Palace Museum Blue and White Porcelain Appreciation (Chinese)

Braised Garlic Bottle with MushroomsMing Wan Li, height 37.5 cm, aperture 7.7 cm, foot diameter 18 cm

Bottle straight-mouth garlic type, long neck, shoulder, round abdomen, circle foot.Straight under the garlic head part decoration lotus leaf pattern, the neck decoration flower pattern, the shoulder decoration week rolling branch pattern, the abdomen drawing fish algal pattern.Fish show a variety of posture swimming, lined with light-colored fine pen drawn out of the water ripple, vivid and natural.The oral department wrote the six-character horizontal paragraph of “Daming Wanli-year”.

blue-and-white variegated vase with animal patternMing Wan Li, height 76.5 cm, aperture 22.6 cm, foot diameter 19.3 cm

Glutinous sunflower type, open, along the upper fold, the long neck, the middle of the neck convex edge, the abdomen bulges out, the foot is tall and long, micro-out.Outside the mouth along the horizontal letter of the regular script “Daming Wanli-year” six-character funds, peripheral to the two sides of the column.Neck drawing hole stone, flowers and grass and insect patterns, on the convex edge painting Shuanglong through flowers and entwined branch lotus to eight treasure lines, neck the bottom drawing back lines a week, the abdomen eight sides are painted strange animals, foot and shin parts from the top to the bottom of the eight painted eight groups of broken flowers, cypress, different animals and flower patterns for a week.

The big shape of this flower, as the eight-leaf rhombus style, painted by the intricate decorative patterns, from the shape to the decorative figures are reflected in the Wanli period of the characteristics of the flower.

blue-and-white figure clockHeight 19.6cm, foot diameter 14.5 cm

The clock is copper-bell type, with double-headed dragon button on top.The white glaze in the instrument has no decoration, the body outside the instrument is decorated with green flowers, the dance department and the edge part draws the twining flowers, the abdomen draws 18 arhat pictures, the shoulder rings inscribes the inscriptions” the big tomorrow opens the first year Meng Xia Yue creates” the inscription.

It will be only 7 years since the beginning of the dynasty, and the number of handed down products is very small. This blue-and-white clock with a clear chronicle is a rare rarity.This bell-shaped system is modeled on the bronze bells of the Zhou Dynasty bronze percussion instruments.Its beautiful shape, smooth and smooth lines, the head button design ingenious, so that exquisite porcelain clock add a few stately style.On the white glaze of the bell body, the figure in the figure in the picture is either lying or standing, each has a vivid and vivid image.The clock is a fine work in the artful objects of which most of the Apocalypse’s blue-and-white paintings are coarse.

blue-and-white jacquardHeight: 31.8cm, aperture: 10.3cm, foot diameter: 10.2cm

Gu square, skimmed mouth, long neck, the abdomen four square arc micro drum, four edges decorated with raised four lace halberd, high foot outside.Neck all round draw hole stone flower, one side mouth is inside below column has” the day opens the year of the year of the year of the year of the stone hidden system “seven characters horizontal style.The abdomen four sides respectively draw the fold branch flower, each thimble, the snail, the umbrella, covers 4 pieces of treasure.Under the abdomen four sides draw the fold branch grape, the neck is near the abdomen and the foot edge each draws the flame pattern a week.

Huagu overall shape long beautiful, its decorative hook edge fill color, exquisite techniques, light color elegant, in the apocalyptic blue-and-white porcelain is rare.In addition, in the world of apocalyptic porcelain, with the number of years, this flower has a clear new year, is precious.

blue-and-white bird-and-flower jarHeight: 47cm, aperture: 20.6cm, foot diameter: 20.4cm

Can straight mouth, short neck, shoulder, round abdomen, lower abdomen gradually, sand bottom.An umbrella-shaped cover.The jar is decorated with blue and white flowers, covered with peony, bamboo and chrysanthemum patterns, with a variegated lotus pattern on the neck, and parallel fine lines at the neck-shoulder junction for two weeks.A long-tailed pheasant was painted on one side of the body, independent of the rocks, with its head up and tail cocked, like a loud cry;Above the pheasant, there are two plump peony flowers.The other side of the jar was painted with bamboo and sparrow patterns.

