Ceramics | Appreciation of Pottery and Porcelain in the Palace Museum of Beijing. Qing Dynasty Porcelain (2)



Pink pheasant peony grain plate, Qingyongzheng, 5cm high, diameter 35.5 cm, foot diameter 21.5 cm
Disk mouth, fold edge, shallow abdomen, circle foot.Nothing is known.White glazes are applied throughout the body.In the plate powder color decoration, fold the edge of the land to open the light, open the light inside to draw the miscellaneous treasure lines, inside the bottom painted pheasant peony patterns, lined with cave stone, magnolia, chrysanthemum patterns.Outer wall light element.
The decorative style of this plate is close to the powder-colored porcelain of the Kangxi period, especially the way of a week’s brocade and the pattern full of heart is common in the powder-colored ware of the Kangxi period, and it is concluded that this object should be the early work of Yong Zheng.In the decoration uses pheasant, peony, hole stone and so on, implied meaning “auspicious wealth” and “longevity wealth”, this kind of borrowing material implication decoration technique is very popular in the Qing Dynasty porcelain.The composition of this disk is strict, the pen is smooth, the pheasant image is lifelike, the peony flower in full bloom and the Taihu stone painted with blue color add some life to the picture.

Paint human deer pattern plum vase, Qing Yong Zheng, height 16.6cm, diameter 3.2cm, foot 6.1cm.
The small mouth of the bottle is slight, short neck, thick shoulder, under the shoulder converges, circle foot.On the white glaze of the bottle, two sets of embellishments were painted: one was an old man with a shovel on his shoulder and a basket on his hand, and he was looking back and smiling at the young deer;The other group had a red sun, rocks and flowers.Three lines of six-character standard script for “yongzheng year of qing dynasty”.
This bottle is painted elegant, painted figures and animals vivid and vivid, reflecting the Yongzheng period of the high artistic level of powder enamel porcelain.

Pink eight peach celestial sphere bottle, height 50.6 cm, aperture 11.9 cm, foot diameter 17.7 cm
Bottle straight neck, abdominal circle, circle foot, commonly known as celestial ball bottle.The body of the fetus is white, the enamel powder is as smooth as snow, the glaze of the embryo is integrated, and the repair of the fetus is very regular.With pink, green, white, brown and other colors, the use of bone-free painting on the bottle to draw a thick and light, clear and three-dimensional layer of peach trees, one rose each.Dried peach, branches bearing 8 flat peach, full fruit, branches and leaves Wei Rui.Beneath the trees, the rose is light and beautiful.Qinghua seal book at the bottom of the bottle “qianlong year of the qing dynasty” six-character.
This bottle is beautiful in shape, sparsely patterned, fresh and pleasing to the eye.Delicate fruit flowers in the delicate crystal white background of China and not vulgar.
The picture contains the meaning of “Peach Peach for Life”.The powder enamel eight peach celestial sphere vase is an outstanding color porcelain in Yongzheng period, and also an outstanding ceramic work in Jingdezhen kiln. It represents the highly developed craft level of porcelain making industry at that time.

Paint plum blossom pattern bowl, Qing Yong Zheng, 5cm high, aperture 9.2cm, foot diameter 3.8 cm
Bowl open, deep abdomen, circled feet.Full-body pastel decoration.In the heart draws three scattered plum blossom, outside the wall draws two plum trees, the tree trunk flexure is strong, the branch plum blossom blooms, under the tree draws two ganoderma lucidum.Foreign department green flower “big qing yongzheng year” double line six-character script.
This bowl shape is thick and dignified, inside and outside the picture for each other to echo, integrated.In the use of color quite exquisite, with black ochre tree trunk against the pink flowers, the more shows the vigorous plum tree.

Pink Peony Flue Bottle, Qingyongzheng, 27.5 cm tall,3.3 cm in diameter,8.6 cm in full diameter.
Bottle mouth, slender neck, long round abdomen, close foot outside, circle foot.The bottle is painted with pink, orange, emerald green, grass green and brown color.Foreign department green flower “big qing yongzheng year” double line six-character script.
This bottle body each part proportion is harmonious, the contour line bar transition is soft, the picture composition is sparse has the cause, the color is elegant and pleasant, each petal and the leaf are depicted fine, the texture is realistic, may be called the Yongzheng powder enamel porcelain in the fine work.

Powder color gourd pattern bowl, Qingyongzheng, 5.8 cm high, diameter 11.9 cm, foot diameter 4.6 cm
The mouth of the bowl was bent out, and the belly was round.In the bowl light element, the bowl outside applies the powder color pattern three groups: The mouth along the painting tangles the branch flower one week;Bowl decorated with folding gourd with red bat;The deformable lotus lamellae was found near the base.The words” bat “and” gourd “mean” fu lu “.Outside bottom green flower two sides inside column book “big qing yongzheng year” double line six character regular script.
This bowl body is thin, the painting pen tone is soft, the color is light and elegant, very delicate.

