Ceramics | Appreciation of Pottery and Porcelain in the Palace Museum of Beijing. Qing Dynasty Porcelain (3)

Enamel colored wrapped garlic bottle, Qing Qianlong,18 cm high,2.6 cm in diameter,5.5 cm in full diameter.
The mouth of the bottle is garlic-shaped, long neck, shoulder, fat abdomen, circle foot.Green glaze is applied in the inner wall of the bottle and in the foot of the ring.The body is made of gold-painted brocade, on which various kinds of tapestry flowers are painted in enamel and colorful.The mouth, foot and neck are decorated with many golden colors, which are more brilliant and elegant.Outside bottom two sides frame book blue color seal book “Qianlong year” seal money.
Qianlong emperor of enamel porcelain treasure, enamel porcelain fired more than the number of two dynasties, more rich in shape, bottles have garlic bottles, double bottles, gourd bottles, double-ear bottles, teapots, boxes, plates, bowls and other utensils are significantly increased in number and style.The palace interior government enamel makes the talented person, the division of labor is more specific, the painter has the special work flower bird fish insect’s Yu province, is good at the figure flower’s Jin Tingbiao and so on.As Tao Ya put it, “From Qianlong to Qianlong, the red tape was too much, too much, too much, too much.”

Enamel color open light double halberd small bottle, Qing Qianlong, 8.9 cm high, diameter 1.4 cm, foot diameter 1.6 cm
Bottle small mouth slightly open, long neck, shoulder, oval abdomen, circumferential foot, neck decorated with double ears.Mouth, neck and double ears painted blue color roll grass, shoulder painted a purple red lotus petal pattern, the abdomen with green color roll tree pattern for the ground four open light.A group of open-light for the ellipse, inside with enamel painting riding cattle and herdsmen and mother-and-son cattle;Another group of Kaiguang round, inside with rouge painted landscape, the performance of alpine cottages, old man fishing alone.The outer wall of the circle painted a week of deformation Ruyi lines.Outsole blue material color bureau “qianlong year” four-character four-character script.
The technique of opening light in Qianlong period was used frequently in various kinds of objects, which made up of many changes such as dominant, dense and virtual, which greatly enriched the artistic expression.This bottle is small and exquisite, the decoration technique is novel, two and two corresponding open light forms different picture, has a unique style.

Enamel color baby’s double bottle, Qing Qianlong, 21.4 cm in height,9-5.2 cm in diameter,10-6 cm in foot diameter.
Bottle is double-connected, wash mouth, slip shoulder, shoulder convergence below, near the foot slightly out.The bottle has a double cover, covered with gold color, the cover with blue, red, yellow painted vertical leaf lines.The mouth and feet are all painted in pale green.The outer walls of the shoulders and circles are decorated with carmine embossing and ching.On one side are four babies and three sheep, meaning “three yangkai tai”;On the other hand, nine children play, including a child holding a treasure bottle, the bottle flew out of five red bats, meaning “blessing in front of the eyes.”Foreign bureau green flower seal book “big qing qianlong year” six words horizontal.
Twin bottles, also known as Hexanjuan bottles, was one of the popular bottle styles during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty.This bottle of warm color, decorative theme auspicious festival, especially the portrayal of young children is lovely.

Enamel colored mountain stone flower pattern vial, Qing Qianlong, height 9.1cm, diameter 1.6cm, foot diameter 2cm
Bottle small mouth, short straight neck, shoulder slip, shoulder protruding three nail, bottle body slender, upper abdomen round drum, lower abdomen obliquely, lie foot.White glaze is applied inside and outside and at the bottom of the bottle.The bottle is painted with stone, peach blossom and longspring flower, which symbolizes the celebration of a long life.The topic “long-day fragrant wind blowing”, falling “Jincheng”, “the rising sun” on both sides of the red print.Outsole book blue material color “qianlong year” four-character regular script.
This vase is painted on a silk-like glaze, with a light color, simple and fresh composition, and a legacy of Yongzheng enamel.

