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How about the market for blue-and-white porcelain in the late Qing Dynasty? | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

How about the market for blue-and-white porcelain in the late Qing Dynasty?

Chinese ceramics have a long history and a long history.Some people say that a history of Chinese ceramics is a history of Chinese civilization.Every page of this history of civilization is inextricably linked with the development of ceramics.That is to say, every progress of Chinese civilization will find its shadow on ceramics.


Such as the simple and natural Qin and Han porcelain, the vigorous Tang Dynasty porcelain, the exquisite and introverted Song Dynasty porcelain, the unique Yuan Dynasty porcelain, the rich and colorful Ming Dynasty porcelain, the rich and beautiful Qing Dynasty porcelain, the good and bad mixed Republic porcelain, are the ideal of the society at that time. The embodiment of aesthetic taste and technological ability is the most dazzling halo of the times.This is the historical value of cultural relics collection.

The determination of the value of a porcelain collection is based on the identification of the quality of a piece of porcelain to assess the artistic value and collection value of the porcelain.Identify the advantages and disadvantages of objects, mainly depends on whether the integrity, whether there is cracks, deformation, as well as whether or not the top works, rare treasures, and so on, so as to assess their artistic level, collection value.

Now the market of porcelain kiln more and more rare, also lead to high prices, for porcelain collection, suggest collectors can pay more attention to the collection of porcelain kiln, kiln porcelain in the future market is bullish, with greater potential for collection.Now foreign customers are also concerned about China’s art market, in the foreign collection of high-ancient porcelain market to be good at home.

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By the last dynasty of the Qing Dynasty, Xuantong did not have a few years, Xuantong on the three years, said that cross-talk on the hook on the fall, Xuantong on the three years.So the country’s turmoil has kept Jingdezhen’s kilns largely stagnant.There are few varieties, that is, some commonly used bottles, dishes and so on, but after the Republic of China after Jingdezhen out of an official shackle, out of the Qing Dynasty more than 200 years of an inertia of a group of folk ceramic artists, these people are also educated in the West, In Jingdezhen to play its own personality, made the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China this period of the most beautiful blue-and-white porcelain its representative, is the eight friends of the Pearl Mountain, most of which are painted porcelain, only the king is the leader of the blue-and-white, his blue-and-white painting is very moving, In the past, this kind of porcelain of the Eight Friends of the Pearl Mountain was very unappreciated. In recent years, people began to pay more attention to him. So the price began to rise. We used the time of the seven lectures to talk about the blue and white flowers, which accounted for a large proportion of ceramics.


We have taught seven lessons on Yuan, early Ming, mid-Ming, late-Ming, transitional, middle-Qing, and later-Qing blue and white.The development of blue and white is actually the development of Jingdezhen, seven hundred years can still be called the dominant position of porcelain, its status can not be shaken, we today and even after China will have a far-reaching impact.