Appreciation of Blue and White Porcelain | Yongzheng Blue and White Slag Duct

The dregs, also known as the dregs, spittle, is a traditional Chinese handicraft with a long history, originated in the Jin Dynasty, used to dress up spittle.If placed on the table, specially for carrying meat bone fish bones and other food dregs, small people are also used to carry tea dregs, it is also listed in the tea set.

Qingyong Zheng Qinghua slag bucket

Dragon and phoenix patterns and local features of Qingyong Zheng Qinghua dregs

The Yuan Dynasty pen records” the Song Dynasty big clan sets up the seat, several cases must use the muscle bottle, the slag bucket “, refers to this thing.

The instrument is usually a bell mouth, wide edge, deep abdomen, shape as high as.Some mouth smaller, or called the system dedicated to spitting, the mouth side is slag bucket.

Dregs in the Jin Dynasty began to use, porcelain is more common, such as celadon dregs.Many kilns in the Song Dynasty were made of slag dregs. The Northern Song Yue Kiln, Yaozhou Kiln and the Southern Song Guan Kiln were famous for their products.Ming and Qing Dynasty Jingdezhen kiln also has the production, the quantity is more, there are many kinds of color glaze and color painting decoration, and Lang kiln red and so on the most expensive.

The dregs of the Ming and Qing dynasties were also placed on the bedside and on several cases in order to store the little discarded things, and their use was broadened and their materials became more and more diverse.There are silverware or lacquerware, can compare with the porcelain of famous kilns.

Antique line of old people generally think that the dregs is spittoon, it is not.In the Song Dynasty of China, dregs on the banquet table were used to eat leftover meat bones or fish spines, called dregs.The mouth of the slag bucket is large and wide, which makes it easy to release bone spits. It is slightly different from the spittoon in shape.