Jingshan water figure pattern.The shoulder painting plum blossom brocade and 4 open light, open light inside painting piano painting and calligraphy.The body of the bottle is decorated with five colored paintings of silkworms and two sets of motifs, each of which is painted by 6 people working outside.
The poems on the map are as follows:
The moon passed the wall like the wind blowing its leaves.Tian family when this time, the village chongsheng answer.
The line smells the cooking jade fragrance, meets the flowing spoon slippery.More water wheel, the ground dawns.
The work process of weaving and rearing silkworms is described in the poem of the foil-dividing diagram.
Three sleep three more, full leaf silkworm bureau from.Many splits of foil, sooner or later covered the room.
Suburbs cross the new rain, Sangtuo add green.The bamboo is happy to sing, ashamed to eat.
The pattern space is decorated with pine willow and June star.There are two circles of green flowers in the foot.
Kangxi porcelain reflects the theme of agriculture more decorative, to a certain extent reflects the court’s emphasis on agriculture.This vase pattern is drawn from two pieces in Kangxi’s ploughing and weaving picture. The scene is real and vivid. The artifact is exquisite. It is an artistic masterpiece of realistic style in Kangxi’s five-color apparatus.

Black-and-white bamboo joint arm rest, Qing Kangxi, 17.2cm long, 6.9cm wide.Kiyomiya Ozō
The arms are rectangular, the upper and lower parts are wide, the white glaze is applied, and the ink-colored bamboo leaves are painted between the front and the upper and lower pieces of bamboo.The upper end of the picture is covered with a bulge of bamboo.
Arm rest also known as” secret “, bamboo most, but porcelain arm rest more characteristic.This instrument is a rare work in stationery, the shape of bamboo joint is realistic, the ink color is thick, the brush is simple, the literati temperament is very thick, it is the representative work of Qing Kang Xi Dynasty ink color porcelain.

Holly glaze multicolored plus gold flower and bird pattern large flowerpot, Qing Kang Xi, height 33.3 cm, diameter 61 cm, foot 39cm
The flowerpot is round, folding, deep abdomen, skimming feet, and has a round seepage hole at the bottom center.The flowerpot takes the holly glaze as the ground, the outer wall general body portrays the multicolored plus the gold flower bird decoration.Peach tree branches dry green strength, flowers and leaves luxuriant, birds perched on the branches, baking out the mood of the flowers and birds.The edges of the mouth are painted with the lines of cranes and peach trees, and the edges of the feet are embellished with the parts of the peach trees and the flowers and leaves, which correspond with the embellishment of the basin.The mouth goes down with the blue and white material from the right to the left horizontal book “big qing kang xi year” six character regular script.
This flowerpot is well-organized, the composition is well-developed, the brush is precise and sophisticated, the color is strong and gorgeous, which reflects the high level of technology.

Colorful December flower-grain cup, clear Kangxi, height 4.9 cm, diameter 6.7 cm, foot diameter 2.6 cm
The cup is closed and the circle is full.Outsole green flower double circle inside “big qing kang xi year” double line six-character regular script.The cup tyre is light and thin, the color is fresh and elegant, the glaze is fine and white.In December, a set of 12 flower grooves is used to describe the flowers representing each month according to the 12 months of the year.The following are:
January daffodils spring breeze day to clear the book, the moon Lingbo on the embankment.
February magnolia gold jade calyx with spring cold, yellow flowers in several.
March peach blossom breeze flower new society swallow, the season old spring thick.
April peony xiaoyanyuan gold palm dew, evening fragrance deep lead jade hall wind.
May pomegranate flowers curtain, fragrant wind powder wall cover.
June lotus root is mud jade, heart to dew beads.
In July orchid wide hall light hair fragrant, high platform far blow sing.
August sweet-scented osmanthus branches infinite month, flowers full of natural autumn.
September chrysanthemum thousand years white clothes wine, lifetime green lady fragrance.
October hibiscus fragrance and rain, good color out of the fine smoke.
November season does not follow a thousand species, alone a year red.
In December, the plum blossom is beautiful and the fragrance is full of wind.
After each poem, there is a square seal book “appreciate” the word.The combination of poetry, book, painting and printing to decorate porcelain reflects the ancient people’s artistic creation thought of combining various artistic forms and drawing lessons from each other.In December, the design of the flower-grain cup is ingenious and the style is novel, which makes you feel the charm of the beauty while tasting the wine.

