Collection | Appreciation of Qianlong Porcelain in Qing Dynasty at the Palace Museum (5)


Green Flower Eight Immortals Cross the Sea Gourd Bottle

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 57.5 cm, aperture: 15.5 cm, foot diameter:21 cm

The bottle is shaped like a gourd, with a short, straight neck and round feet.White glaze is applied inside, and the outer wall is decorated with blue and white flowers.The neck is arranged symmetrically with phoenix’s ear, and the lines of cloud, jade, banana leaf and back are painted.The upper abdomen painting auspicious cloud bat pattern, the lower abdomen painting theme pattern “eight immortals cross the sea”.Eight Immortals dressed in colorful clouds, foot-trod Xiangyun walk in the sea.Four bat lines on the side of the bottle.White glaze is applied inside the circle foot.Three lines of six-character edition of the Qing Dynasty’s Qianlong School.

Because “gourd” and “fu lu” sound close, so gourd bottle meaning “fu lu”, with “blessing” meaning.The bottle of gourd is the more common shape of porcelain in Ming and Qing dynasties.This device is equipped with eight immortals pattern, meaning “eight immortals bless”.

Blue and white glaze, red cloud, dragon pattern, celestial vase

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 47cm, aperture: 10.7cm, foot diameter: 15.5cm

Bottle straight mouth, long neck, belly round like a ball, circling feet.In the white glaze, the outer wall to blue and white, red painted in the glaze Yunlong sea.Three-line six-character version of the Green Flower Seal Book “Yongzheng School of Daqing”.

The bottle of celestial sphere is the innovative shape of Jingdezhen kiln in the period of Ming Yongle and Xuande.Most of them are decorated with green flowers.Qing dynasty yongzheng, qianlong period also fired blue-and-white glaze red, Doucai, pastel and other varieties.This bottle is stable and dignified, is the Qianlong period in the official kiln porcelain more common shape.The pattern drawing method used in Shunzhi period of Qing Dynasty, “the dragon body in the cloud three-present” form of expression, the dragon body only exposed three paragraphs, the other parts are covered by floating clouds, so called “a three-present”, there is a “cloud from the dragon” sense.This kind of speckled moire is most popular in Shunzhi.Kangxi time is also often used, to the Qianlong period of the picture more realistic.

Ancient bronze painted banana leaves with halberd patterns

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 27.7 cm, aperture 17.5 cm, foot diameter: 8.5 cm

Huagu imitation bronze modelling, each has a halberd on all sides.The body of the instrument is painted with bronze, and the part is decorated with gold color. The body of the instrument is stamped with banana leaf grain and the waist of the device is stamped with Kuiguan dragon pattern.The outer bottom print “the big qing dynasty qianlong year” three lines six character seal book.

The burning of ancient copper color is more complex, first in the high temperature to burn tea color glaze, and then painted on it gold and green rust spot color, and then into the kiln low temperature secondary firing, to achieve the effect of ancient mottling.The porcelains of the Qianlong period were excellent in imitation, especially the copperware.This flower vase is realistic in shape, simple in glaze color and clear in texture.

Euphorbia laevigata

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height:53 cm, aperture: 7.5 cm, foot diameter:16 × 10 cm

Flat pot garlic head-shaped mouth, short neck, mouth and shoulder symmetrical placed Ruyi-shaped ears, round abdomen, abdominal wall on both sides of a button, rectangular circle foot.White glaze, outer wall body painted green flowers tangled lotus patterns, with flowers, ganoderma lucidum, plum blossom and other edge decoration.White glaze is applied inside the circle foot.Three lines of six-character edition of the Qing Dynasty’s Qianlong School.

This is a palace porcelain made by Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. Its shape and decoration are all derived from the official kilns of Yongle and Xuande period of Ming Dynasty. It shows the prosperity of ancient porcelain ware making in Qianlong period.

Blue and white eight-treasure pattern binaural bottle

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 34.5 cm, aperture: 5.8 cm, foot diameter: 8.5 × 12.5 cm

The bottle has straight mouth, thin neck, neck and shoulder, and is decorated with symmetrical Ruyi-shaped ears, flat round abdomen, raised center on both sides of abdomen, oval circle feet.If the full moon bottle, so called “treasure moon bottle” or “hold the moon bottle.The whole body is decorated with blue and white flowers, the back lines are drawn along the mouth, the neck is decorated with two layers, and the upper part is painted with the overcast Ruyi moire, and the lower part is painted with tangled branches.In the center of the painting, eight wide-body lotus-shaped open-light, the eight-treasure-lines are drawn in each side of the ventral body and four tangled flowers are drawn on each side.Foot wall drawing tangled branch ganoderma lucidum grain.Foot white glaze, inside the book Qinghua “Qing Qianlong year” three lines six-character seal.

