Introduction and Characteristics of Type Yuan Blue-and-White Porcelain

Yuanqing is a kind of colored porcelain that is painted on the porcelain body with cobalt material, then coated with transparent glaze, and fired at high temperature at one time.It has pioneered the blue-and-white porcelain in the history of Chinese ceramics.The blue pattern and the white body body intersects each other, is like a magnificent ink and wash painting.It was handed down to the Song porcelain, which led to the Ming and Qing dynasties.The appearance of Yuan-Qing-Hua indicates that the blue-and-white porcelain has come to maturity, which has laid a solid foundation for the mainstream of porcelain production in Ming Dynasty and is a milestone in the history of ancient Chinese ceramics.


The production of Yuanqing flower did not reach the technical level of Ming (Yongxuan) and Qing (Three Dynasties), and it was not as standard and standard as that of Ming and Qing kilns in the form, decoration and craftsmanship.Most of the objects in the Yuan Dynasty tend to be tall and crude, heavy and rough, but also light.It is not made according to strict technology in modeling, decorative and craft, and has the common characteristics, and there is a certain randomness at the same time.In the appraisal, we can’t judge the true or false only by one or two conformance or difference with the times and the craft characteristics, we should make a comprehensive analysis on the modeling, the decorative and the craft.

The right type, the extension you type, the simple pen type

The layout of yuanqing flower is different according to the blue material and the decorative pattern, which can be divided into three types: yanyou type, to the positive type, simple pen type.

1. Yuanqing porcelain of Yanyou type

Yanyou-type Yuan-Qing-hua-type to thin small pieces for more, the general application of opacification glaze.Green material is home-made material, component is high manganese low iron type, blue and blue color gray black, the accumulation of material is brown spot.The decorative layout is sparse, the brush is hasty.Mainly for early Yuan Qing Hua works.

The Blue and White Peony Corrugated Tower Cupping Canister from the Six-Year Tomb of Yanyou, Jiujiang

The early products of Yuanqing flower had some factors such as the immaturity of cobalt extraction technology, which resulted in such effect after firing.The collocation of the cobalt material with the embryo and the glaze is very incongruous, and the collocation of the glaze with the cobalt material and the tire is also unreasonable, and the collocation of the tire with the cobalt material and the glaze is not in place.Therefore, the low firing temperature of the Yuanqing flower of Yanyou type affects not only the oxidation of cobalt material, vitrification of glaze and hardening of ground, but also the lack of organic and perfect unity of “three”. Ample ratio of manganese to other oxidized elements leads to dark, shallow and even illusion of iron.

Coated with cobalt on the coarse loose grey tire, and covered with Jingdezhen’s long-standing similar to the blue and white glaze, it also resulted in the immature effect of early Yuanqing flower products.The early products were not completely separated from Jingdezhen’s traditional glazing method in the process of glaze preparation.The absence of raw materials such as feldspar, quartz, chalk, glaze stone, glaze ash, talc and so on, as well as the unreasonableness lead to the loss of glaze after vitrified under the action of kiln temperature. And directly caused the glaze in the cobalt material oxidation process did not play the catalyst should have the auxiliary role, but makes the cobalt material and the glaze surface free, failed to achieve the interaction of the perfect combination.In the formulation of the soil, the early products of Yuanqinghua are relatively loose, some of the “binary” materials are not reasonable formula, kaolin is more, porcelain stone is less, detailed observation can find that the density is not enough.This makes it easy for fine cobalt material to infiltrate loose matrix during the process of creating painting on the matrix.

2. Proper Yuanhua Porcelain

The uprightness type Yuanhua instrument type is thick and tall, rough and rough.Green materials used imported materials (Su mud green), components for low-manganese high-iron type, blue and white hair color green cool and indigo blue and purple two, the accumulation of material condensation is black blue, with metal tin light, even deep in the fetal bones, with hand touch can be distinguished uneven.Decoration layout dense, most of the multi-layer decoration, more than nine to eleven layers.The uprightness-type Yuanqing porcelain is in the mature and formative stage of Yuanqing.

The Great Vader Foundation of Britain has been in vases with cloud and dragon patterns for the last 11 years

In glaze preparation, cobalt extraction and terrazzo formulation, it can be said to be mature and successful, its molding process and painting design fully reflects the obvious characteristics of the medium-term products, its large organ shape and considerable quantity are only born under the conditions of maturity.All of these fully reflect the characteristics of the positive-type mature roseflower.The fly in the ointment is that there are still some deficiencies in temperature control, including the uneven temperature caused by the defects in the design of the kiln itself, as well as the reasons why the kiln workers experience differences in temperature control.

3. Simple-pen-type Yuanqing porcelain

The simple pen type is mostly small pieces, most of which are about 5-7 cm in height.Green material for the domestic color of ash, not as thick as the positive type.The decorative pattern is simple-pen flowers and plants, with simple-pen chrysanthemum-based.