Enamel color open-light landscape poetry bottle, Qing Qianlong,26 cm high, diameter 12.1 cm, foot 12.1 cm
Bottle lotus mouth, neck, shoulder slip, round abdomen, feet slightly out.Shisong green glaze in mouth.The body has a multi-layer decoration: banana leaf pattern, Ruyi head, Kuilong and other embossed color decoration, the abdomen with green bean glaze plus golden milk nail pattern for the ground, there are four open light, internal painting Jingzhou Kaifu Temple Tower and surrounding mountain scenery and ink calligraphy Qianlong imperial poetry.One of the first names of the “River Road”: “Ask the wind a little to learn about Nong Sang Hou, look at the ancient Xin Guo Li Yue Pang. Mao Shi Quan poem is alone, offering Wang Des Guo is not equal. Shao Kai Cun store spring mist, Xue Hua Xi Qiao wild water Cong. Remembering my book book, a few more respect in the Ming window.” Qian Long Chenhan “,” “Only the essence” both sides Zhu Wen seal and calligraphy seal.Bottle bottom blue and white seal book “big qing qianlong year” three lines six words.
This bottle is decorated with multi-colored enamel and powder enamel, and it combines several kinds of decorative techniques such as rolling, embossing and color painting on the decorative techniques, which fully reflects the high level of porcelain-making in Qianlong Dynasty.

Enamel color wrapped lotus pattern double bottle, Qing Qianlong, 17.5cm high, diameter 6.8-4.8cm, foot diameter 7.5-5.1 cm
The bottle body double body unites posture, the wash mouth, the girdle neck, the slip shoulder, the round drum abdomen, the lower abdomen draws inside, the circle foot micro outward.The cover, the button, the edge and the mouth are painted with gold.Green bean glaze is applied in bottles and feet.The outside of the bottle is painted with blue and purple. The left and right sides of the bottle are interlaced with each other from cover to foot.Foreign department green flower “qianlong year of qing dynasty” single line six-character seal.
This bottle is exquisite in design, beautiful in shape, on the ground of rolling road color painting flower pattern has the effect of copper tire painting enamel.

Paint chrysanthemum quail picture porcelain snuff bottle, Qing Qianlong, through the height of 6.2 cm, abdominal diameter of 2.6 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
Smokepot small mouth, mouth along the application of gold glaze, with copper gold-plated chisel round cover.Short neck, tympanum, circling foot.General body application white glaze, the abdomen draws the chrysanthemum quail picture, is vivid and natural.The foot bottom has the red seal book “Qianlong year” four-character money.
The design on this cigarette bottle means” long-term peace and stability “.Screen layout, color elegant, the use of blue, red, yellow, green, ochre drawn from the various colors, the use of first outline and then fill in the method of color.The color is different in depth and has a three-dimensional effect.

Paint-opening baby play animal ear porcelain snuff bottle, Qingqianlong, through the height of 6.5 cm, abdominal diameter of 4.6 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
Cigarette pot is flat round body, thin neck with gold-plated copper round cover, with copper gold-plated spoon.Neck decoration hook gold return lines a week, the shoulders on both sides of the symmetrical animal ring ear decoration.Enamel color rolling through the lotus flower, the front of the round open light, inside painting baby play pictures, children’s God-shaped depiction of vivid nature, fine painting.Oval foot, full wall a week with gold painted drumsticks 12.Foot red color seal book “qianlong year” across the four-character.
This pot shape is neat, fine quality, pattern pattern is clear, the whole picture used red, pink, green, yellow, gold and other colors, color rich, thick and light appropriate, just right.Especially the powder color, enamel color and so on, making the bottle more precious.

Ceramic snuff bottle made of powder enamel, Qingqianlong,6 cm through height, 3.1 cm in abdominal diameter.Kiyomiya Ozō
Cigarette pot is a melon-shaped, thin neck, copper gold-plated chisel cover, with copper gold-plated spoon.The neck draws the blue color to return the grain, the neck, the shoulder adjusts the place to decorate the bead pattern a week, draws the deformation lotus petal grain below.The shoulders and abdomen are in the shape of six melon ridges.Melon edge rolling powder color folding flowers, light color elegant, fine pattern.Melon gap for coral red ground, up and down with gold-colored decoration, set off the rich and rich cigarette.Foot red color seal book “qianlong year” four-character.

