Good Ceramics | Blue-and-white Porcelain, Five Foodstuffs for Life

Jingdezhen thin-film porcelain has a long history, from the Northern Song Dynasty’s evolution into the shadow of celadon, then there will be “moisture through the shadow, thin light” highly praised.Since Ming Yongle, Cheng Hua has a high achievement, Wanli have egg curtain cup, Liuxiazhan and other famous products.The so-called “fear of wind to go, worry about the day to find the sale”, is indeed fully reflect Jingdezhen porcelain “thin for paper” portrayal.And the egg-shell porcelain with its embryo body is only a millimeter of absolute thinness, become Jingde porcelain in the impassable peak of the product.

Wufu holding longevity series tableware, the fine picture, the thin and transparent shape of the instrument, is really a superior tool.All the work is done to its extreme, the craft is beautiful but not chaotic, exquisite and unparalleled.Fetal thickness of less than 1 mm, called: “as thin as a cicada’s wingsas bright as glassas light as a cloud.”It is light, beautiful, exquisite workmanship, good transmittance, its craft is one of the famous porcelain of traditional art in Jingdezhen, China.

The picture adopts peony twining as the main picture, and the bowl is surrounded by a circle of zigzag lines.In the bottom of the plate bowl, the carving Wufu holding the birthday line, the end of the straight carved in the middle, touch the sense.

The tangled branches symbolize continuous, tangled branches of peony meaning wealth and health, is the most traditional Chinese good meaning, and tangled branches of peony surrounded by the five blessing holding long-lived lines,It is also a traditional auspicious pattern widely spread by Chinese people.surrounded by five batsShouFormed of or surrounded by peaches,moralA lot of good fortune and a lot of life.

Chinese table, there are a lot of attention,

From aesthetics to moral.The food is full of color, fragrance and beauty. Even the name should be liked.

The same goes for eating utensils

a set of cutlery carrying more than three meals a day for one family

It witnessed the joy and reunion of the reunion

Carrying too much love and hope

and the embellishment of the cutlery

It is also from ancient times to the present

millions of Chinese families

in the past

After all the joys and sorrows

Best wishes and wishes for family and friends

Prolongation of life, wealth and well-being