Colorful bamboo pen holder, Qing Kangxi, high 14.2cm, diameter 18.4cm, bottom diameter 18cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
Pencil straight mouth, barrel-shaped body, wall-shaped bottom.On one side of the outer wall of the utensil is painted two branches of bamboo, and the new shoots are visible through the luxuriant bamboo leaves, and they are full of vitality.Bamboo branches in the black outside and run to green color and ochre color a little, the style is vigorous and handsome.On the other side of the line book poem: “Wanlong finally, once left the color phoenix Yin”, the last of the red-colored Yangwen seal book “West” “Garden” Lianzhu Fang Yin.Glaze on the bottom, no money.
The decorative picture of the porcelain of the official kiln of the Qing Kangxi Dynasty has many hand-written by famous painters at that time.This pen tube painted clusters of bamboo clear and straight, thin and powerful, deep and shallow appropriate, rich in layers, such as painting on white paper Chinese painting is generally vivid and delicate, not ordinary craftsmen can do.In addition, the black ink is as bright as paint, smooth and rich, and pure white of the bottom glaze constitute a strong color contrast, giving the pen tube different from the ordinary aesthetic interest.This ink-colored pen holder combines poetry, books, painting and printing into one, which is a fine article in the five-colored porcelain stationery of Kangxi Dynasty.

Multi-colored flower and bird pattern flower pot, Qingkangxi,32 cm high, diameter 51.5 cm, bottom diameter 35.6 cm
Flower pot body is eight-sided square, folded edge, deep abdomen, heavy bottom.The body is decorated with multicolored gold.Four main sides of the basin depict the flower and bird patterns, respectively, the magnolia ribbon, lotus egret, peony tit, plum bamboo magpie;Four narrow sides all depict ganoderma lucidum and bamboo.Peach tree fold along the description, cloud and crane pattern, the bottom edge of the painted eight hanging clouds, hanging clouds inside each painted fold-branch pattern.The mouth follows below with black color from right to left horizontal book “big Qing Kang Xi year” six character regular script money.
This flowerpot is usually used as an external socket for a general flowerpot, so it is beautifully decorated.The design painting is exquisite, the painting gold decoration makes the picture appear noble and elegant.

Trichosanthes in sky blue glaze, 22.5 cm in height, 11.9 cm in diameter and 11.7 cm in foot diameter.
The mouth is small, mouth, foot diameter is similar, round abdomen, circle foot outside turn, neck bilateral symmetry place chi ear.In the white glaze, the outer application sky blue glaze, the through body adorns the antique bronze article decoration Kuilong, the Kui phoenix, the gourmet glutinous, the return line and so on.White glaze blue-and-white script “Daqing Kangxi year” three lines six words.
This rich, dignified shape, glaze crystal light elegant, reflecting Kangxi porcelain production technology has been quite mature.

Langyao Red Glaze Guanyin Zun, height 45.5 cm, diameter 12.7 cm, foot diameter 14.4 cm
Respected mouth, short neck, round shoulder, long closed abdomen, close foot outside, circle foot.Red glaze, inner and bottom apple green glaze.
This article is simple in style, elegant in shape, red and bright in glaze, is a typical work of red glaze porcelain of Kangxi Shi Lang kiln.

Malachite Green Glory, 27.5 cm in height, 19.9 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in full diameter.
Gu luxury mouth out of turn, neck slender, long shin, near foot outside turn, circle foot, no money.Through body application malachite green glaze, open fine grain, neck, abdomen and ventral tibia at the junction of the two chords.
This antique bronze ware has simple decoration, green and emerald glaze and strong glass texture. It is an exquisite furnishing porcelain.

Cowpea red glaze chrysanthemum vase with a height of 20.3 cm, a diameter of 5.2 cm and a foot diameter of 4.2 cm.
The bottle is skimmed, with a slender neck, a round shoulder, and a rounded foot under the shoulder.Because near the bottom of a protruding round slender chrysanthemum pattern, so called chrysanthemum bottle.The red glaze of cowpea was applied to the whole body, and the glaze was moist and elegant, showing the pink color of deep and light change, with a little green moss in it.The mouth is lined with white fetal bones.At the bottom of the white glaze, the Department of Green Flower “Daqing Kangxi year” six words.
The red glaze was fired in high temperature reducing atmosphere with copper oxide as colorant, which first appeared in Changsha kiln in Tang Dynasty.Since the Yuan Dynasty, red glaze was successfully fired.In the Ming Dynasty, Yongle and Xuande made the famous” ruby red “glaze.Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, in succession to the previous generation on the basis of continuous innovation, has been fired Langyao red, cowpea red and ji-hong.Among them, it is the most difficult to burn cowpea red, there are thousands of changes in the elegant glaze, people praise it “green as the first birthday of the water, red like the morning glow desire to go up”.
Cowpea red glaze because of burning difficult, so basically no large pieces of utensils, mainly bottles, too white Zun, small pot, washing and other stationery.This chrysanthemum vase with bright and beautiful glaze is a rare work of cowpea red glaze.