Paint carved porcelain antique snuff bottle, Qingqianlong,8 cm through height,4.3 cm abdominal diameter.Kiyomiya Ozō
Cigarette in a flat shape, porcelain cover, with bamboo spoon.Kudong body engraved lines, on the furnace, bottles, ganoderma lucidum, teapot, Go, Ding and other decorative patterns, commonly known as” Bogutu “, red, green, purple, blue, black and other colors.Foot double frame square inside red color seal book “Qianlong year” four-character money.
The history of porcelain carving can be traced back to the Western Jin Dynasty, and the art of porcelain carving was more advanced in the Qianlong period.The carving technique of this pot is exquisite, the line is smooth, it is the top work in the porcelain snuff bottle of Qianlong dynasty.

Paint-painted gold letter type gold bell cage,14 cm high, 20.5 cm long and 11.7 cm wide.
Cage rectangular, shaped like tapestry book set in the thread-bound letter.On the letter is a double-arched, rectangular stone seal and a porcelain round ink box.Under the seal there is a recumbent groove and a hollow letter box, through which can be fed to the golden bell and other songworms.There are cherries, peanuts, lotus seeds, melon seeds, such as raw porcelain fruit, the bottom of the box has 5 holes to communicate with the box, the lid can be removed after the cage can hear the sound of insects.The letter-type golden bell cage is not only a writing room furnishings, but also a small cage for feeding songworms.
Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory in Qianlong of Qing Dynasty often used powder enamel to decorate porcelain handicrafts, this letter-type golden bell cage is one of the best works.
The inscription on the letter-type Jinzhong cage is written in Chinese calligraphy “Leshan Tang”, which is made in imitation of “Yue Shan Tang Jin Ji”.

Wood-grain glaze powder colored peony school ink bed, Qingqianlong, 4.8 cm high, 8.8 cm long and 4.2 cm wide.
The ink bed imitates wood several styles, the ink bed and the four sides apply the sauce brown imitation wood grain glaze, the bed surface decoration white ground powder color peony grain, the bed side adheres the plastic powder color book roll, also like the bed sets the pillow, may provide the wet ink to rely on.
The porcelain ink bed of Qianlong Dynasty in Qing Dynasty was made up of bamboo-wood glaze and furniture-style. Its shape was beautiful and novel. The glaze was used to imitate the texture of bamboo-wood ware, and it was decorated with multicolored and pastel colors, which made it a kind of elegant and beautiful art play.

Powder color open-out flower pattern lamp shade, height 29.7 cm, diameter 10.8 cm, foot diameter 11.2 cm
The lampshade has a straight mouth, a long abdomen, and a round foot.Shape like a lantern, hollow, mouth-to-mouth communication.The mouth, the foot each draws yellow ground powder color flower pattern a week, shoulder, the tibia all applies the red hollowed-out deformation banana leaf grain, the abdomen is the hollowed-out green land powder color money pattern to the red bat, each side each has an opening light, opens the bright white ground powder color four seasons flower butterfly insect pattern.Brilliant all around apply blue ground pink color twine branch chrysanthemum pattern a week.
This hollowed-out flower pattern lampshade has excellent workmanship, exquisite hollowed-out technique, rich and colorful decorative colors, the picture is lively and interesting, and the candlelight reflects the opening of the light through the gap, which looks like a beautiful Chinese painting.This is a practical and ornamental pastel china treasures.

Paint-like porcelain fruit plate, height 6.5 cm, aperture 22 cm, foot diameter 12.3 cm
Fold the edge, flat bottom, full circle.Pan-heart climb a crab, scattered around walnut, red dates, litchi, water chestnut, pomegranate, peanuts, lotus seeds, melon seeds, cherries, and so on.At the edge of the plate, the pattern of lotus twining was printed, and the “Qianlong year of Qing Dynasty” in the ring-foot seal book was six-character.
This piece is like raw porcelain fruit tray bionic effect is consummate, the fruit of the plate is not only very similar to the physical objects, and all have auspicious meaning, such as crab meaning “a”, that is, imperial examination first;Lychee tree has” after more than four hundred years can also be strong, “said the symbol of longevity;Walnut, pomegranate is the symbol of many sons and many blessings;And jujube, peanut, melon seed and so on implied meaning “early birth of your son”.

