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priceless blue-and-white porcelain, superb craftsmanship and rich artistic charm. | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

priceless blue-and-white porcelain, superb craftsmanship and rich artistic charm.

. ..priceless blue-and-white porcelain, superb craftsmanship and rich artistic charm.

A-ch ‘eng art talk February 24 th

Green flower yellow color ganoderma lucidum dragon pattern big pot, into the eye is majestic, domineering, very rare utensils, this big pot modelling steady atmosphere, the body is thick and hard, the mouth along the blue and white writing has six characters this dynasty horizontal money.The outer wall is decorated with green flower yellow color ganoderma lucidum dragon grain, green flower painting two sets of dragon grain, strong and strong, the shape of the strong, the appearance is unusually fierce, five claw powerful shuttle Yu ganoderma lucidum among, more show its overbearing power, green flower hair color rich color, yellow color delicate and beautiful drop, both collocation more show its wealth.

Blue and white tangled branches open the characters of the large-scale story, blue and white entwined lotus large-scale, large-scale, exquisite painting, for the Yuan blue and white porcelain typical characteristics.Pure transparent glaze and blue and white color bright, bright porcelain surface shows green and green hair color artistic charm, the whole market is divided into three layers and full of painting, rich, fresh, bright, gorgeous majesty, decorative and complicated and orderly, dense but not chaotic, the scruff dazed beautiful green, fine pattern, The center of the disk is painted with the figure pattern of the knife and horse, the body of the disk is painted with the lotus patterns, and the thick and light strokes are used to show the yin-yang surface of the flowers and leaves so as to produce a three-dimensional visual effect on the plane.The whole is simple and elegant, with lotus pattern painting porcelain pattern, rich and noble, auspicious.

Blue and white dotted landscape scholar’s cup

And powder enamel and other techniques of the integration of the old kiln mouth, kiln out of the work is very delicate and delicate!This blue and white cup is also in the taste of tea is complementary, after drinking can also smell the bottom of the cup, blue and white brush delicate, point color hair color is very good!vivid and vivid

Daiyu Lianhua Qinghua Quartet Bottle

Round mouth, folded shoulder, double elephant ear, tetragonal tympanum, circle foot does not have glaze outcrop, fetal quality is tenacious, hair color is rich and deep, and have black and brown bright moist spot, modelling is large and plump, line is mellow and comfortable.Blue and white hair color, bright, for the best color, white glaze warm and delicate, the shape of a large, heroic antique, excellent works.The theme Dai Yu sat down to look at the fallen flowers pity, painting very meticulous.The shape of the instrument is neat and elegant, steady and dignified, porcelain and porcelain is dense, the color is bright and smooth, simple and dignified, the share is suitable, the body of the body is hard, the embryo is meticulous, the craft is exquisite, it is a good product, without losing the elegant air of the room!

bamboo and green flower cup for gentleman

Open-minded, gathered the abdomen, the circle foot.The fetal body is light and light, the fetal quality is white.Outer wall blue glaze bottom, draw gentleman bamboo, very exquisite, quite exquisite, fine painting;The layout is close and harmonious, lively and pleasant glaze color is warm and bright, bright and clear, the gloss is good, the shape of the instrument is straight and proper, can be used as the furnishings.

Pine-plum pattern blue-and-white vase

Pine-plum pattern blue-and-white flower vase, He Ye pattern sunken mouth, neck, Ruyi double ears, round abdomen, flat flat without glaze, neck blue-and-white painting banana pattern, the theme blue-and-white painting pine and plum pattern, the performance is very real and exquisite, blue-and-white hair color, this vase is suitable for Pavilion display or flower arrangement are very beautiful.