The body of this pot is white, the shape is honest and dignified, the glaze is bright and smooth, and the white is slightly green.The decoration is lively and full of vitality.The blue and blue flowers are grayish and have the effect of ink painting.Because of the small number of products passed down from the Qing Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the flower-and-bird jar is valuable and is an important material material for the study of the porcelain of the Shunzhi Dynasty.

blue-and-white jugThe height is 23.2 cm, the diameter is 4.9 cm and the support diameter is 8.9 cm.

The ampulla is shaped like a tower, with a lid on its mouth and flow, and is composed of a tower body shape, with a straight neck and a meandering flow connected to the abdomen and the abdomen.Each part of the pot body was decorated with a small nail pattern for 16 weeks.Tonnet applied white glaze, no recognition.

This pot modelling imitates the Tibetan silver cardia pot to burn from, the manufacture is exquisite, the novelty is unique, the blue and white hair color is rich and colorful.The decorative pattern has the strong minority nationality art style, is the fine article in the porcelain.

Blue-and-white landscape figure-covered jarThrough height: 23.7 cm, aperture: 23.1 cm, foot diameter: 14.2 cm

Can straight mouth, short neck, full circle.The cover is flat, slightly folded, with a ring grip.Canister body decoration green landscape figure pattern.Green flowers beautiful green, fresh and bright, with the artistic effect of ink painting.The picture is well-organized and three-dimensional.The literati in the painting, the old man alone fishing image vivid.It is the representative of the folk blue-and-white porcelain of Kangxi Dynasty.

Blue and white pheasant peony pattern phoenix tailHeight:46 cm, aperture: 21.5 cm, foot diameter: 13.7 cm

Zun open out, long neck, shoulder, belly, circle foot, commonly known as” phoenix tail. “Tongti green color and bright green.There are pheasant, peony and mountain stone in the upper and lower layers. The craftsmen use the technique of dividing water to show the layers of blue and white colors and patterns, and the rhythm and beauty of fresh and bright color order changes, which make the porcelain painting and decoration obtain the artistic effect of ink and wash painting.

blue-and-white vase with dragon patternHeight: 23.5 cm, aperture:4 cm, foot diameter: 6.1 cm

The bottle mouth is slight, short neck, round shoulder, below shoulder gradually close, circle foot.The bottle body draws the dragon 2, spreads the tooth to dance the claw, the dragon body curls, the mighty fierce.The foot has the blue-and-white script “Daqing Kangxi year” six-character funds.

This bottle has a straight and straight shape, which is a good work in the Qinghua of Kangxi official kiln.

Imitation into a variety of blue and white tuan phoenix cupQing Kangxi, aperture 9 cm, foot diameter 3.9 cm, height 13 cm

The cup is open, the body is thin and long, circle foot.The cup body draws three group phoenix lines, near the bottom draws the reef sea water lines.Foot green flower double circle inside the book “daming into a new year” three lines of six-character regular script.

This cup is a fine imitation of the Qing Kangxi porcelain, fine quality of the fetus, decorative composition of dense, blue and white elegant quiet, highly decorative.

blue-and-white flower-and-bird bowlQing Kang Xi, height 7.8 cm, aperture 15.3 cm, foot diameter 7.2 cm

Bowl pier type, open, deep abdomen, circle foot.There are two string lines along the mouth and the foot wall, and the two-line six-character regular script for the two-line book “Daqing Kangxi” in the bottom of the double circle.

