Kangxi overseas sales of blue and white porcelain, high-definition text and text appreciation

 Blue and white porcelain, under the glaze color porcelain, also known as white blue and white porcelain, often referred to as blue and white.The term “export porcelain” refers to porcelain that is produced at a domestic kiln mouth and sold exclusively overseas.Porcelain, like silk and tea, was an important commodity in China’s ancient export trade.In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the export trade of porcelain reached a climax.Chinese porcelain specimens have been unearthed in North Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Egypt and Tanzania. The world’s major museums also have important collections of Chinese export porcelain.

          Kangxi blue and white vase

With Kangxi 23 years (1684) open sea ban, China’s export porcelain ushered in another golden age of export, to blue-and-white-based export porcelain sold through various channels overseas, so far most countries in the world have a certain number of Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain legacy.In this paper, the selection of some high-quality overseas sales of blue-and-white porcelain for collectors reference.

  Kangxi green flower, tangled branch, lotus flower, high foot cap cup.   

Taking the modeling and decorative design of porcelain as the carrier, the blue-and-white porcelain sold by Kangxi shows the communication and integration between different cultures, and becomes the focus of the cultural exchange between the East and the West. It has its own unique artistic features. The blue-and-white porcelain sold abroad by Kangxi has a wide variety of kinds and rich utensils, including pots, plates and flowers. Teapot, crock, tray, army hold, high foot cover cup, flower pour, high zang can, bottle and so on.Some of them have exaggerated, concise curves, but most of them are made by Chinese craftsmen to suit the European style, while others are painted with Chinese-style patterns on old European tea sets.


         Kangxi Qinghua phoenix through the branches of the Peony Army

    Kangxi Depository Fund (Daming Chenghua year)paragraph)bowl

    Kangxi deep-mouth folding disk

      Kangxi blue and white vase

  Kangxi blue and white candlestick

  Kangxi Green Flower Cups

    Kangxi goblet

   Kangxi Depository Fund (Jia Jing Kuan ()bottle

 Kangxi gourd cap bottle

  Kangxi blue and white vase

   Kangxi olive bottle

  Kangxi Qinghua milk teapot

      Kangxi blue-and-white thin-flower vase

      Kangxi blue and white octagon bowl

  Kangxi Green Bowl

  Kangxi deposit (Jiajing) bottle

   Kangxi Qinghua Depository Fund (Daming Chenghua Year)

   Kangxi Qing vase

       Kangxi Qing vase

Kangxi green flower sustenance money (Daming Cheng Hua year of production) spend the wine

      Kangxi green flower escrow money (Xuande) bottle

       Kangxi green flower three-section gourd bottle

   Qinghua of KangxiDepository money (Wanli money)circleBox

  Kangxi Qinghua Water Chestnut Bottle

 Kangxi blue and white vase with dragon pattern

    Kangxi saw bottle

     Qinghua of KangxiDepository money (into the fund)bowl

    Kangxi Qing vase

    Kangxi blue-and-white dragon pattern can

 Kangxi green flower hunting grail