Light green glaze dark flower chi cup plate, Qing Kangxi, cup height 3.5cm, diameter 5.7cm, foot diameter 2.4cm;Disc height: 1.6cm, aperture: 12.7cm, foot diameter: 10cm
A set of cups and saucers.The cup mouth is slight, deep abdomen, circle foot, bilateral symmetry place halberd ear.In the white glaze, applied light green glaze.The outer wall inscribes four chi tigers.Foreign department green flower “big qing kongxi year” double line six-character script.Disc cut, shallow arc wall, circle foot.The inner bottom of the dish has a one-week bulge, and the cup can be jammed when the cup is placed.The heart of the dish is inscribed with dragon patterns of the two chi.The foot is applied white glaze, the outer bottom also has green flower “big Qing Kangxi year” double line six character regular script.
Kangxi porcelain medium cup and dish sets of equipment has long been well known, the most typical is yellow glaze and light green glaze.This set of saucer is small and elegant, this kind of light green glaze was produced with the introduction of enamel from Europe when Kangxi was painting.

Langyao red glaze phoenix tail, Qing Kangxi, height 45.5 cm, diameter 12.7 cm, foot diameter 14.4 cm
The mouth is slightly open, short neck, under the shoulder gradually, shin out, circle foot.No money.Inner wall white glaze, outer wall Tongshilang red glaze kiln, white glaze on the base of the foot, slightly yellowing and open fine grain, commonly known as” rice soup bottom “.
Fengwei Zun, also known as Guanyin Zun, was a popular style of porcelain during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty.Langyao red glaze is a kind of high-temperature copper-red glaze, which is named for the burning in the kiln of the Royal Kiln Factory, which is overseen by the governor of Jiangxi Province.It is one of the management systems and characteristics of Imperial Kiln Factory in the early Qing Dynasty, which is the extension of the old system of Ming Dynasty.Langyao red glaze in high temperature flow large, objects along the edge of the glaze because of thin and natural white, thick glaze at the bottom of the thick color even the glaze solidified into a heap.Because the red glaze of Shilang kiln has the method of cutting the heel of the outer foot on the treatment of the base, so in general, the glaze layer of red glaze will not flow to the foot of the organ or adhere to the pad, thus forming a unique style, there is” off the foot of the foot not flow “said.The body of this dignified upright, glaze bright red rich like the first condensed cow blood, and has a glass luster, brilliant.

Langyao red glaze through straight bottle, Qing Kangxi, height 20.8 cm, diameter 6.1 cm, foot diameter 9.1 cm
The bottle has a straight mouth, a long neck, a drooping abdomen, and an outer circle of feet.Each side of the foot external wall has a rectangular perforation, can wear tie-rope.The lacing on the container is the traditional method of picking up the articles without beams, ties and wrenches. It is easy to disassemble and very practical. It can also make the objects fixed in the position and can not be damaged.Ming Gao Lian “Zunsheng Bajian” in the record: “Old Goku bottle, under the two-eye, for wearing leather, tied to a few feet, not to lose.”
The universal application of red glaze, because the glaze in the high-temperature firing flow and make the mouth exposed white matrix, the bottom of the red glaze condensation, thick glaze.Outer bottom Shi Bai Glaze and engraved Qianlong imperial poem: “After the rain after the Ji Xia red, out of the fire also add micro-work. The world is not made of cinnabar, the Western gemstones difficult to be the same. The flowers should be arranged to make the flower shame, compared to laugh at painting is empty. A few of the most ancient, who knew that the Emperor Hude. Qianlong Yi was not in the first month of the imperial title. “This shows the love and admiration of Emperor Qianlong for Langyao’s red porcelain.