Wood-grain glaze ink-and-water painting pen barrel, Qing Yong Zheng, high 14.2cm, diameter 18.4cm, bottom diameter 18.6cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
The pen barrel is straight and the bottom of the wall is solid.The interior and the outer wall are covered with wood-grain glaze, and the middle of the outer wall is painted with ink and painted with landscape, which makes the artistic conception clear and elegant.
The ink color is the color material that Jingdezhen of Qing Dynasty uses domestic material to imitate the effect of water ink enamel to apply to porcelain, first in white china with black material painting pattern, then through low temperature baking, its effect is like in white paper with ink pen painting.The wood-grain glaze is one of the unique glaze colors of the Qing Yongzheng and Qianlong dynasties.The ink-colored landscape and wood-grain glaze of this pen barrel complement each other and are the typical porcelain stationery of the Qing Dynasty.

Paint hollow cap box, Qingyong Zheng, 13.2cm high, 21.7cm diameter, 12.9cm foot diameter
The box is oblate, the upper and lower female mouth is telescoped, the cover surface is raised, the cover is topped with a bead-shaped button, and the circle is full.The box is provided with 9 lattices, and the outer wall is painted with powder enamel to describe the twining pattern.Cover face first hollowed out entanglement lotus grain, lotus flower center hollowed-out group “longevity” word, and then painted with powder enamel.The mouth is painted with gold, and the near foot is painted with double lotus-petal patterns, and the outer wall of the loop foot is painted with back lines.The foot applies malachite green glaze, the outer bottom center green flower double circle inside leaves white, takes the blue and white material seal book “Yong Zheng year” double line four words.
This box is decorated with hollowed-out and colored painting techniques, and it is a rare work in Yongzheng powder-painted porcelain.But its decoration is more elaborate, it should be the work of Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory in the late Yongzheng.

Colorful lady’s jar, 34.1 cm tall, 14.6 cm in diameter, 15.3 cm in foot diameter.
Pot, neck slightly close, round shoulder, under the shoulders gradually converged, out of the circle.The motif is decorated with a picture of the girl in the garden.Four ladies in the garden, rest, four children with around.One woman’s right hand carrying flower basket, the opposite two women side by side and stand, behind a flash of a small child before reaching out to take flower-like, make two women face to face, the other side of the hole on a woman sitting in a beautiful sleeve, the two children seem to play with the children behind him.All the ladies and women painted in a bun are high and beautiful.The picture is based on different green tones, with red, yellow, black, blue and other colors, rich and bright.On the figure’s clothes, reflects the silk texture with the light elegant color glaze.Pot shoulder embellished with inulin pattern for a week.Three lines of six-character edition of “Daqing Yongzheng year” in double circles of green flower.
Yongzheng pink color porcelain began to prevail, the number of five-color porcelain less.This pot’s shape is regular, the bottom glaze is white, the painting is fine, is Yongzheng five color porcelain fine.

Gourd anemone green glaze Ruyi ear bottle, height 26.3cm, diameter 5.3cm, foot diameter 11cm

Bottle garlic mouth, neck down thin thick, round abdomen, circle foot, mouth, shoulder connected with Ruyi-shaped ears.White glaze in bottle and foot.External body of the green glaze, green with yellow, elegant and pleasant, known as” okra green glaze. “The mouth and abdomen all have dark carving entanglement branch lotus grain, shoulder convex string line 3, string line under decoration Ruyi head line a week.Foot Qinghua seal book “Daqing Yongzheng year” six-character.
The shape of this Ruyi ear bottle was created by Yongzheng, with steady body, graceful lines and strong decorative features.

Rouge water glaze small bowl, 4.8 cm high, aperture 9.5 cm, foot diameter 3.6 cm
The bottle has an abutment, a curved wall, and a circle of feet.In the white glaze, outside the wall with rouge water glaze.The fetal body is very thin, the shape curve is very graceful.The foundation foot green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six characters money.
This bottle is pink rouge water glaze smooth and clean, in the thin white glaze against the background, more delicate.The process of making the bowl is to first burn a delicate white porcelain small bowl, and then use the method of spraying glaze evenly sprayed on it, and then put into a low temperature furnace in 800 ℃ firing, belonging to one of the rare color glaze varieties in the Qing Dynasty.Rouge water glaze is mainly used for small pieces of utensils, such as small bowls, small bottles, small high-foot cup, chrysanthemum plate, etc., is a newly created varieties of the Qing Dynasty Kangxi period, the Yongzheng period burning the most delicate, after the Qianlong Dynasty until the late Qing Dynasty burning, but more and more poor color.This small bowl shape elegant, small exquisite, its bottom glaze extremely white, rouge water glaze powder delicate and delicate, represents the Qing Dynasty this breed’s highest achievement.

