Collection | Appreciation of Qianlong Porcelain in Qing Dynasty at the Palace Museum (4)


powder enamel four-season landscape cover can

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 19.2cm, diameter: 7cm, foot diameter: 7cm

The opening of the jar is introverted, the shoulder is enlarged, and the bottom of the shoulder is convergent, and the circle is full.Canister with two sections of tower-type hollowed-out gold tracing cover.Can body light pink on the ground painted tangled branches lotus lines, around the abdomen round open light, painting the four seasons landscape character landscape.Douban green glaze inside the circle, the outer base of the green “Qing Qianlong year” six-character three-line seal.

In the Qing Dynasty porcelain pattern to open the light method to use more, in the powder enamel porcelain is very common.Most of the Qianlong Dynasty used four round open light, and flexible, the theme is prominent.This pot has a novel shape and beautiful color, especially the hollowed-out cover, which is exquisite and exquisite.The landscape and scenery painted in Kaiguang are far-reaching in artistic conception, pleasant in scenery and exquisite in pen meaning, which shows the high level of porcelain painting in Qianlong Dynasty.

powder enamel carved citron plate with lotus leaf

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 3.8 cm, length: 15.7 cm, width: 10.5 cm

Kiyomiya Ozō

Disc is lotus-leaf shape, leaf surface rolling ups and downs, leaf stalk from the back of the leaf branch and up, leaf edge on the plastic bud and lotus, lotus cover has movable lotus seeds, the bottom of the device stick to the snails and rhombus-shaped feet.Four-character version of the book “qianlong year” in qinghua seal.

The so-called “citron plate” refers to the ancient study of a small set of fruit plates, often placed in the yellow citron or Buddha hand in which can emit a pleasant aroma, adding a lot of elegance.The shape, glaze color are deliberately imitated in nature, the color and texture are quite real, natural and vivid, reflecting the high level of porcelain molding and firing technology at that time.

Ji Lan Di painted gold powder color poem with large vase with floral lines

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 64.7 cm, aperture: 22.2 cm, foot diameter: 20.4 cm

Bottle skimming mouth, long neck, six-sided melon ringed abdomen, circling feet.White glazes are applied inside and outside.The outer mouth, neck and near foot are covered with gold and blue glaze and covered with golden branches with Ruyi cloud head, roll grass and back lines.The three sets of broken branches of flowers and the imperial poems of Qianlong were arranged alternately, and the lines were written in ink color. At the end of the lines, there were six alum red-colored seals of Qian Long, Chen Han, Wei Jing, Yi De, Bi De and Lang Run.White glaze is applied inside the circle foot.Nothing is known.

This bottle is tall in shape and difficult to make, which reflects the high technical skill of imperial kiln porcelain making.Bottle decorative poetry and painting between the wrong order, gorgeous color, quite interesting.

antique copper-colored halberd

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 28.4 cm, diameter: 14.6 cm, foot diameter: 14.6 cm

Respectively broad mouth, drum abdomen, circle foot outside turn.All around the body of the halberd, bronze for the ground, with turquoise glaze, gold and silver, interiors decorated with bronze rust.Outside the bottom of the Yangwen seal book, “Qing Qianlong year,” three lines of six-character, the periphery of the two columns gold.

No matter the shape or color of the porcelain, it is intended to imitate bronze, so that people can not only tell whether it is porcelain or copper naked eye, this glaze is a newly created glaze of the Qianlong period.

powder enamel hollowed-out vase with cloud and dragon lines and phoenix ears

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 30cm, aperture: 6.5 cm, foot diameter: 9.8cm

The bottle is slender, open, shoulder-slip, and divided into two sections from the shoulder.The mouth, neck and shoulders are eight-sided petal-shaped, decorated with blue ground pink flower patterns, the neck on both sides of the plastic gold-colored phoenix ears.In the middle of the bottle, Shi Song stone-green glaze embossed cloud and dragon patterns, up and down decorated with purple pink lotus patterns.Through the hollowed-out can be seen inside the bottle painted red bat lines.The foot is decorated with a lotus flap and connected with a black paint-like gold base.The “Qianlong-year” four-character seal style is described by the Foot Bureau.