Sky Blue Glory, Qing Kangxi,18.1 cm high, 10.6 cm in diameter, 5.9 cm in foot diameter.
Blossoms outside the mouth, shaped like a trumpet-shaped, thin neck, drum-shaped waist, shank outside, shallow circle foot.The body applies the sky blue glaze, the waist decorates the convex breast nail, up and down each adorns three raised chord lines.Outsole white glaze, the Department of Green “big Qing Kangxi year” three lines of six-character script.
The porcelain-made vase was first found in Yuan Dynasty, and most of them were made by burning in Ming and Qing Dynasties.In addition to Jingdezhen burning, there are Longquan kiln, Dehua kiln and other local products.The main varieties are blue and white, multicolored, color glaze and so on, mostly furnishings.This flower-and-glass glaze is neat and tasteful.

Holly glaze dark flower sea water dragon radish Zun, Qing Kangxi, height 19.2cm, diameter 3.3cm, foot diameter 3.5cm
Thumb mouth, slender neck, shoulder, deep abdomen, outer abdomen micro arc, thin bottom, plantar fovea.Ilex glaze applied to the body.At the lower part of the neck, there are three lines of string, from the middle of the abdomen to the foot of Chi Long, between which are banded moire and sea water.Under the book green flower “big qing kongxi year” three lines of six-character regular script.

Cowpea Red Glaze Wash, Qingkangxi, 3.9 cm high, aperture 8.2 cm, foot diameter 7.5 cm
Gather your mouth and circle your feet.In the white glaze, the external application cowpea red glaze, has the green moss spot.Foot Shi Bai glaze, the book Qinghua “Daqing Kangxi year” three lines of six-character regular script.
Cowpea red glaze is a kind of high-temperature and variable color glaze. It is fired by reducing flame. It is a precious variety of copper-red glaze in Qing Kangxi period.Its basic hue is like the red of mature cowpea, hence its name.Finished products have high and low points, high-quality said “Dahongpao”;A little later, the glaze color contains different shades of spots and green moss, also known as” beauty drunk “or” beauty Ji “;The next product is dark brown, called “donkey liver”, “horse lung”.Cowpea is very difficult to boil, can only be produced in small quantities by the official kiln, only for the use of the imperial court, and no large objects, the highest is only 20 cm.

Cowpea Red Glazed Brush Bottle, Qing Kangxi, Height 19.8cm, Diameter 3.2cm, Foot diameter 4cm
Bottle mouth, long neck, wide shoulder, long abdomen, shallow circle foot.Outer wall application cowpea red glaze, clear body, only in the neck decorated with several lines of convex string, string place because of the glaze layer is thin white fetus.The inner wall is covered with transparent glaze, slightly greenish.Outer bottom Shi Bai glaze, the book Qinghua “Daqing Kangxi year” three lines of six-character regular script.
The copper-red glaze on the outer wall of the red glaze of cowpea is blown several times and then fired at high temperature.Because the glaze contains trace of copper, in the firing process will result in oxidation and green spots, commonly known as moss, doped in red glaze color.Kangxi innovation of the radish bottle with cowpea red glaze is the best, this vase of uniform and elegant glaze, only in the mouth show green spots, people love.

Four-fish pattern water cover in glaze, 8.3 cm high,6 cm in diameter and 5.3 cm in foot diameter.
He had a mouth, a round belly, and a crouching foot, like a bowl.Apply green and white glaze inside and outside, without glaze along the foot.The outer wall is decorated with the red fish in the glaze, and the posture is different.Outside the bottom of the heart there is a blue-and-white script, “Daming Xuande year,” two-line six-character money.
Inner glaze red is one of the important varieties of Kangxi porcelain.During the Kangxi period, there were both the original and the former versions of porcelain.This piece of water-style, decorative characteristics of the Kangxi period, just fell in the Ming Dynasty Xuande just.

Blue and white baker, 23.2 cm in height, 4.9 cm in diameter and 8.9 cm in support diameter.
The ampulla is shaped like a tower, with a lid on its mouth and flow, and is composed of a tower body shape, with a straight neck and a meandering flow connected to the abdomen and the abdomen.Each part of the pot body was decorated with a small nail pattern for 16 weeks.Tonnet applied white glaze, no recognition.
This pot modelling imitates the Tibetan silver cardia pot to burn from, the manufacture is exquisite, the novelty is unique, the blue and white hair color is rich and colorful.The decorative pattern has the strong minority nationality art style, is the fine article in the porcelain.

Blue and white landscape figure cover can, the height is 23.7 cm, the diameter is 23.1 cm, the foot diameter is 14.2 cm.
Can straight mouth, short neck, full circle.The cover is flat, slightly folded, with a ring grip.Canister body decoration green landscape figure pattern.Green flowers beautiful green, fresh and bright, with the artistic effect of ink painting.The picture is well-organized and three-dimensional.The literati in the painting, the old man alone fishing image vivid.It is the representative of the folk blue-and-white porcelain of Kangxi Dynasty.

