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blue-and-white landscape vase

Everything in the early Qing Dynasty followed the old Ming system.Jingdezhen Imperial Artifact Factory has been burning for a long time, Shunzhi when the use of “life to work, no life to stop” of the form.Shunzhi 11 years (1654) in Jingdezhen set up a factory, WeChat Consultancy 18033401459 ordered for the palace burning porcelain.

In the early years of Kangxi, the rebellion of Sanfan, the Imperial Factory stopped burning for a time, and the Imperial Artifact Factory was officially restored in 1680.As far as the development of Jingdezhen porcelain industry in Qing Dynasty is concerned, Yuchang has always been a pilot in technology.

In the Qing Dynasty, the porcelain production abolished the system of craftsman’s domicile first, and the products carried out the government-sponsored burning and formed a fixed system.The craftsmanship was the household register of the feudal state’s conversion to handicraft workers, whose descendants inherited their business and were engaged in production under the supervision of officials without any personal freedom.

This kind of system was used in the production of porcelain of official kilns before Qing Dynasty.Take the Ming Dynasty as an example, “Worker craftsmen, there are shift, sit-shift division, shift of the li labor department, live in the seat of the li in the house of the interior officials.””

The development of Kang, Yong and Qian porcelain in Qing Dynasty reached the highest level in history and was the second peak in the development history of Chinese ceramics.Jingdezhen porcelain industry is unprecedented, maintaining the status of China’s porcelain capital, not only the Ming Dynasty technology and varieties of everything, but also many inventions.The color of blue-and-white porcelain is sapphire blue, more bright and pure than the Ming Dynasty, with a different style.Among them,WeChat Consulting 18033401459Kangxi green flowers to the delicate, green and bright green color, exquisite painting decoration, the shape of a variety of objects unique to the history of Chinese ceramics.Kangxi’s 61-year reign, Kangxi porcelain production is also divided into early, middle and late three, and really can represent the highest level of Kangxi blue and white porcelain is Kangxi mid-term porcelain.Because of its high historical, artistic and collection value, the official kilns and folk kilns from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, as well as the modern Jingdezhen and large and small kilns are competing to copy.

1.The body of early Kangxi blue flower is thick and thick, the glaze surface fat is green and white, have shrink glaze and small brown eye, also have the instrument body and the instrument bottom glaze color is not consistent, the individual utensil mouth often brush a layer of soy glaze, the bottom foot treatment is not very delicate, there is flint red, the open tire place can see a circle of fine spiral ring trace.

2.Kangxi kiln in the common shrinkage glaze, sand, not smooth phenomenon, the object of thin white inside the glaze, common radial jump knife marks, some of the same side of the foot wall obliquely cut into a sharp shape, the diameter of the circle foot large, many bottles, wine, the bottom of the pot appeared the shape of steps, its folding angle is very straight, Common name is” two-story station “or” step bottom “.

Bicycle feet were also popular during this period.WeChat Consulting 18033401459In particular, Kuiguan fold along the wash, the printing box is more often, the inner circle are shorter than the outer circle, between the two rings exposed tire without glaze, the circle is wide and thick.

3.In the middle of Kangxi period, because of the further improvement of firing temperature, the foetus is white and hard, and the cross-section is like “glutinous rice cake”.

Very few impurities, fetal body thickness moderate, pay attention to repair the tire.

There are two kinds of glaze surface: white and white pulp, white glaze surface hardness, white glaze surface slightly loose, occasionally open, there is a bright blue glaze.The middle stage blue-and-white porcelain circle is not as big as the early stage. Some of the ends are polished and smooth as loach back, but there is no rolling circle of Yongzheng blue and white flowers in the later stage.At that time also appeared with fine washing of the clay made of porcelain tyres, commonly known as” pulp tyres”, products such as water pans, ink boxes, and so on, the body is light.