The outer wall of the bowl is decorated with blue and white flowers, painted with two pheasants and two swallows, lined with rocks, peonies and magnolia.A pair of pheasants stood on the rocks and looked out over them.Twin swallows fly up and down, very dynamic.The rocks are depicted in blue and white, and the water separation method is used to represent yin and yang to the back.Peony flowers with more colors, red, yellow, green, lilac and other colors, colorful and gorgeous.This adornment theme implies” jade hall is rich “,” happy report spring comes”.

blue color landscape bowlHigh 5.5 cm, diameter 10 cm, foot diameter 3.9 cm

The bowl has a deep belly and a round foot.The inner wall is not decorated, one side of the outer wall is painted with blue color landscape, the other side is painted with ink seven-character poems two sentences: “the same color of the south mountains, green sea green boundless”.One seal was printed on the upper part of the poem. The lower part of the poem was printed on the seal book of “Shougu”. The lower part was printed on the seal book of “Shan Gao” and “Shui Chang” in the upper part of the poem.

The painting of this bowl is very delicate, in the history of the Yongzheng enamel porcelain among the top.In particular, the bowl wall with blue color painting, the picture of the towering Fengling, pine and cypress green, fishing sails point, landscape color, profound artistic conception.The space above the river water inscribes seven words poem two sentences, poetic and pictorial meaning, mutually complement each other.

As far as we know, in Yongzheng enamel colored porcelain which has been handed down from generation to generation, there are only two kinds of porcelain painted in blue, except for the collection of the Palace Museum in Taipei. In a collection of ceramics published in Japan, a blue-colored landscape teapot was found at the Copenhagen Museum in Denmark.

blue-and-white peach-bat vaseHeight: 39.3cm, aperture: 10cm, foot diameter: 12.3cm

The bottle has a long, thin neck, and the bottom of the abdomen is converging, and the outside of the foot is turned out.The bottle body is decorated with peach tree as the theme,9 peach trees bearing fruit,20 peach blossoms, painted under the tree ganoderma lucidum, bamboo, space painted bat 5.Each of the mouth, foot draw double-string lines a week.The foundation foot green flower double circle inside the regular script “big qing yongzheng year” six characters money.

Yongzheng Guan kiln porcelain is famous for its elegant appearance and fine workmanship.This bottle has beautiful shape, fine composition and exquisite workmanship.The blue-and-white painting style imitates Ming Yongle and Xuande style, imitates the iron crystal spot with the heavy-colored pen, and reveals the simple and vigorous wind in the beautiful.In the pattern peach, peach, peach branches, bats, ganoderma lucidum, bamboo, etc., in the traditional culture all belong to the auspicious pattern, meaning good luck.This vase is the outstanding work of blue-and-white porcelain in Yongzheng Guan Kiln.

blue-and-white vase with red bamboos and plums in the glazeHeight: 26.5 cm, aperture: 8.9 cm, foot diameter:11 cm

The bottle is closed, short-necked, full-shouldered, under the abdomen gradually, the circle is out of the foot.Foot blue and white script “daqing yongzheng year” six-character money.

This bottle is beautiful and adorned with a picture of the three friends of old and cold.The picture is painted with green flowers in turquoise blue plum tree branches, pine needles, bamboo and rocks, with a slightly darker glaze red depicting the old pine and the proud plum blossom, especially in the picture of bamboo leaves composed of a five-word poem: “Bamboo has sky potential, Cangsong bear year cold, plum blossom Kui Wanhui, three friends four when Huan.” To poetry painting, painting Tibetan poetry, ingenuity.

The “Three Friends of the Year” pattern painted by this instrument is a common decorative theme in Ming and Qing porcelain.The pine tree is not old, the bamboo has the gentleman’s wind, the plum blossom Ling Shuang high snow, the ancient literati poet many with the pine bamboo plum high breeze bright knot self-allegory.

Blue and white eight treasure hook cloud pattern high foot cupQing Yong Zheng, height 8 cm, aperture 9 cm, foot diameter 3.8 cm

Swallow cup, curved abdomen, high foot.In the cup light element, outside draws the blue and white flower to decorate, respectively for Yuntuo eight treasures, tangles the branch flower.Foot edge department green flower “big qing yongzheng year” six-character script.