Blue and white pheasant peony pattern phoenix tail Zun, height 46 cm, aperture 21.5 cm, foot diameter 13.7 cm
Zun open out, long neck, shoulder, belly, circle foot, commonly known as” phoenix tail. “Tongti green color and bright green.There are pheasant, peony and mountain stone in the upper and lower layers. The craftsmen use the technique of dividing water to show the layers of blue and white colors and patterns, and the rhythm and beauty of fresh and bright color order changes, which make the porcelain painting and decoration obtain the artistic effect of ink and wash painting.

Blue and white dragon pattern bottle, height 23.5cm, diameter 4cm, foot 6.1cm
The bottle mouth is slight, short neck, round shoulder, below shoulder gradually close, circle foot.The bottle body draws the dragon 2, spreads the tooth to dance the claw, the dragon body curls, the mighty fierce.The foot has the blue-and-white script “Daqing Kangxi year” six-character funds.
This bottle has a straight and straight shape, which is a good work in the Qinghua of Kangxi official kiln.

Imitation into a green flower tuan phoenix cup, Qing Kangxi, aperture 9 cm, foot diameter 3.9 cm, height 13 cm
The cup is open, the body is thin and long, circle foot.The cup body draws three group phoenix lines, near the bottom draws the reef sea water lines.Foot green flower double circle inside the book “daming into a new year” three lines of six-character regular script.
This cup is a fine imitation of the Qing Kangxi porcelain, fine quality of the fetus, decorative composition of dense, blue and white elegant quiet, highly decorative.

Blue and white flower bird pattern bowl, Qing Kang Xi, 7.8 cm high, diameter 15.3 cm, full diameter 7.2 cm
Bowl pier type, open, deep abdomen, circle foot.There are two string lines along the mouth and the foot wall, and the two-line six-character regular script for the two-line book “Daqing Kangxi” in the bottom of the double circle.
The outer wall of the bowl is decorated with blue and white flowers, painted with two pheasants and two swallows, lined with rocks, peonies and magnolia.A pair of pheasants stood on the rocks and looked out over them.Twin swallows fly up and down, very dynamic.The rocks are depicted in blue and white, and the water separation method is used to represent yin and yang to the back.Peony flowers with more colors, red, yellow, green, lilac and other colors, colorful and gorgeous.This adornment theme implies” jade hall is rich “,” happy report spring comes”.

Sprinkle blue glaze tracing gold flower pattern with cover bucket, Qing Kangxi, height 6.2cm, diameter 3cm, foot 3.3cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
Bucket cover, two parts of the device, all sprinkled with blue glaze for the ground, painted gold for decoration.Fold along, flat-bottomed;Orbital opening, straight neck, oblate abdomen, circled feet.The top of the cover is painted with gold-painted patterns, the crease of the cover and the edge of the mouth of the instrument are painted with a roll of grass grain for a week, and the corresponding groove is left, the neck of the instrument is decorated with Ruyi head and dot beads, and the abdomen is drawn with 4 groups of flower patterns.There is no such thing as white glaze in the foot.
Flattery is the paste in the room, covered to prevent rodent theft.The shape of this instrument is stable and generous, the tone is elegant, painted gold decoration shows the royal style of wealth, is the palace of special-purpose instruments.

Duco-color Goulian chrysanthemum flap, 25.7 cm high,22 cm in diameter, 15.6 cm in foot diameter
Respecting mouth, round abdomen, high circle outside the foot.The whole device is used as a daisy valve.The shape of the instrument is neat and dignified, the outside of the device is painted with colorful vertical lotus pattern, the composition is novel and unique, the color is light and elegant, the base blue and white double circle inside the regular script “Daming Cheng Hua year” six-character money.
Yongzheng Doucai is made by imitation of Ming-hua Doucai, which is a step forward in decorative layout, color matching and filling process.Its outstanding performance, first, has successfully imitated the Chenghua colorful chicken cup, the sky character jar and other objects, some have reached the disorderly true degree;Second, in Yongzheng period, the popularity of powder enamel, breaking through the traditional process of simple under-glaze blue and glaze powder, under-glaze blue and on-glaze powder, so that more fresh and elegant Doucai.With flower and bird characters as the decoration subject matter Yongzheng Doucai, under the glaze blue and white hook line, on the glaze fills the various colors, all fills the color accurate, does not have the edge line, and pursues the color change, fills in a flower with the purple red yellow green green and so on many kinds of colors, reflects Yongzheng Doucai production craft has been quite mature.

