A Brief Introduction to the Five Famous Kilns in the Song Dynasty of Blue and White Porcelain

. ..the five famous kilns from unfamiliar to familiar.

Whether like ceramic, or not familiar with ceramic, most people know that the most famous Chinese ceramics history is the five famous kilns in the Song Dynasty.Song Dynasty is a period of great prosperity in the history of Chinese culture. The craftsman spirit of the big country is very incisive in the North-South Song Dynasty.It is mainly reflected in ceramics.

What are the five famous kilns?

People may not know much about the five famous kilns in the past, but with the increase of the heat of collecting and the increasing number of columns in collecting these years, people know more about ceramics.Five famous kilns can now be said to be hot.Twenty or thirty years ago, when I was studying ceramics, it was difficult to find a book related to the specialty of ceramics.There is no transmission of this knowledge on television;But now people through television, books, magazines, especially the Internet, mobile phones, we can each other treasure trading, play taste.With the progress of the information society, people gradually understand the national treasure which is not well known in history.Especially the five famous kilns, these years in the auction market repeatedly record high.

Which five kilns are the five famous kilns?Refers to Ru kiln, Jun kiln, Guan kiln, Ge kiln, Ding kiln.Others say that the order is the order of your army Godin;No matter how the arrangement, is also put you first, the historical record of you as Qui-Gi.

2. The first five famous kilns _ Chaiyao

The first five famous kilns in history did not have jun kiln, but added a firewood kiln.Chairu Guan Goding, Shaiyao is earlier than the existence of Ruyao.The concept of a wood kiln is now the porcelain made by burning wood.It used to be made of wood, but now it’s a mechanism.Today, when you go to Jingdezhen, you’ll find that some of the kilns in the workshop will say, “This is our wood kiln,” and the china sold by his family will be more expensive than anywhere else.Because there are some vicissitudes in what the kiln is burning, not as bright as what is burning at the kiln mouth of the mechanism.

But what we’re talking about today is not the one we usually talk about, but the one that led the five famous kilns in history.In the history of China, except for the Yaoshun Zen in the ancient times, the emperors in the feudal period were all honoring the patriarchal system and inheriting the throne.For the heirloom is the purest of blood.But there was a special emperor named chai rong later in the week, who succeeded him to the throne and had nothing to do with the deity system.The emperor who was handed over to him was named Guo Wei.Chai Rong is a member of his staff, is his confidant, Guo Wei in the dying to find his son’s ability is not enough, so to let capable people to take charge of the country, so Chairong former successor, became the emperor.And Chaiyao is a kind of porcelain that Chairong burned after he became king.

III. Chaiyao Recorded in Historical Books

There are four words in history to describe the kiln:Green as the sky, clear as a mirror, thin as paper, sound like a sound.It means that the kiln is very beautiful.At the same time recorded the appearance of the kiln in the north.So where’s the north?Some say it’s Shaanxi, some say Shanxi, some say Hebei, but so far, the kiln has not been found.We didn’t find any direct evidence of any involvement with the kiln, even a piece of porcelain.In some places, a kiln association was set up, holding pieces of celadon porcelain, which it thought might be a kiln.But I personally think that the kiln is just a general concept.

Let’s take a look at history. Chaisezong is the successor of the officials. What he has to do first is to honor himself in worship.Just like the military parade of the past time, the Chinese military parade is not to attack other countries, but to show the strength of our country.In ancient times it was also the same, in worship is to sacrifice to heaven, honor is to refer to war;Chai Rong is a member of the war, whether to expand the territory, or to recover the lost land, he needs to show his country’s national strength.But Chairong’s reign lasted only two years and six months, and he died of a violent illness in the course of his war.I personally think that the kiln is a mystery, because in the two years of his reign, it has been a busy army, there is no time to burn kiln.Burning kiln is a manifestation of the peaceful and prosperous times. Only in free time can we have the energy to burn kiln and combine culture with porcelain.

Zhao Ruzhen’s” Antique Minutiae “records that the kiln is not from today’s search, but from the Ming Dynasty began to look for.It is said that there are bold antique dealers to do false wood kiln to deceive Yan Song, but Yan Song and did not fall for, Yan Song’s son Yan Shifang was taken over, bought a lot of firewood kiln, the result proved to be all false.So today the kiln is still undiscovered.So we put you kiln at the top of the five famous kilns.