[Blue and white porcelain Boutique Appreciation] Blue and white figure flower pattern celestial ball vase

Qinghua in the Qing Dynasty has been known as” stable, vigorous, calm “, the use of domestic blue material painting.Early blue and white hair elegant, slightly faint scattered, medium-term stable color bright, for pure blue;Later, the color is more heavy and dull, not bright and clear feeling.Qing dynasty blue and white also has some light drawing and paste embryo blue and white, but the quantity is not much.

The porcelain collection has the saying that “one side has ten circles”, which shows that the production of square porcelain is very difficult, and the cost of preserving the world is higher than that of circular ware, and the collection value is much higher.Blue-and-white porcelain occupies the dominant position in China’s porcelain-mixed art market, and the fine blue-and-white porcelain of the Yuan, Ming and even the “three generations of the Qing” can often sell millions, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan at auction.In the history of China’s ceramic opening, celadon porcelain is after celadon, black porcelain, blue and white porcelain and color porcelain, is recognized as a wonderful work of porcelain art.Blue-and-white porcelain not only has a high artistic value, but also with the passing of years, more and more show its own value of preservation.In antiques business, good-looking blue-and-white porcelain is often sought after by buyers, Qianlong blue-and-white porcelain value is multiplied, blue-and-white porcelain market can be said to be enduring.

China’s porcelain manufacture has a long history, and its unique secret continues for thousands of years, the world is no wonder that the “china” to name this beautiful, practical and durable utensils.In the history of communication between China and the world, porcelain served as ambassador.In the Ming and Qing dynasties, blue-and-white porcelain was sold abroad as export porcelain and was welcomed by the Western aristocracy.