A butterfly-shaped cover can with a height of 10.4cm, a diameter of 5cm and a foot diameter of 5.4cm.
Canister straight mouth, abundant shoulder, thin bottom, circle foot.The tank body theme decoration is divided into two lines each four flowers, staggered arrangement.The top half of the flower is a butterfly, the lower half of the chrysanthemum 2 and branches and leaves.Drawn the lotus lines between the tuanhua.The shoulders and feet respectively draw blue-and-white sea water lines a week, on which painted 8 flowers of different colors.In the middle of the cover, a mass of flowers was painted, and the wall was decorated with four lotus flowers.The foundation foot green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six characters money.
The pattern of porcelain group was first seen in the Sui Dynasty, the Song Linru kiln celadon carving, Yin tuanhua more, Ming Xuande, Chenghua, Longqing three-dynasty blue and white porcelain and Qing Kangxi, Yong Zheng, Qianlong Dynasty porcelain tuanhua are very popular.
Chenghua Doucai with fine workmanship, small exquisite, and rare handed-down products for the world’s precious.After the Qing Dynasty Kangxi, all the official kilns had the works of imitation into colorful duzhou.This cover pot is one of the representative works of Yongzheng Guan Kiln’s imitation into color, its shape, embryo glaze and pattern are copied according to the true substance of Chenghua, which reflects the high development of the porcelain craft of Yongzheng’s time-making.

Duct pattern can, 17.2 cm high,8.4 cm in diameter and 7.8 cm in foot diameter.
Can straight mouth, slightly open, short neck, round shoulder, thin under the shoulder, circle foot.The outside of the jar is full of irregular flowers, commonly known as ball-and-ball flower decoration.Glaze the pot inside and outside.There is no understanding in the bottom.
Since the Ming Dynasty, Doucai porcelain has been further developed and improved in the Qing Dynasty.Yongzheng when the introduction of enamel and gold color, forming a color plus gold, color plus enamel color of the new technology, in the original red, yellow, green, purple, ochre color, and added pink, rouge, lotus, rose, lake green and other colors, more magnificent, Beautiful and beautiful.

Dipper colorful cloud dragon pattern cover can, Qing Yong Zheng, the height of 10.4 cm, diameter 5.7 cm, full diameter 7.8 cm
Can small mouth, low straight neck, shoulder, upper abdomen round drum, lower abdomen obliquely, the bottom concave into a circle foot, with cover.Cover surface slightly radian, straight wall, face decorated with a blue-and-white flying dragon, wall painted clouds.The abdomen is decorated with two green flowers, three claw flying dragon, between the green cloud, shoulder, shin was yellow, red, green color, respectively, painting the lotus leaf pattern, the bottom blue and white double ring inside the book “Daqing Yongzheng year” double line six-character script.
This pot modelling imitates to become the Hua Doucai “the sky” the word pot, the regulation is dignified.The picture of Feilong is vivid and dynamic. The color is mainly green under the glaze and green on the glaze. It is an innovative work of Imperial Kiln in Yongzheng period.

Ducai Ruyi garlic bottle, Qingyongzheng,26 cm high, diameter 5.2 cm, foot diameter 11.8 cm
The mouth of the bottle is garlic-shaped, neck, shoulder, round abdomen, circle foot, mouth, shoulder symmetry placed Ruyi ear.The outside of the bottle is decorated with full-body fighting colors.The edge of the mouth is painted with a ruffle, and the garlic is painted with a fold of flowers.The neck is rimmed with three layers of embellishment, followed by curly grass, flowers and banana leaves.On shoulder and shin respectively draw Ruyi cloud grain and deformation lotus petal grain.The abdomen draws six groups to fold the branch flower grain, between with the hook lotus grain.Outsole green flower double circle inside green flower “big qing yongzheng year” double line six-character script.
Under the glaze, the bottle is covered with carmine, antimony yellow, water green, blue, purple and other colors of powder enamel.It is the creation of the Yongzheng period to replace the traditional five colors with powder enamel

Doucai twined plum vase, Qingyong Zheng, 26.3 cm high, diameter 5.5 cm, foot diameter 11.9 cm
Bottle convex round lips, small mouth, short straight neck, abundant shoulder, upper abdomen round drum, lower abdomen inner arc, foot out of turn, plantar concave into a circle foot.Bottle body decoration bucket color flower pattern, neck painting 4 groups of flower pattern, shoulder decoration hook lotus pattern, abdomen with 6 groups of folded flowers as the theme of decoration, up and down with deformation hook lotus, tibia painting tangled flowers.The bottom green flower double circle inside book “big qing yongzheng year” double line six character regular script.
Yongzheng Doucai represents the highest level of the Qing Dynasty, which introduced powder and gold, thus forming a new process of fighting with gold and fighting with powder, which is a major breakthrough in the Ming Dynasty.It can also be seen that there are precious rouge colors in the glaze besides red, yellow and green, which make the painted flowers more beautiful and form a variety of decorative patterns.