This high-foot cup is an imitation of Ming-hua style of the same apparatus, its blue-and-white tone light, pattern light drawing, lines thin clear, glaze white, is a successful imitation of Ming-hua eight-treasure high-foot cup.

Sautéed Peach Disc with Blue and White CraneQing Yong Zheng, height 5.1 cm, aperture 21.5 cm, foot diameter 13.5 cm

The mouth of the disk is slightly flabby, arched abdomen, and circled feet.Decoration of blue and white flowers inside and outside the disk.A peach tree adorns the dish, bearing nine peaches.The outer wall draws 8 flying cranes, between takes the ribbon cloud grain, near the bottom place is the sea water river line.Outsole double circle inside “big qing yongzheng year” six-character script.

This piece of ware is rich and colorful, the lines are smooth, the decorative meaning is auspicious, it is the instrument of the emperor’s birthday.

blue-and-white sea pomegranate jarQing Yong Zheng, height 19.4 cm, diameter 5.2 cm, foot diameter 6.3 cm

Bottle is washed mouth, long neck, abundant shoulder, double through ear, upper abdomen round drum, lower abdomen gradually come in, shallow circle foot.White glaze slightly green, blue and gray blue, halo.Neck adorn sea water grain, ear draw back grain, shoulder and shin adorn banana leaf grain, abdomen draw entwined branch pomegranate grain.Outsole green flower double circle inside “big qing yongzheng year” double line six-character script.

The blue-and-white hair color, glaze, decorative and modelling are modeled after the Ming-Xuande period of the blue-and-white tube-ear bottle, very close to the true, the future also had the shape of this organ.

Yongzheng imitation Xuande blue-and-white glaze red phoenix through peony cover tinQing Yong Zheng, the height of 28.7 cm, aperture 12.5 cm, foot diameter 11.2 cm

Can straight mouth, round lips, short neck, straight abdomen, circle foot.Cover the dome, the mouth, the bead button.The body is decorated with blue-and-white glaze with red lines.The cover surface and pot abdomen are painted with red in glaze—————————————————————————————————————————————————Outsole green double circle inside the book “da ming xuande year” six-character model book copy.

The design of this jug is festive and auspicious, the phoenix mouth with wings flies peonies in the fresh flowers.The elegance of the blue and white flowers and the warmth of the red glaze balance the vision just right, the theme.This kind of canister is also called Zhuangtun. It was created in Xuande period of Ming Dynasty, and was imitated in Yongzheng and Qianlong periods of Qing Dynasty.

blue-and-white lotus thimble with eight-treasure pattern and tubular ear vaseHeight:60 cm, aperture: 13.5 cm, foot diameter: 18.9 cm

Bottle straight mouth, thick long neck, neck decoration on both sides of symmetrical through ears, folded shoulder, under the shoulder gradually, circle foot.The mouth draws the sea water and Ruyi lines, each ear draws the lotus one, the middle of the neck draws the leaf pattern, the neck underside draws the banana leaf, the rolling grass grain, the shoulder draws the leaf and the sea water grain, the abdomen theme pattern draws the Ruyi grain and the lotus to eight treasure lines, near the bottom draws the deformation lotus leaf pattern.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Qianlong year” six-character money.

This bottle is tall and primitive shape, blue and white hair gorgeous, decorative painting, pattern layout are typical Qianlong blue and white style, is a fine court furnishings porcelain.

Qinghua Shoushan Fuhai pattern flower mouth bottleHeight: 25.5 cm, aperture: 7.5 cm, foot diameter: 10.8 cm

Bottle mouth, melon-shaped neck, shoulder, round abdomen, circle foot slightly out.The neck draws the fold branch flower, the abdomen draws a peach tree, on the branch has several longevity peach, under the tree draws the mountain stone and the river cliff sea water grain, the space draws the flying bat, near the bottom draws the deformation Ruyi head and the folding branch lotus grain each week.Qinghua seal book of foot “big qing qianlong year” six-character.

