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Yuan Dynasty “most popular blue and white porcelain” _ blue and white characters story bowl | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Yuan Dynasty “most popular blue and white porcelain” _ blue and white characters story bowl

Although the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) is only more than 90 years old, but it is China after a long period of division, once again emerged a unified situation.In the development of porcelain, the Yuan Dynasty is an important period of connection between the past and the future.The blue-and-white porcelain with clean glaze and brilliant color began to appear at this time in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.Although archaeologists and some materials believe that blue-and-white porcelain came into being during the Tang and Song dynasties, its maturation period should be the Yuan Dynasty, which was popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Blue-and-white porcelain is used cobalt material on the porcelain body coloring, and then applied transparent glaze, to 1300 ℃ or so high temperature second fired under the glaze color porcelain.Cobalt under the glaze after high-temperature firing appears blue, traditionally known as” blue and white. “The Yuan Dynasty mostly imported low manganese containing high-speed iron, showing a rich color green, a small amount of domestic low iron high manganese, blue color gray.In the middle period of Yuan Dynasty, due to the use of the “binary formula” of porcelain stone and kaolin, the refractoriness was improved, which could be above 1300 ℃, and the large parts were not deformed. However, the binary formula was in the stage of starting and groping in Yuan Dynasty. Especially in the base of the foot of the tire can be seen in the spiral lines of obvious seam marks, large bottles, tank bottom foot external wall oblique cutting, uneven cut, bending twist, the exposed part of the tire has flint red.

This pot is 29 cm high, straight mouth, short neck, tympanum, lower part of abdomen to the bottom, shallow wide circle foot.The body is thick, gray and hard, and there are various sizes of glaze spots on the bottom of the tire. (Some think the craftsman did not want to touch it, others think it is for testing glaze color), and the black-and-brown marks are formed by uneven distribution of metal impurities.Fetal glaze at the junction of hair from the fetal pale flint red.The glaze is delicate and moist, the white medium is a little blue, the mouth is a shallow lake blue along the glaze, the bubble inside the glaze is sparse and bright, the size is not small see medium bubble.Green flowers for the import cobalt material, close to the fetal bone, the color of the concentrated iron rust spots, few Yongxuan imported materials such as the concave “tin light.”The neck is painted with blue-and-white sea water, and the abdomen is painted with “Tang’s big story map”, also known as” Wei Chigong’s single whip savior map “.The theme of the picture is striking, with pine bamboo, peony, mountain stone, large cloud and other decorative decorations.The layout is rigorous, dense has the result, the pen road is clear, the painting worker is fluent, does not resemble the craftsman’s work, should have the Yuan Dynasty celebrity painting style painter to draw.

The whole device is abundant, stitched together, the bottom and the abdomen joint mark is obvious, the bottom is the spiral mark, inside sees the fine crevice, the circle foot slits irregularly.No matter from the material, craft and old level, are not modern imitation can do, identified as the Yuan Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain without doubt.This jar is almost identical to the decoration of the boston museum and the blue-and-white pot in yunnan, china. It is rare and exquisite.Modern imitation blue-and-white porcelain is everywhere. From the aspects of modelling, blue-and-white, color, decorative, fetal and so on, it is impossible to draw a correct conclusion in an all-round way, and to judge the age regardless of the old and new, is to put the cart before the horse.If we can look at the characteristics of the old blue-and-white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty, we can still distinguish the true from the false.But be sure to keep in mind the authentic features, such as the original blue and white porcelain flint red phenomenon, imitation is” not deep or shallow “, but what is the correct color?That’s all it takes to see the real thing, so to speak, modern knockoffs look like the real thing in other ways, but their age-old features are never successful.

There are several hundred of them, some of them are all abroad, and some of them even say that there is no such thing as Yuan Qing Hua in China.

In fact, these statements are one-sided, the Yuan Dynasty more than 100 years of time fired porcelain is not a few, at present, the Yuan Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain is far more than a few hundred pieces of the world, the folk also sometimes see the real Yuan porcelain, but also not everywhere there are Yuan blue and white, we should dialectically look at this issue.