Large glazed vase of all colors, 86.4 cm high, 27.4 cm in diameter and 33 cm in foot diameter.

This bottle is a collection of various techniques and techniques in the past century.Such a large number of glaze, color, formula and firing temperature are different, under the glaze, glaze and high temperature, low temperature and different requirements, repeatedly into the kiln firing, the process is extremely complex.And such a variety of glaze, decoration and arrangement of the master-slave coordination, staggered, thick and light, orderly.This bottle has the features of bold shape, elaborate decoration, gorgeous color and wonderful workmanship, and its burning marks a new peak in ancient China’s porcelain-making technology.

Powder color like fruit, high-foot disk,13 cm high,17.3 cm diameter,8.7 cm foot diameter
Disk open, curved wall, thin bottom, underside with horn-shaped hollow high feet.Pine green glaze is applied both in the plate and in the high foot. The outer wall of the plate is covered with coral red glaze.Placed in the plate with the plate burning together with the powder painted sculpture fruit, in the middle is a orange-style box, surrounded by walnut, mulberry, cherry, water chestnut, pomegranate, orange, dates, gingko, and so on.Orange-type box also Shi Song Shi green glaze.The foot inside leaves white inside a rectangle to have the blue and white seal book “big qing dynasty qianlong year” horizontal edge six characters.
During the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, China’s porcelain-making technology reached its highest peak in history.Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory has made a batch of porcelain that imitates various handicrafts, plants and animals, and fruit products, both in shape and texture, and sometimes can’t distinguish between true and false even with the naked eye, just as Zhu Yan “Tao” said in the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty: “The peak gold, silver, ashlar, painting, Luodian, bamboo wood, pao li, all works, all take pottery as their model, and Xiao.” In this disk of elephant fruit shape force zodiac, true texture, real, exquisite, skillful.When Qianlong, the imperial kiln elephant porcelain still has conch, clam, cage, chicken, duck, elephant, crane, residual lotus, ganoderma lucidum and so on, the modelling proportion is accurate, lifelike.

Paint hollowed-out centripetal bottle, height 40.2 cm, diameter 19.2 cm, foot diameter 21 cm
Bottle mouth out, short thick neck, the neck on both sides of the plastic like ears, shoulder, belly, circle foot.The inner cover of the bottle is always a small abdominal bottle, which is connected with the outer bottleneck and can be rotated.A small bottle of white glaze was painted on the ground.Bottleneck and shoulder two parts, each draw 12 open light, up and down opposite.In the opening light of neck, there are regular script “ten thousand years”,” Jia Zi “and seal book days dry name;The name of the local branch of the inner seal on the shoulder.The belly is decorated with yellow ground rolling road twining pattern, and hollowed out four groups of four seasons landscape open window, through the view window can see the baby play picture on the bottle, children or riding, or play Taiji flag, or hold umbrella cover, or beat drum, or play lanterns, a variety of ways.The image of the bottle ear, mouth edge and the edge of the hollowed-out window are applied gold.In the bottle Shi Song Shi green glaze.Qinghua seal book, “qing qianlong year” six-character.
This bottle can be rotated at the mouth and neck, especially in the neck and shoulder.The bottle body must be painted separately. During the process, the shrinkage ratio of each part should be controlled well, so as to avoid the mistakes after assembling, bonding and color-filling.The furnishings were specially made after the eight years of Qianlong (1743).