This bottle is made by firing, the craft level is extremely excellent, the decoration technique is wonderful and unique, the craftsmanship is unique.

green powder enamel chrysanthemum stone pattern teapot

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height:13 cm, aperture: 6.5 cm, foot diameter: 9.2 cm

The pot is flat, the crank, the short stream, the circle foot.The pot cover is raised, the golden-colored pearl top, the pot mouth is along, the cover is decorated with Phnom Penh.Pot-pass body decorated with green pastel pattern, two sides of the abdomen decorated with rectangular open light, painted paint painted chrysanthemum, mountain stone, Ganoderma lucidum pattern.The bottom pine stone green glaze red color “big qing qianlong year” six-character seal book.

This pot is exquisite in shape, elegant in color and elegant in taste.

Paint hollowed out flat chi pattern like ear-turned bottle

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 33.1 cm, aperture: 7.2 cm, foot diameter:11 cm

The bottle is open, necked, bellied, and ringed.Each side of the neck has an image of the first bottle ears.The outer neck of the bottle is decorated with yellow ground rolling road powder-colored lotus pattern, the abdomen is decorated with pure blue tracing gold butterfly hook lotus pattern, the four sides are round open light inside carved green flat chi pattern, the foot is decorated with yellow ground rolling road powder-colored cloud head pattern.The whole organ is treated in the neck and abdomen as the outer coat and the inner bottle.The bottle neck is connected with the inner bottle, which can be rotated, and the bottle case can be filled with white ground powder to paint the children’s play.Shisong green glaze on the inner wall of the bottle.Under the foot Shi Song stone green glaze red-colored “Qing Qianlong year” seal book.

The decoration and beautification of porcelain objects with hollowed-out were commonly used in Qing Dynasty, especially in Kang, Yong and Qian dynasties.Due to the difficulty in making hollowed-out porcelain, high technical requirements, low yield, and the need for careful design of hollowed-out parts, the successful firing of a large number of hollowed-out porcelain in the Qing Dynasty fully demonstrated the superior level of porcelain firing skills during this period.

powder enamel carved duck

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 9.4cm, base length: 10cm

The porcelain duck protrudes head to lie down, the mouth rolls the tongue, one wing raises, the tail feather is upturned.The whole body is white in powder enamel, pale gray in wings and tail feathers, yellow in beak and webbed, and black in eye.The head, neck and abdomen are grated with feathers, while the back, wings and tail feathers are raised.Lower abdomen and sole flat, no recognition.

All kinds of porcelains with animal shape are complicated in production technology, and the traditional molding techniques include molding, sculpture, kneading and splicing.The duck is one of the bionic porcelain carvings made by the imperial kiln in Qianlong period.

powder enamel flower protruding three baby’s playing bottle

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height:21 cm, aperture: 5.8 cm, foot diameter: 7.6 cm

The bottle has three flaps, long neck, round abdomen and round feet.Inner wall stony green glaze.The mouth and feet are decorated with red glaze edges, and the outer body is painted with pink flower patterns on white glaze.Stick to the outer wall to build a pile of plastic three babies play.Three babies either climb or stand and play with red ribbons that are also stacks of plastic on their bottlenecks.Bottle base Shi Song stone green glaze white book “Daqing Qianlong year” six-character seal book.

“On April 26th, Bai Shixiu said that the eunuch Hu Shijie had passed on: He had burned three sons and five sons’ bottles according to Tang Ying’s previous work, as well as 50 pieces of bottles and so on. The three-son bottle should be the one mentioned in the file. Qianlong had produced the three-son bottle at least twice before.

The combination of painting and stucco is an innovative technique of porcelain pattern decoration in Qing Dynasty, which was widely used throughout the Qing Dynasty, especially in Qianlong.This bottle sculpture technique is delicate and vivid, the color is pure and elegant, stacks the baby to make the bottle body to separate the unique, quite interesting.

Green Flower Eight Immortals Cross the Sea Gourd Bottle

Qinɡ Qianlonɡ

Height: 57.5 cm, aperture: 15.5 cm, foot diameter:21 cm

The bottle is shaped like a gourd, with a short, straight neck and round feet.White glaze is applied inside, and the outer wall is decorated with blue and white flowers.The neck is arranged symmetrically with phoenix’s ear, and the lines of cloud, jade, banana leaf and back are painted.The upper abdomen painting auspicious cloud bat pattern, the lower abdomen painting theme pattern “eight immortals cross the sea”.Eight Immortals dressed in colorful clouds, foot-trod Xiangyun walk in the sea.Four bat lines on the side of the bottle.White glaze is applied inside the circle foot.Three lines of six-character edition of the Qing Dynasty’s Qianlong School.