Light powder glaze bottle, height 19.5cm, diameter 2.2cm, foot diameter 6.7cm
Bottle mouth introverted, mouth shape such as garlic head, short neck, shoulder, under the convergence, circle foot slightly out.The utility model relates to a light powder colored glaze, which belongs to a low-temperature red-red glaze.White glaze is applied to the inside and bottom of the bottle.Under the green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six-character money.
This bottle is white and delicate, beautiful in shape, even and pure in glaze color, pale pink, such as peach blossom in March, elegant and pleasant.Golden-red glaze porcelain for the Yongzheng burning, in the official kiln handed down to the world is also rare.This bottle is a typical Yongzheng Guan Kiln products, for the world’s treasures.

Light yellow glaze bottle, 14.6cm high, 3.3cm diameter, 1.7cm foot diameter
Bottle mouth, neck, shoulder slip, under the shoulders gradually converged, full circle.Light yellow glaze applied through body and foot.Outside the bottom of the secret seal-cutting book “big qing yongzheng year” three lines six words.
The light yellow glaze porcelain is burnt in Yongzheng period, its colorant is antimony oxide, because its glaze color is lighter than the traditional yellow glaze which takes iron oxide as colorant, so it is called “light yellow glaze”.Also because its glaze color elegant egg yellow, so also known as” egg yolk glaze. “Yongzheng 13 years (1735), the potter Tang Ying wrote the “Tao Cheng Ji Shi” called the “Western Yellow.Yongzheng light yellow glaze porcelain for the shape of small bottles, plates, bowls, cups, dishes, and so on, small body with elegant glaze color, quite handsome elegant.
Yongzheng porcelain in the Qing Dynasty is known for its beautiful shape and fine glaze.This vase evolved from the willow-leaf vase of Kangxi period, whose delicate form and tranquil glaze embody the artistic style of Yongzheng porcelain.

Eel yellow glaze bowl, height 32.7 cm, diameter 30.6 cm, foot diameter 27.3 cm
The bowl retracts the mouth, round abdomen, abdomen gradually, thin bottom, circle foot.Inside and outside the bowl, with eel yellow glaze, the bottom of the seal-cutting book “Daqing Yongzheng year” six-character money.
Eel yellow glaze belongs to iron, magnesium crystal glaze, Qing Dynasty court archives called “factory official glaze.”As a result of some differences in firing process, factory official glaze tone has a variety of changes.During the Qing Dynasty, there were many kinds of glaze, such as crab turquoise, eel yellow, melon skin green, etc.This bowl glaze yellow color, color such as eel skin color, neat and elegant, and neat, for the typical Yongzheng products.

Rouge purple glaze bowl, 4.8 cm high, aperture 9.5 cm, foot diameter 3.6 cm
The bowl is skimmed, thin and ringed.The bowl is decorated with two dark flowers, two dragons and cloud patterns. The outer body is full of rouge and purple glaze. The white glaze is applied to the feet.
According to records, rouge was invented by the Dutch Cassia, about 21 years (1682) from the West to Jingdezhen, later known as” magenta. “For a long time before, there was only one kind of red color called alum (iron red) in our country, so the introduction of carmine played a positive role in the development of red color on glaze.
This small bowl of rouge shape beautiful, small and exquisite, charming color, red and purple, showing a unique artistic charm, for the best of rouge color art.

 Imitating Jun glaze rhombus type flower pot bracket, height 6.6 cm, diameter 24.3 cm, foot distance 10.2 cm
Pot-folded edge, through six-leaf rhomboid type, bearing the bottom of the three-head-shaped feet.The inside and outside imitating Jun Glaze, the base of the inscriptions on the seal book “Daqing Yongzheng year” three lines six-character.
This modelling, glaze color is imitated Song Dynasty Jun kiln pattern, the form is dignified and primitive, glaze layer crystal and thick, glaze color elegant.

Kiln variable glaze chord pattern bottle, height 25.3 cm, diameter 7 cm, foot diameter 11.7 cm
Bottle skimming, slender neck, flat round abdomen, the bottom of the abdomen inclined straight, circle out of the foot.General body kiln change glaze, red, yellow, blue, white and other colors, glaze smooth.7 chords from neck to shoulder.Foot application paste glaze, Yin seal cutting “Yongzheng year” double line four-character.
This device has elegant and regular shape, rich color and glaze change, gorgeous and bright color and bright decoration effect. It is an innovative variety of Yongzheng period.

Kiln change the glaze through the ear bottle, the height is 33.3 cm, the diameter is 10.7 cm, foot diameter is 13.5 cm.
The bottle has a straight mouth, a long neck, and a double ears.In the application of sky blue glaze, external glaze kiln change, the bottom of the application of paste glaze.Four-character double-line seal-cutting book “Yongzheng year” in the center of the bottom.
This modelling imitates the ancient bronze ceremony vessel, the artifact body production is exquisite, the molding is exquisite but does not lose the natural smooth characteristic, reflects the Yong Zheng porcelain exquisite place.

Ji blue glaze cup, Qing Yong Zheng, aperture 7.2 cm, foot diameter 2.9 cm, height 3.7 cm
The mouth of the cup is turned out, the curved wall is circled.White glaze is applied in the cup, and blue glaze is applied in the cup.The foot bottom green flower double circle inside book “big qing yongzheng year” double line six character regular script.
This cup is thin and light, with regular and even glaze.This kind of jade blue glaze objects are used in the sacrificial ceremony, so it is also called sacrificial blue glaze.