The design of this bottle is wonderful, the blue and white flowers are strong and showy, and it has the artistic effect of imitating the Ming Dynasty and Xuanqing.The decoration is a auspicious pattern, which means” Shoushan Fuhai “.

Garlic bottle with flower and fruit patternHeight: 28cm, aperture: 3.7 cm, foot diameter: 8.6cm

Bottle mouth introverted, showing garlic-like, straight neck, shoulder, down, outside the foot circle.The abdominal motif was painted with 6 groups of frilled flowers and fruit patterns, supplemented by reprint, twining flowers, Ruyi lines, lotus-leaf patterns and sea water patterns.The pattern decoration layout is dense, the blue and white flower is beautiful, the painting work is fine.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Jiaqing” six-character money.

This vase has beautiful shape, and the decorative painting method is similar to the blue-and-white garlic bottle in Qianlong Dynasty. It is an excellent work in early Qing Dynasty.

Blue and white phoenix through peony potHeight: 37.5 cm, aperture: 15.5 cm, foot diameter: 15.4 cm

Canister straight mouth, shoulder slip, round abdomen, circle foot, cover, cover dome, bead button, cover and jar mother mouth.Cover painting tangled branches peony flower and deformation Ruyi lines, pot hole painting flower 4 groups, two opposite, belly theme pattern full of painted phoenix wearing peony pattern.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Daoguang” six-character money.

The body of this jar is thick and thick. The blue and white flowers are bright and bright. The patterns are clear and lively. The phoenix pattern is unrestrained and concise.The modeling and painting style of this jar have distinct characteristics of the times.

Blue and white eight treasure hook lotus pattern binaural vaseThe height is 37.1 cm, the diameter is 8.5 cm, the foot diameter is 9.5 cm

Bottle mouth, long neck, shoulder, oval abdomen, circle foot, neck decorated with symmetrical double Ruyi ears.The mouth draws Ruyi head grain, the neck draws the fold branch lotus flower, the bottom draws the back line, the shoulder draws the bat and the fold branch lotus grain, the neck and the shoulder is separated by the back grain, the bottom draws the deformation Ruyi head grain a week, the abdomen theme pattern draws the eight baobaolian lotus grain, the near bottom draws the deformation lotus valve.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Daoguang” six-character money.

This bottle has a dignified and steady shape, and the blue and white flowers are beautiful in color. The decorative patterns are not messy. The patterns are neat and clear. The theme is prominent. It is an excellent work in the blue and white porcelain of the Taoguang.

blue-and-white eight-treasure flower potHeight:17 cm, aperture: 22.3 cm, foot diameter: 13.3 cm

Pelvic mouth rhombus-shaped, slightly turned, short neck, round abdomen, the bottom has 4 Ruyi-shaped feet.The neck and abdomen are divided into eight-treasure pattern, eight-treasure draw between the lotus flower, foot outside the wall drawing and flower pattern.There is no recognition of white glaze in the foot.

This is the standard style of the late Qing Dynasty flowerpot, the body is thick, the shape is full of primitive simplicity, blue and white gorgeous pan-purple, the pattern arrangement is orderly, is the Xianfeng dynasty blue and white porcelain in the fine.

Blue and white bamboo and stone jade pot, spring vase with banana pattern.Height: 28.5 cm, aperture: 8.6 cm, foot diameter: 11.5 cm

Bottle skimming mouth, long neck, round abdomen pendulous, circle foot slightly high micro outside.Neck painted banana leaf, bottom painted grass and deformation Ruyi head lines, abdominal motif painted bamboo, plantain, cave stone, flowers and railings, near the bottom painted deformation lotus, foot painted pattern.There are green flower script “Daqing Xianfeng year” six-character money.