Powdered and enamelled vase with landscape pattern, 24.6 cm in height, 12.6 cm in diameter and 11.9 cm in foot diameter.
Bottle skimming, neck coring, belly tympanum, circle foot micro-scrunch.Each side of the neck is provided with a vertical band-shaped ear.In the bottle Shi Song stone green glaze, external body with powder and blue color decoration.Four sides of the abdomen circle white ground open light internal painting four seasons landscape map.Spring says: “Spring to the heart Rao Fu Li, Liu Yan Cangyu always pleasant.” Summer says: “The wind ZouGu pattern Yuan Yuanse, Xia heap peak potential Ming Chuan.” Autumn and winter in the two pictures of the five-word poem two sentences, Autumn: “The moon Wutong shadow, light wind Luo Xiang.” Winter: “Mei Zhang spring melt snow, pine window moon dragon dance.” Poems after all have the “Qianlong Chenhan” and Yin Wen “only fine into the” two square seal.The circle inside Shi Song Shi green glaze, outside the base of the Department of Qinghua seal book “Da Qing Qianlong year” six words three lines.Because the bottleneck is designed into a double-layer, the outer layer can be rotated, so called “turning neck bottle.”
In Qianlong, it was popular to use round open-light decoration on porcelain, so that the pattern of the first and second, and enhance the three-dimensional sense.This bottle in the appreciation of the four seasons of different open-light screen, through the rotation of bottlenecks so that the ears always in the front side of the position, the intention of ingenious, with no interest.

The four seasons landscape cover can is made of powder enamel, Qing Qianlong, the height is 19.2cm, the diameter is 7cm and the foot diameter is 7cm.
The opening of the jar is introverted, the shoulder is enlarged, and the bottom of the shoulder is convergent, and the circle is full.Canister with two sections of tower-type hollowed-out gold tracing cover.Can body light pink on the ground painted tangled branches lotus lines, around the abdomen round open light, painting the four seasons landscape character landscape.Douban green glaze inside the circle, the outer base of the green “Qing Qianlong year” six-character three-line seal.
In the Qing Dynasty porcelain pattern to open the light method to use more, in the powder enamel porcelain is very common.Most of the Qianlong Dynasty used four round open light, and flexible, the theme is prominent.This pot has a novel shape and beautiful color, especially the hollowed-out cover, which is exquisite and exquisite.The landscape and scenery painted in Kaiguang are far-reaching in artistic conception, pleasant in scenery and exquisite in pen meaning, which shows the high level of porcelain painting in Qianlong Dynasty.

Paint is hollowed out like an ear-turning bottle, Qing Qianlong, 33.1 cm high, diameter 7.2 cm, foot diameter 11 cm
The bottle is open, necked, bellied, and ringed.Each side of the neck has an image of the first bottle ears.The outer neck of the bottle is decorated with yellow ground rolling road powder-colored lotus pattern, the abdomen is decorated with pure blue tracing gold butterfly hook lotus pattern, the four sides are round open light inside carved green flat chi pattern, the foot is decorated with yellow ground rolling road powder-colored cloud head pattern.The whole organ is treated in the neck and abdomen as the outer coat and the inner bottle.The bottle neck is connected with the inner bottle, which can be rotated, and the bottle case can be filled with white ground powder to paint the children’s play.Shisong green glaze on the inner wall of the bottle.Under the foot Shi Song stone green glaze red-colored “Qing Qianlong year” seal book.
The decoration and beautification of porcelain objects with hollowed-out were commonly used in Qing Dynasty, especially in Kang, Yong and Qian dynasties.Due to the difficulty in making hollowed-out porcelain, high technical requirements, low yield, and the need for careful design of hollowed-out parts, the successful firing of a large number of hollowed-out porcelain in the Qing Dynasty fully demonstrated the superior level of porcelain firing skills during this period.

Paint hollowed-out bottle with cloud and dragon grain, Qingqianlong,30 cm high,6.5 cm diameter,9.8 cm foot diameter.

This bottle is made by firing, the craft level is extremely excellent, the decoration technique is wonderful and unique, the craftsmanship is unique.

The green space powder color opens the bright chrysanthemum stone pattern teapot, the Qing Qianlong, the through height 13 cm, the caliber 6.5 cm, the foot diameter 9.2 cm.
The pot is flat, the crank, the short stream, the circle foot.The pot cover is raised, the golden-colored pearl top, the pot mouth is along, the cover is decorated with Phnom Penh.Pot-pass body decorated with green pastel pattern, two sides of the abdomen decorated with rectangular open light, painted paint painted chrysanthemum, mountain stone, Ganoderma lucidum pattern.The bottom pine stone green glaze red color “big qing qianlong year” six-character seal book.
This pot is exquisite in shape, elegant in color and elegant in taste.