Yongzheng yellow glaze cup, Qingyongzheng, diameter 6.7 cm, foot diameter 2.9 cm, height 5 cm
Open cup, straight oblique wall, circling foot.White glaze is applied in the cup, yellow glaze is applied outside, the glaze color is pure, the glaze surface is bright and smooth.The foot bottom green flower double circle inside book “big qing yongzheng year” double line six character regular script.
The yellow glazed porcelain of the Qing Palace is used in important ceremonies, such as ancestor worship.

Kiln daisy-shaped flat pot, Qingyongzheng, 8.2cm high,7 cm diameter,7 cm foot diameter
Pot flat, all-round chrysanthemum-shaped, circle foot, one side of the pot has a short flow, the other side is a semi-circular crank.General body Shi Jun glaze, outside the bottom has eight branch nail burn mark, the bottom of the inscription “Yongzheng year” four-character seal book.
Kiln-changed glaze was a kind of military glaze made in Qing Dynasty, which was mainly made of copper and red glaze. It also contained many other metal elements. After oxidation and reduction, it showed beautiful colors such as white, blue, purple, green, sauce, green and brown, which were interwoven with red. Formed a kaleidoscopic flow of silk and patches, fantastic.

Three series bottle of water chestnut with blue glaze, Qingyong Zheng, 14.6 cm high,7 cm in diameter, 11.1 cm in foot diameter.
Bottle mouth, short neck, obliquely shoulder, shoulder has three series, abdomen is big and flat, circle foot.Green glaze was applied both in body and foot.Abdominal protruding two chords grain, near bottom place has protruding lotus petal grain a week.Foot book qinghua “big qing yongzheng year” three lines six-character seal book.
Blue glaze is the oldest color glaze in China. By the time of Qing Yongzheng, the production of Jingdezhen blue glaze porcelain reached the highest peak in the history of porcelain burning.The blue glaze at this time includes bean, holly, pink, plum and crab shell.The green glaze of Yongzheng period was smooth, firm and dense, which kept until Qianlong and Jiaqing period.
The water chestnut bottle is a kind of porcelain bottle which was popular in Qing Dynasty. It was first created in Kangxi period.Its straight neck is relatively thick, have skimming mouth and straight mouth cent, the abdomen is flat round, shape is like water chestnut, so named, also known as straight neck bottle.Variety has blue and white, yellow glaze blue and white, bean green glaze, Lang kiln red and so on.

Guanyuan Glaze-style wall bottle, Qingyongzheng,24 cm high,6-4.2 cm diameter,8.7-5 cm full diameter
Wall bottle half round mouth, cuboid, semicircular foot, foot edge is iron brown.General application of grey blue glaze, bright glaze and large open pieces, bottle wall raised four groups of gossip lines.Outer bottom book qinghua “big qing yongzheng year” six-character seal book.
The official glaze-style bottle appeared in the Song Dynasty. The shape and glaze color of the vessel are very similar to the works of the Song Dynasty. It is an antique work.During the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of Qing Dynasty, the imitation of the five famous kilns in Song Dynasty made unprecedented achievements, and the level of imitation was very high.At this time, the imitation of the official kiln glaze glaze of the Song Dynasty Yingrun thick, there are powder green, sky green, gray white, gray blue and other color glaze, glaze or ice cracks or no-film lines, the lines are white or iron color.The color of the fetus is black, which can reflect the characteristics of “Zikou Iron Foot” in the official kilns of the Song Dynasty.Yongzheng imitation Song Guan Glaze glaze does not have genuine fat even clean, also do not have Song Guan Kiln that kind of instrument mouth glaze thin and gradually hoarded thick glaze round characteristics.

Powder blue glaze teapot, Qingyong Zheng, 11.6cm high, diameter 7.5 cm, foot diameter 14.5 cm
Cupping mouth, oblate body, short DC, square crank, false ring foot, flat bottom.The cover and the pot are covered with the mother mouth of the child, the cover surface is slightly raised, and the bridge-shaped system is attached to it.The whole body is coated with blue glaze, and the light element has no grain.The kettle flow and the kettle mouth along the glaze layer is thin slightly exposed white tire.Three lines of six-character seal calligraphy for “yongzheng year of daqing”, qinghua office.
This pot shape is concise, the line is hard but does not lose fluency, the color is light and elegant, the glaze is mild and smooth, it is a good work of appreciation.The production of celadon porcelain in the Qing Dynasty reached the peak of history, both in formula and in the technology of firing, so the glaze color of the pot showed perfect effect.