This bottle has beautiful shape and smooth lines.The neck becomes thick short, abdomen enlarges, it is the standard pattern of jade jug spring bottle in late Qing Dynasty.Its blue and white hair color tends to be elegant, decorative layers, composition, although not as beautiful as Kangxi, Yongzheng Dynasty blue and white, but also exquisite.Xianfeng official kiln is a representative work of Qinghua of Xianfeng official kiln.

blue-and-white daffodils potLength: 21.5 cm, width: 16.5 cm

The basin was oblong, its mouth slightly turned, its straight belly, its flat bottom, and its four corners, each with one foot.A week of deformation along the mouth, along the edge of drawing grass lines, four sides of the abdomen drawing a group of daffodils.At the bottom of the heart is a four-character seal book, “body and temple system”.

This basin embryo bone is thick, the blue flower hair color is light elegant, the flower painting is delicate and soft, the flower, the branch vein is clear, is elegant and light, is the Qing Tongzhi dynasty court use implement exquisite work.

blue-and-white dragon pattern vaseHeight: 39cm, aperture: 10cm, foot diameter: 13cm

Bottle skimming mouth, long neck, shoulder, round abdomen, lower abdomen gradually, circle feet slightly high, commonly known as” bottle. “The neck is decorated with clouds and dragons, the abdominal theme is painted with two-dragon beads, the bottom is painted with river cliffs and sea water lines, the outer wall of the foot is painted with lines for a week, and the edges of the mouth and feet are decorated with two lines.The foot has the blue-and-white script “Daqing Tongzhi year” six-character funds.

Appreciation of the bottle more than winding the lotus for decoration, painting the very rare dragon lines, so this bottle is more precious.

blue-and-white tangled lotus pattern vaseHeight: 38cm, aperture: 7cm, foot diameter: 13cm

Bottle skimming mouth, long neck, shoulder raised chord lines, round abdomen, circling feet slightly higher and slightly outward.The main motif is painted with green flowers and entwined with clematis, supplemented by sea water, Ruyi Yuntou, banana leaves, back lines, deformed lotus petals and honeysuckle patterns.The foot has the blue-and-white script “Da Qing Guangxu year” six-character money.

The emperor of Qing Dynasty used special bottle to reward the meritorious minister, beginning with Yongzheng, finally Xuantong, its tool type has a certain rule.This bottle is very delicate, is a standard official kiln.

blue-and-white children’s play picture bowlQingguang xu, height 7.4 cm, aperture 15.5 cm, foot diameter 5.8 cm

Bowl skim, arched belly, ringed feet.The outer wall is decorated with cyan, gray and blue hair, and each side of the mouth and foot wall has a double ring of cyan.The outer wall draws two group baby play pictures, the baby or wears the belly bag, or wears the wide clothing fat trousers, plays, is naive lovely.The two groups were separated by trees, rocks and flowers.Outside has green flower “big qing guangxu year” six character regular script.

It is one of the typical patterns of porcelain decoration.The figure of baby play was first seen in Changsha kiln porcelain in Tang Dynasty.The figure of baby play appeared on the porcelain of Qing Dynasty, which was due to the stability of social life and the rapid growth of population in Kangxi Dynasty.Under that kind of background, the baby play picture becomes the art picture of the view, and causes the court art to be affected.Tongzhi, Guangxu period baby play map is also seen.

blue-and-white flying bat pencil holderHigh 16.5cm, diameter 12.1cm, foot 12.1cm

The pen tube is cylindrical, the oral diameter is similar, the bottom center of the micro-concave, blue-and-blue ash.The outer wall of the pen barrel is painted with a peach tree. There are nine big peach trees on the branches. Under the trees, there are painted mountains and rocks, bamboo and bamboo patterns. Near the bottom, there are painted rivers and cliffs and sea lines. The space is painted with five bats. There are clouds floating in the sky.This kind of auspicious decorative meaning “Shoushan Fuhai”, is the Qing Dynasty porcelain on the common decorative subject matter.Under the central blue-and-white two-column regular script “Changchun palace system” four-character funds.

The decorative painting of this instrument has the typical style of late Qing Dynasty.