This bottle shape beautiful, the body white, blue and white color gorgeous, the color heavy place can see the fine spot mark, for the artificial dot dyeing result, to imitate the Ming Yongle, Xuande blue and white strong faint effect.The matching of the eight-treasure pattern with the lotus flower has a rich religious color as the decorative pattern, which is the common decorative pattern in the porcelain of the Qianlong Dynasty.

imitation yonglo blue and white arabic tablet

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 17cm, aperture: 17.1cm, foot diameter: 16.5cm

The vessel is cylindrical, hollow and bottomless. The upper and lower ports are all wide, with straight walls and a convex edge in the middle of the abdomen.The whole body is covered with blue and white flowers, the upper and lower parts are painted with banana leaf pattern, the upper and lower parts are decorated with twining pattern, the upper part is written in Arabic, the middle part of the body is bounded by convex edges, and the symmetrical part is decorated with lotus leaf pattern.

This instrument is commonly known as unobstructed, as early as in the Ming Yongle, Xuande period of Jingdezhen official kiln on the fire, it originated from the West Asian bronze, is the product of Chinese and foreign commodities, cultural exchanges.In addition to this kind of objects, Jingdezhen made of blue and white flower pouring, large flat pot, water, folding basin, etc. also copied from the West Asian bronze.

The three dynasties of Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty were all imitation burn of this plate, with the most exquisite imitation of Qianlong.Place a flower-shaped brass gallbladder inside, can be used for flower arrangement, for the palace furnishings.

Viewed from the outside, the blue-and-white color of Yongle set is deep, the imitation blue-and-white color of Qianlong is bright, lacking the old sense of the former.

powder enamel baby’s celestial ball vase

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height:51 cm, aperture: 11.3 cm, foot diameter:18 cm

The bottle has a straight mouth, a straight neck, a round belly, and a recumbent foot.Painted with pastel colors.The bottle was painted with two young children playing under a pine, or setting off firecrackers, or beating drums, or blowing trumpets, or riding a horse, or raising flags, or carrying lanterns, the scene was very lively.Beside the stone with plum blossom lining, point out the theme of “making new spring”.Foreign department green flower “qianlong year of qing dynasty” six-character seal book.

This instrument is tall and steady, the number of baby play pictures is large, the scene is far better than the Qing Dynasty Kangxi, Yongzheng dynasty of the same decoration theme porcelain.

powder enamel nine peach vase

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 64.7 cm, aperture: 22.2 cm, foot diameter: 20.4 cm

Bottle straight mouth micro-turn, straight neck, full and round abdomen, circle foot.A picture of peach tree through the body of a tree, trunk strong, branches knotted flat peach 9, peach tree next to a cluster of roses.Foot book qinghua “qing qianlong year” six-character seal book.

There were a lot of auspicious decoration in the powder-colored porcelain of Qianlong period. Most of these subjects used natural scenery to symbolize good luck.Painting detail, clear level, content is the characteristics of the times.This bottle uses the rendering technique to paint peach solid, peach decoration color thick, the success displays the mature peach solid delicate color, the composition is dense has the result, forms the leaf to have the yin and yang to the back, the tree has the old branch new bud effect, is Qianlong powder enamel the representative work of the large pieces of utensils.

The nine-peach pattern decorative porcelain is the subject matter and style of official-style porcelain since Yongzheng, until Guangxu Dynasty there are still imitation.The nine peach patterns of the yongzheng dynasty may be found either in a powder-colored sky-ball vase, a powder-colored olive vase, or in an over-twig powder-colored disk.On all the powder-colored nine-peach pattern porcelain of Yongzheng, Qianlong and Guangxu periods, the patterns of the Yongzheng period were the most colorful and varied, and the painting level was the highest.

blue-and-white lotus thimble with eight-treasure pattern and tubular ear vase

Height:60 cm, aperture: 13.5 cm, foot diameter: 18.9 cm

Bottle straight mouth, thick long neck, neck decoration on both sides of symmetrical through ears, folded shoulder, under the shoulder gradually, circle foot.The mouth draws the sea water and Ruyi lines, each ear draws the lotus one, the middle of the neck draws the leaf pattern, the neck underside draws the banana leaf, the rolling grass grain, the shoulder draws the leaf and the sea water grain, the abdomen theme pattern draws the Ruyi grain and the lotus to eight treasure lines, near the bottom draws the deformation lotus leaf pattern.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Qianlong year” six-character money.

This bottle is tall and primitive shape, blue and white hair gorgeous, decorative painting, pattern layout are typical Qianlong blue and white style, is a fine court furnishings porcelain.

sky blue ground open hollowed-out powder enamel centripetal bottle

Qinɡ Kanɡxi

Height:73 cm, aperture:31 cm, foot diameter:28 cm

The bottle has a long neck and a golden round chile ear on both sides of the neck, a round drum on the shoulder, a round drum on the upper abdomen, the bottom of the bottle, and five round holes on the bottom of the bottle.The bottle is made up of neck, abdomen and base, fixed with copper rivet.The body with sky blue glaze for the ground, on the painting of green flowers flat chi pattern.Four sides of the abdomen open, hollowed-out Pink window, the bottle set in a bucket-style bottle, bottle body to paint the scenery of Western characters with Pink.The base of the bottle is lotus-shaped. The lotus-shaped flower is painted inside.”Qianlong year” four-character seal style in the cross-office of the outer bottom.