Double ring bottle with glaze belt, Qingyong Zheng,23 cm high,11 cm diameter, 12.5 cm foot diameter.
The mouth of the bottle is slightly curled, with a short neck, shoulders, belly down, and feet out of the circle.The two sides of the neck are covered with plastic band ring ears.General body kiln change glaze.Outsole paste glaze, Yin “Yongzheng year” double-line four-character seal book.
This bottle of bright and thick glaze, as bright as a burning flame, for the kiln into the glaze of the “flame red” typical works.It is one of the characteristics of glazed porcelain in the Yongzheng period that the mouth and ears of the bottle become thinner and thinner because of the flow of glaze layer.

Powder blue glaze, Qingyongzheng, 13.3cm high, diameter 21.2cm, foot diameter 11.6cm
ZHANG Guang outside the mouth, folded shoulders, the abdomen is hexagonal prism, girdle waist, circle outside the foot.The body is covered with blue glaze, and only a raised chord is placed on the shoulder.Outside base green flower book “big qing yongzheng year” six character seal book.
The graceful and smooth line of this statue is very elegant and has an artistic charm in its form.The powder blue glaze porcelain of Yongzheng period is a product which imitates the same kind of glaze in Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, but compared with the powder blue glaze of Yongle period, the powder blue glaze layer of Yongzheng period is more pure and thick.

Kiln change glaze string pattern skimming bottle, Qing Yong Zheng, height 20.1cm, diameter 8.1cm, foot diameter 9.5 cm
Bottle mouth, short neck, shoulder slip, belly drum, outside the foot circle.The neck and abdomen are decorated with three convex chords.General body kiln change glaze.Foot application sauce glaze, Yin “Yongzheng year” double-line four-character seal book.
The glaze was developed on the basis of imitation Song Jun glaze in Yongzheng period. The glaze color is more colorful and changeable than Jun glaze.This kind of kiln changes the glaze to continue to burn until late Qing Dynasty.The glaze-changing porcelain, which combines copper-red glaze with lunar-white glaze to form a natural flow of Jun glaze, has long been regarded as an imitation of Jun Jia.

Fangge glaze plastic paste three sheep bottle, Qingyong Zheng, 27.0 cm high, diameter 7.3 cm, foot diameter 9.8 cm, Jingdezhen kiln products
Bottle mouth is shallow brush wash-like, slender neck, shoulder, below the shoulders gradually convergent, skimming foot.The body of the bottle has 4 raised chord lines.The inside and outside of the bottle and inside of the foot are full of imitation Ge glaze. The grey and black lines are crisscrossed in a roundabout way.Shin plastic paste three sheep, different posture, paste black.Foreign bureau green flower seal book “big qing yongzheng year” six characters three lines.
In the six years of Yongzheng (1728), Tang Ying was appointed to the Imperial Kiln Factory in Jingdezhen as a member of the Ministry of Interior.To the 13 years of Yongzheng (1735), the Imperial Kiln’s antique innovation of all kinds of glaze has been as many as 57, like the Ge glaze is one of them.This bottle in imitation of the Ge glaze decorated with three sheep, because “sheep” and “Yang” homophonic, so implied meaning “Sanyang Kaitai”.”The Book of Changes” cloud:” The first month for the Thai hexagram, Sanyang was born under. “Yu winter to spring, yin waning long, there is the image of Ji-heng.People often use the word “san yang kai tai” as a symbol of good luck at the beginning of the year and pray for the prosperity of the national fortune.

Furnace Jun glaze water Cheng, Qing Yong Zheng, height 4.5 cm, diameter 5 cm, foot diameter 4.8 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
Water is open, broken abdomen, and ringed feet.Furnace Jun glazes are applied both inside and outside the unit.Four-character double-line seal-cutting book “Yongzheng year”.
The furnace Jun glaze belongs to the low temperature kiln change glaze, enters the kiln through the second firing, is the Qing Dynasty Yong Zheng Chao Jing De Zhen Yu kiln factory to burn the imitation Jun glaze variety.From the history and records, it is shown that the Glazes of Yongzheng Year are mixed with blue, white or red, blue and other colors, and the varying glaze surface is burnt in different kiln atmosphere.This piece of furnace Jun Glazed Water is a rare work with novel shape and small shape.

Ruyi garlic bottle, Qingyong Zheng, 22.9 cm high, diameter 4.2 cm, foot diameter 9.9 cm.
The mouth of the bottle is garlic-shaped, short-necked, round abdomen, mouth, shoulder symmetry placed Ruyi ear, circle foot.Both inside and outside the bottle and inside the ring foot are coated with blue glaze.The outer wall is decorated with protruding flowers, the mouth is wrapped with lotus grain, the neck is curled with grass grain, the shoulder is with Ruyi head grain, the abdomen is wrapped with lotus grain, the top is with lotus four, near foot is lotus leaf pattern.Three-line six-character version of the Green Flower Seal Book “Yongzheng School of Daqing”.
This bottle belongs to the newly created shape of Qing Yongzheng period, the contour line is rich in change and steady, the glaze is even and smooth, the convex flower is natural and smooth, the layer is clear, quite beautiful.