Blue color landscape bowl, height 5.5 cm, aperture 10 cm, foot diameter 3.9 cm
The bowl has a deep belly and a round foot.The inner wall is not decorated, one side of the outer wall is painted with blue color landscape, the other side is painted with ink seven-character poems two sentences: “the same color of the south mountains, green sea green boundless”.One seal was printed on the upper part of the poem. The lower part of the poem was printed on the seal book of “Shougu”. The lower part was printed on the seal book of “Shan Gao” and “Shui Chang” in the upper part of the poem.
The painting of this bowl is very delicate, in the history of the Yongzheng enamel porcelain among the top.In particular, the bowl wall with blue color painting, the picture of the towering Fengling, pine and cypress green, fishing sails point, landscape color, profound artistic conception.The space above the river water inscribes seven words poem two sentences, poetic and pictorial meaning, mutually complement each other.
As far as we know, in Yongzheng enamel colored porcelain which has been handed down from generation to generation, there are only two kinds of porcelain painted in blue, except for the collection of the Palace Museum in Taipei. In a collection of ceramics published in Japan, a blue-colored landscape teapot was found at the Copenhagen Museum in Denmark.

Enamel colored pheasant peony grain bowl, height 6.6 cm, diameter 14.5 cm, foot diameter 6 cm
Curved wall, full circle, with blue material on the bottom, “Yongzheng year” four-character money.The body of the bowl is very thin, belongs to half-tire, inside and outside glaze white as snow, Yingrun such as jade.One side of the outer wall of the bowl is painted with pheasant peony, and the other side is inscribed with ink and color.The center of the picture is a male pheasant, looking for food in the mountain peony, the tail of the various colors of feathers, such as silk, dazzling.The head and neck of pheasants are yellow, blue and green on the back, red iron on the abdomen and ochre on the tail.The surrounding herbaceous plants with pink, lotus, apricot yellow, pale yellow, water green and other delicate color contrast, straight like a fine brushwork flower-and-bird painting as beautiful and moving.Also accompanied by the five words of the writing style verse: “the tender flower covered with gold powder, heavy flowers with embroidery clouds.”The beginning of the sentence, with the tail of the rouge water seal “Jiali” and “Jincheng”, “Xuying”.
Enamel color porcelain also known as” porcelain tire painting enamel “, in the fifty-first year of the Qing Dynasty was a success, Yongzheng was a great development, since the decline of Qianlong.Although there is only 70 years left, but the ancient Chinese color porcelain development to the peak, produced a large number of exquisite, well-known color porcelain works, this bowl is one of them.

Yellow ground enamel plum blossom pattern bowl, height 6.2 cm, diameter 12 cm, foot diameter 4.6 cm
The mouth of the bowl was slightly out, the curved wall, and the circle of the feet.The white glaze on the inner wall is unvarnished.Outer wall Shi Huangcai, pure and flawless, painting a plum blossom, Qiu Zhi horizontal oblique, red, white two colors plum blossom delicate and beautiful, one side of the five words poem: “only say the flowers are snow, do not realize that there is incense.” The first chapter of the poem on the seal “pre-spring” one side, the next has” Shougu “,” Xiangqing “two seals.Four-character money for “yongzheng year” in blue color script.
Enamel colored porcelain has been regarded as an expensive imperial porcelain since the late Qing Dynasty. It is deeply loved by emperors of all dynasties.Yongzheng, enamel porcelain burning more importance to the emperor, burning often to uphold the royal will, under the auspices of Prince Yi, respectively in the Qing Palace, Yuanmingyuan, and Prince Yi House three kiln-fired.Most of his paintings come from the hands of the painters of the Qinggong Ruyi Museum. They are exquisite and have formed an artistic style of combining poems, books and paintings, which has brought the enamel color craft to the peak of history.
This bowl still used Kangxi enamel colored decorative techniques, combined with painting, colorful, fine painting.

