Blue and white porcelain pattern and moral (group pictures)


to killThe biggest characteristic of blue-and-white decoration is full composition, multi-level without disorder.Stroke of a stroke is the main method of writing, smooth and powerful;The sketching and rendering is robust and serene.The subject of the decoration has characters, animals, plants, poetry and so on.The characters are Gaoshi Tu, historical figures, and so on;Animals have dragon and phoenix, Kirin, mandarin duck, fish and so on;Common plants are peony, lotus, orchid, pine bamboo plum, ganoderma lucidum, flowers and leaves, melon and fruit;Poetry is rare.The peony petals painted many white edge.Auxiliary decorative for more than rolling grass, lotus, ancient money, sea water, back lines, cloud, banana leaves, and so on.Ruyi moire often painted eight strange or broken branches lotus, twining flowers, painted third-order clouds;The stem of banana leaf is solid (filled with green material).The sea water pattern is a combination of coarse lines and fine lines.There are many kinds of traditional blue-and-white patterns, and the experts will analyze the meaning of the traditional blue-and-white patterns that are common in china.

foldThe following is the pattern

The dragon and the phoenix are in full swing

To bring forth the glory of one’s life
with great joy
All the way to the family
nine cohabitation
To go at one’s best
San Yanɡ Kai Tai
more than one year in a row
To have a good temper and be blessed with happiness
Joy falls from the sky

To be full of gold and jade

Murakami Ōkichi
Fukuju Mantoyo
Xidelenidae, Xidelenko
three elements and regulation
Fu Zenɡ Gui Zi
Happy in front of me
A happy life and a perfect life
The tortoise and the crane are of equal age
To present a case with equal respect to one’s eyes
Yuanyang Keiko
nine cohabitation
To go at one’s best
To be proud of oneself
three-star high light
To look forward to the gospel
Nafu Yingxiang