Carmine glaze plate, Qingyongzheng, 2.9cm high, diameter 15cm, foot diameter 9.3cm
Disk open, curved wall, circled foot.White glaze was applied both inside the plate and inside the foot, and rouge-red glaze was applied to the outer wall.Outdoor Department of the Green Flower Book “Great Qing Yongzheng year” double-line six-character money, the periphery of the blue and white double circle.
The carmine glaze was burned in the last years of Qing Kangxi, and was made in Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing and Guangxu dynasties, among which the output of Yongzheng was the largest and the quality was the most refined.It is a kind of low-temperature red glaze made from gold (Au) as colorant and baked in the furnace at about 800 ℃.Because this kind of red material is transferred from Europe, it is called “magenta” or “western red”, and the west is called “rose red” and “rose red”.Because this kind of red glaze is quite like the rouge color used by women in make-up, it is also called “rouge red”.The color of rouge red glaze has deep, shallow cent, deep person calls” rouge purple “, shallow person calls” rouge water”, lighter than rouge water says” light pink “.Yongzheng thirteen years (1735), the potter Tang Ying wrote “Tao Cheng Ji Shi” records the time-honored 57 kinds of glaze, colored porcelain is” Western red utensils. “Seen from the world, Yongzheng dynasty rouge red glaze porcelain modeling bottles, cans, plates, bowls, cups, dishes, and so on, all of the body thin, elegant and handsome, most are white glaze, outer rouge red glaze, a few of the inside and outside all applied rouge red glaze.

Sky Blue Glazed Grape Bowl, Qing Yong Zheng, 11.5cm high, caliber 25.2cm, foot diameter 14.7cm
Bowl ten square, open, round lip, oblique wall, lower abdomen fold and flat, circle foot, the sole of the light convex loach back shape.The body applies the sky blue glaze, the outer wall 10 sides all draw the grape string grain with the glaze inside red.Outside base green flower book “big qing yongzheng year” three line six character seal book.
In-glaze red appeared in the Yuan Dynasty, because of the technical conditions at that time, can not control the stability of the color, so there are not many pure color products.By the time of Emperor Yongzheng of Qing Dynasty, we had been able to master the firing technique of inner glaze red, so we could control its color at will.This bowl is set against the rich and pure sky-blue glaze, with the grapes painted in red in the glaze, the granules are full and tender, the sky-blue and purple-red are set against each other.

Blue and white peach bat pattern bottle, height 39.3cm, diameter 10cm, foot diameter 12.3cm
The bottle has a long, thin neck, and the bottom of the abdomen is converging, and the outside of the foot is turned out.The bottle body is decorated with peach tree as the theme,9 peach trees bearing fruit,20 peach blossoms, painted under the tree ganoderma lucidum, bamboo, space painted bat 5.Each of the mouth, foot draw double-string lines a week.The foundation foot green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six characters money.
Yongzheng Guan kiln porcelain is famous for its elegant appearance and fine workmanship.This bottle has beautiful shape, fine composition and exquisite workmanship.The blue-and-white painting style imitates Ming Yongle and Xuande style, imitates the iron crystal spot with the heavy-colored pen, and reveals the simple and vigorous wind in the beautiful.In the pattern peach, peach, peach branches, bats, ganoderma lucidum, bamboo, etc., in the traditional culture all belong to the auspicious pattern, meaning good luck.This vase is the outstanding work of blue-and-white porcelain in Yongzheng Guan Kiln.

Red bamboos in blue and white glaze, 26.5 cm high, 8.9 cm in diameter,11 cm in foot diameter.
The bottle is closed, short-necked, full-shouldered, under the abdomen gradually, the circle is out of the foot.Foot blue and white script “daqing yongzheng year” six-character money.
This bottle is beautiful and adorned with a picture of the three friends of old and cold.The picture is painted with green flowers in turquoise blue plum tree branches, pine needles, bamboo and rocks, with a slightly darker glaze red depicting the old pine and the proud plum blossom, especially in the picture of bamboo leaves composed of a five-word poem: “Bamboo has sky potential, Cangsong bear year cold, plum blossom Kui Wanhui, three friends four when Huan.” To poetry painting, painting Tibetan poetry, ingenuity.
The “Three Friends of the Year” pattern painted by this instrument is a common decorative theme in Ming and Qing porcelain.The pine tree is not old, the bamboo has the gentleman’s wind, the plum blossom Ling Shuang high snow, the ancient literati poet many with the pine bamboo plum high breeze bright knot self-allegory.

Blue and white eight treasure hook high foot cup, Qing Yong Zheng,8 cm high, diameter 9 cm, foot diameter 3.8 cm
Swallow cup, curved abdomen, high foot.In the cup light element, outside draws the blue and white flower to decorate, respectively for Yuntuo eight treasures, tangles the branch flower.Foot edge department green flower “big qing yongzheng year” six-character script.
This high-foot cup is an imitation of Ming-hua style of the same apparatus, its blue-and-white tone light, pattern light drawing, lines thin clear, glaze white, is a successful imitation of Ming-hua eight-treasure high-foot cup.