Enamel color pine and plum pattern bottle, 16.9 cm tall, 3.9 cm in diameter, 4.9 cm in foot diameter.
Bottle straight mouth, shoulders down, round abdomen, abdomen gradually converge, circle foot.White glaze is applied both inside and outside.Outer wall white glaze, with enamel painting pine bamboo plum “old cold three friends” pattern, pines green strength, bamboo straight, plum blossom beautiful, green leaves set off red flowers, brush euphemism delicate, this bottle is the Yongzheng period of the official kiln of the beautiful tool.The pattern above the ink book “Shanglin Yuan Li Chun often in” 7 words, natural and smooth style of writing.In the poem, the lower part is divided into three groups: “Xiangzhi”, “Dogu” and “Xiangqing”.The foundation foot green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six characters money.
The shape of this bottle is olive-shaped, also known as” olive bottle “, beautiful shape, fine technology, thin body, like a half-tire.Enamel without blemish, color painting exquisite decoration, is the Qing Dynasty Yongzheng porcelain outstanding work.
This object is fired in the imperial kiln in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, after the release into the palace, according to the palace office Yongzheng Emperor approved by the painting samples, by the enamel painters with enamel paint painting, and then into the low-temperature furnace baking made.This instrument not only reflects the exquisite art of making porcelain, but also shows the superb painting technique.

Coated red open enamel flower and bird pattern bowl, Qingyong Zheng, 4.5cm high, diameter 9.2cm, foot diameter 3.6cm
The bowl has a deep belly and a round foot.In bowl, white glaze is applied, inner wall is molded heron lotus picture, inner bottom heart is molded “yongle year” four-character seal book.The outer wall takes the carmine as the ground, on the decoration three regiments fan opens the light, opens the light respectively to draw “Shoushan Fuhai”, “Fushou Wandai”, “Zhumei double sparrow” the graph.Open between the light to green, purple, yellow and other colors depicting the ball pattern.The outer bottom draws a peach, the peach inside with the rouge red color pattern book “Yong Zheng year” double line four-character money.
This kind of embossing and color painting is very rare in Yongzheng enamel porcelain.In addition, this practice of putting an annuity into a peach is very unique.
Most of the white porcelain tyres used in the enamel porcelain of Kangxi and Yongzheng periods were provided by Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory, and some of them were made by Yongle of Ming Dynasty, which was left by the court.

The powder enamel flower butterfly vase is 37.6 cm high, 4.1 cm in diameter and 11.6 cm in foot diameter.
The bottle has a straight mouth, a long neck, a round abdomen, and a round foot.General body white glaze, powder enamel decoration.Outside draw peach tree a, run over the instrument body, colorful butterfly flying in between.The flower bud is in bud, the flower is graceful, the green leaf is green.The carmine color depicts the flower color to be different, the flower center part color material is thickest, from the flower center to the petal edge edge red gradually pale.
Yongzheng powder color porcelain to white color painting-based, its body light, pure glaze, warm like jade, can fully set off the delicate powder color.Some dishes, bowls and small objects exquisite, if the light perspective, the other side of the pattern clearly visible.Yongzheng powder-colored porcelain decoration subject matter to flowers and birds, landscape, character pattern-based, especially flowers.It has absorbed the “bone-free” technique in traditional Chinese painting, which emphasizes yin-yang to the back, thick and light, clear in level and rich in three-dimensional effect.This vase is elegant in shape and fully displays the characteristics of elegant shape and rich color of Yongzheng powder-colored porcelain.

Paint ball bowl with butterfly grain, height 6.8 cm, diameter 13.5 cm, foot diameter 4.7 cm
Bowl open, deep abdomen, circled feet.The inner white glaze has no lines, the outer wall draws the powder color group butterfly pattern 5 groups, each group butterfly grain consists of 2 different butterflies and the four seasons flower pattern.The foot bottom white glaze blue and white flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six words.
The powder enamel porcelain is a kind of glaze color variety which is influenced by the process of enamel porcelain in the same period on the basis of Kangxi multicolored porcelain.It was founded in the Kangxi Dynasty and flourished in the Yongzheng and Qianlong periods.Yongzheng powder-painted porcelain in the shape, glaze, color painting and other aspects have made great achievements.This bowl is light and delicate in shape, white and delicate in quality, fine and pure in glaze, rich and beautiful in color and vivid in picture. It reflects the elegant and graceful style of Yongzheng porcelain and is the most beautiful product in Yongzheng powder colored porcelain.