Introduction of Blue and White Porcelain in Ming and Longqing Dynasties

Longqing in Ming Dynasty (AD 1567-1572, Ming MuzongZhu ZaihouIt lasted only six years. Blue-and-white porcelain and five-colored porcelain were the main products of the official kiln in Longqing, and their workmanship was exquisite.Qinghua completely inherits Jiajing style.The blue-and-white porcelain of the year-old is difficult to distinguish from the Jiajing and Wanli dynasties.This period has appeared “official burning” phenomenon, stimulating the development of folk kilns, so Longqing people’s kilns in the blue and white boutique, has been similar to the official kiln porcelain.

Longqing Qinghua and Jiajing Dynasty similar, more characteristic of the shape of a group of dragon pattern lifting beam pot.The main objects are hexagonal pot, flower-shaped box, silver ingot-shaped box, square-shaped box, polygonal box, square, hexagonal, eight square.Wenfang with a pen holder, inkstone table, water drops, and so on.The bowl type has skimming mouth, washing mouth, lying foot, dang style and Zhuge Wan.Other dishes, cups, tanks, fish tanks and so on.

Ornamental kilns are rarely handed down, large objects are rare, such as plates and bowls.

People kiln green flower many small pieces of utensils.Instruments have increased, such as hexagonal cans, melon rims, hollowed-out ancient money lion head cover furnace, multi-layer boxes, various cover boxes, crickets cover cans, square plates, military holdings, and so on, more in Jiajing and different from Jiajing.

Neolithic Tao Ying Ding

Tao Yingding is a cultural relic of Yangshao period in the late Neolithic Age. It was unearthed in 1958 in Taiping Village, Huaxian County, Shaanxi Province, and collected in the National Museum of China.

It is 35.8 cm high and 23.3 cm in diameter.

Eagle-shaped pottery Ding is a perfect combination of primitive art and practical functions, is a rare sculpture art treasures in ancient times.”Of the Neolithic pottery found, bird-shaped pottery, the only one currently seen, is a masterpiece of primitive pottery.Its design is ingenious, the proportion is appropriate, the shape is graceful, the shape is lifelike, the production is exquisite, pays attention to the modelling and the practical perfect combination, is still rare in our country today, is the crystallization of our ancestors’ wisdom 5,000 years ago.At the same time, the animal-shaped clay sculpture led by Tao Yingding opened up the shape of the animal-shaped bronze ware of Shang Dynasty.”