The nine peach grain plate of the blue and white Crane, Qing Yong Zheng, height 5.1 cm, caliber 21.5 cm, foot diameter 13.5 cm
The mouth of the disk is slightly flabby, arched abdomen, and circled feet.Decoration of blue and white flowers inside and outside the disk.A peach tree adorns the dish, bearing nine peaches.The outer wall draws 8 flying cranes, between takes the ribbon cloud grain, near the bottom place is the sea water river line.Outsole double circle inside “big qing yongzheng year” six-character script.
This piece of ware is rich and colorful, the lines are smooth, the decorative meaning is auspicious, it is the instrument of the emperor’s birthday.

Blue and white sea pomegranate jar, Qing Yong Zheng, high 19.4cm, diameter 5.2cm, foot 6.3cm
Bottle is washed mouth, long neck, abundant shoulder, double through ear, upper abdomen round drum, lower abdomen gradually come in, shallow circle foot.White glaze slightly green, blue and gray blue, halo.Neck adorn sea water grain, ear draw back grain, shoulder and shin adorn banana leaf grain, abdomen draw entwined branch pomegranate grain.Outsole green flower double circle inside “big qing yongzheng year” double line six-character script.
The blue-and-white hair color, glaze, decorative and modelling are modeled after the Ming-Xuande period of the blue-and-white tube-ear bottle, very close to the true, the future also had the shape of this organ.

Yongzheng imitation Xuande blue and white phoenix in glaze through peony cover can, Qingyong Zheng, through the height of 28.7 cm, caliber 12.5 cm, foot diameter 11.2 cm
Can straight mouth, round lips, short neck, straight abdomen, circle foot.Cover the dome, the mouth, the bead button.The body is decorated with blue-and-white glaze with red lines.The cover surface and pot abdomen are painted with red in glaze—————————————————————————————————————————————————Outsole green double circle inside the book “da ming xuande year” six-character model book copy.
The design of this jug is festive and auspicious, the phoenix mouth with wings flies peonies in the fresh flowers.The elegance of the blue and white flowers and the warmth of the red glaze balance the vision just right, the theme.This kind of canister is also called Zhuangtun. It was created in Xuande period of Ming Dynasty, and was imitated in Yongzheng and Qianlong periods of Qing Dynasty.

Red sea water bottle in glaze, Qingyongzheng, 35.5 cm high, 7.2 cm diameter, 13.5 cm foot diameter.
Bottle small mouth, short neck, abundant shoulder, upper abdomen round drum, lower abdomen adduction, circle foot.The whole body is decorated with red in glaze to paint the sea water, leaving behind the white dark carved big, small two dragons.Outsole blue and white double circle inner book “big qing yongzheng year” six-character regular script.
This bottle is upright and elegant, with a new style of decoration, red and white colors, the size of the two dragons in the sea, and the meaning of “Canglong Jiaozi”.

Yellow ground green sea water white crane grain bowl, height 6.5cm, aperture 15.1cm, foot diameter 6cm
The bowl is open, arched belly, and ringed feet.Tongti yellow glaze, cone-carved sea water, Xiangyun and crane pattern, green color to decorate the sea and Xiangyun, white, black, red painted cranes.White glaze blue-and-white double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six-character money.
This bowl adopts low-temperature glaze twice-fired technology.The painting is exquisite and vivid, which shows the craftsmanship of the official kiln porcelain produced by the Imperial Kiln Factory in Yongzheng period.
Yellow glaze was a special instrument for emperors in the Qing Dynasty.The crane symbolizes longevity, the auspicious pattern that is common on Qing dynasty porcelain.

The alum red ground white flower butterfly pattern round box, Qingyongzheng, height 10 cm, aperture 18 cm, foot diameter 12 cm
Box is oblate, upper and lower female mouth, circle foot.The box is decorated with white glaze and white butterfly pattern and twig-twining pattern.Outsole green flower double circle inside green flower “big qing yongzheng year” double line six-character script.
This box has beautiful shape and novel decoration. It can be called the rare article in the porcelain of Yongzheng Guan Kiln.

Yellow green color cloud bat bowl, Qing Yong Zheng, height 7.3 cm, diameter 15.2 cm, foot diameter 5.2 cm
The bowl skims the mouth, the abdomen draws down, circle the foot to turn out.Yellow glaze is applied both inside and outside.The outer wall is green and painted with a band of auspicious clouds. The red bat’s mouth is decorated with a ribbon of gourd, which means” Fushou Wandai “and a green lotus leaf is painted near the bottom for a week.Outer bottom book green flower “big qing yongzheng year” six-character regular script.
This type of bowl, commonly known as” chicken heart bowl, “appeared in the Ming Yongle, Xuande period.The bowl follows the old one, but the shape is more beautiful.It is a newly created powder color variety of Yongzheng period, which is decorated with red and blue powder color with yellow glaze.

Doucai lotus picture drum nail embroidery pier, height 52.9 cm, face diameter 31 cm
Pier diameter, the same bottom diameter, the body is round, drum-shaped, with four cloud-shaped hollow decoration.The pier surface is decorated with purple ground rolling road powder color, and its center is decorated with sky-blue floor color.The large area of lotus pattern for the blue color painted powder, on the glaze filled with bauxite red, green, blue, white, purple, blue and other color materials.Each has a week’s purple ground gold color drumstick up and down.
Embroidery piers flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties.This embroidery dun is the representative work of Qianlong, which is beautifully made and has applied many kinds of color decoration techniques, and the layers are clear, which makes the elegant and simple design of the embroidery dun show some beautiful sentiment.Color on the ground with colorful decoration already gorgeous, this tool has added the rolling road powder color process, the more luxurious.

Jade pot spring vase with a height of 21.5 cm, a diameter of 6.9 cm and a foot diameter of 7.4 cm.
Bottle round lips, skimming mouth, thin neck, slant shoulders, full, full, full circle, heel out.The whole body was decorated with festoons.Abdominal picture of garden baby play theme pattern.With bamboo stone, plantain, balustrade, wild flower as contrast,16 children or hide-and-seek, or fight cricket, or carry bar, the clothes are different colors, and draw gold.Bottleneck part is decorated with deformation banana leaf grain, yellow ground fold branch pattern and vertical Ruyi head grain.The near foot draws the deformation lotus petal grain, the foot embellishes the grain one week.Bottle bottom book qinghua “qing qianlong year” three lines six-character seal book.
The introduction of the golden color into the bucket color painting surface is a remarkable feature of Qianlong’s painted porcelain, which not only enriches the kinds of glaze colors, but also makes the picture show the magnificent artistic effect.

Paint plum flower pattern porcelain snuff bottle, Qing Qianlong, through the height of 5.8 cm, abdominal diameter 4 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
Cigarette neck, oblate body, circling foot.Gold-plated copper chisel cover with ivory spoon.The sides of the pot body are painted with multi-color brocade pattern.The neck is red and the ground is blue.Both sides of the abdomen are decorated with round open light, white glazed ground, one side of the open light inside with pink painted plum blossom;On the other hand, the poem was made by Emperor Qianlong of Qiangcai: “Spring Rain’s rouge washed Nenhua, and a few branches overlapped the Red City Xia. Shuangluanheng in the deep cloud, do not send Fei Qiong to the Ruanjia.” On the lower left there are two characters of Chinese calligraphy “imperial system” and red seal book “dry”, “Long” two-sided seal.

Enamel color flower pattern bottle, height 20.4 cm, diameter 4.8 cm, foot diameter 4.3 cm
Bottle small mouth, short neck, round shoulder, under shoulder gradually close, circle foot.The white glaze on the outer wall of the bottle is painted with various colors of enamel, such as rose, bamboo, plum, orchid and mountain stone.The blank space of the shoulder with ink color title “the evening blow up cold Fu, the morning light radiates warm” five words poem two sentences, with rouge color square seal, lead for “beautiful”, the next head for “golden”, “Xuying”.Outsole blue material color both sides column “Qianlong year” double line four-character money.
This bottle is elegant in shape, the body is thin and delicate, red, yellow, green, pink, blue and other colors painted purple and red flowers, such as the snow like jade glaze on the surface, appear charming and charming, lifelike.The layout of the picture carries the tradition of combining Chinese painting with poetry, books, painting and printing, and it has great artistic appeal.

The yellow ground enamel color opens the bright baby play pattern bottle, the height is 16.1cm, the caliber is 3.4 cm, the foot diameter is 4.5 cm.
Bottle straight mouth, short neck, shoulder, round abdomen, subabdominal convergence, thin bottom, circle foot.The body is decorated with yellow enamel.Each neck and foot is painted with a focal leaf pattern for a week.The abdomen opens the light on three sides, the inside draws the baby play picture, the opening light interval draws the flower pattern.Foot green blue color seal book “qianlong year” four-character.
This bottle is exquisite in shape, clear in texture, fine in painting, harmonious in color, the effect of yin-yang to back of the picture is outstanding and has a three-dimensional sense.This organ is excellent in quality, shape and glaze, and can be called the fine porcelain of Qianlong Dynasty.

Enamel color double ring bottle, Qing Qianlong, high 14.1cm, diameter 5.5 cm, foot 6.4cm.
The bottle is modeled after the bronze pot style of Han Dynasty, with an open neck, a short shoulder, a drum belly, a circle foot, and a gold-colored shoulder decoration.The inner wall of the bottle and the inside of the circle are made of pine green glaze, and the outer wall is made of gold-colored brocade pattern.Outside the black enamel color “qianlong year” four-character double-line seal style.

The enamel color of late Qianlong took the hundred flowers pattern as the ground, and on the color floor to roll the craft to decorate the various patterns, then adopts the imitation gilding effect decoration technique, the style is gorgeous, exquisite and unusual.Its design decoration changes the elegant style of enamel color in Yongzheng period, which is basically the same as the powder-colored porcelain in the same period.