Celestial vase with a height of 51 cm, a diameter of 11.3 cm and a full diameter of 18 cm.
The bottle has a straight mouth, a straight neck, a round belly, and a recumbent foot.Painted with pastel colors.The bottle was painted with two young children playing under a pine, or setting off firecrackers, or beating drums, or blowing trumpets, or riding a horse, or raising flags, or carrying lanterns, the scene was very lively.Beside the stone with plum blossom lining, point out the theme of “making new spring”.Foreign department green flower “qianlong year of qing dynasty” six-character seal book.
This instrument is tall and steady, the number of baby play pictures is large, the scene is far better than the Qing Dynasty Kangxi, Yongzheng dynasty of the same decoration theme porcelain.

Paint carved porcelain duck, Qing Qianlong, high 9.4cm, bottom length 10cm.
The porcelain duck protrudes head to lie down, the mouth rolls the tongue, one wing raises, the tail feather is upturned.The whole body is white in powder enamel, pale gray in wings and tail feathers, yellow in beak and webbed, and black in eye.The head, neck and abdomen are grated with feathers, while the back, wings and tail feathers are raised.Lower abdomen and sole flat, no recognition.
All kinds of porcelains with animal shape are complicated in production technology, and the traditional molding techniques include molding, sculpture, kneading, splicing and so on.The duck is one of the bionic porcelain carvings made by the imperial kiln in Qianlong period.

Paint-opened figure teapot, Qingqianlong, 12.6cm high, diameter 5.5 cm, foot 6.3cm
This ampulla round drum, handle is ear-shaped, pot cover is covered with pot type, on the lotus pattern decoration button.The pot body to the rice-red phoenix tail pink flowers for the ground, is, on the back of each of a light.In the facade, the theme of “cooking tea in rain” is used to paint the scene of the characters cooking tea in the courtyard.On the back of the open light inked ink book imperial make a poem, the poem said: “Xi Yan mountain rain empty, raw clothes sitting willow wind alone. Bamboo furnace Ming Pangqingse, Mijia calligraphy and painting will not be the same. Loose wind in the fish eyes, ZhongLing Three Gorges how to distinguish. Fragrance Xianlu Qin poetry spleen, between the seats do not feel Fang turn. “The lid and the bottom of the pot are painted with gold.The Qinghua seal book “Qianlong year of Qing Dynasty” in the center of the pot bottom has three lines and six characters.
This pot shape plump, the line is round and ripe, the powder color is light elegant.The pattern is drawn from the Qing Dynasty Qianlong seven years (1742) imperial system “cooking tea in the rain pan-sleeper room has done” poetic, the picture composition is sparse, the description is exquisite, inscribes the poem calligraphy exquisite.Qianlong was an elegant emperor, leaving a wealth of poetry, from the official kiln teapot can be seen its literati interest.

Yellow ground powder color hook lotus pattern big respect, Qing Qianlong, high 56.3 cm, diameter 20.7 cm, foot diameter 29.3 cm
Respected mouth, short neck, shoulder, the abdomen sags plump, circle outside the foot.Sunnai Shi Song stone green glaze.The outer wall is made of yellow glaze and painted with powder enamel.Envelope inside Shi Song Shi Green Glaze, outside the blue and white “Qing Qianlong year” six-character three-line seal.
The magnificent color of this large body shows that the Qianlong Dynasty porcelain typical of the ostentatious and beautiful atmosphere.Its abdominal hook lotus lines pitch, back, scattered, elegant, different posture.Goulian pattern originated from the west and used in buddhist culture quite a lot. It gradually evolved into auspicious decorative pattern which symbolizes beauty and happiness. It was one of the typical patterns on porcelain in qianlong dynasty of qing dynasty.

Powder color baby play bottle, Qing Qianlong, high 19.3cm, diameter 5.5 cm, foot diameter 6cm.

The baby play in Qianlong period was mostly written by Jin Tingbiao, a painter who worshipped the Inner Court.Jin Tingbiao painted a variety of children’s gestures, hyperbole, the picture is more lively and pleasant atmosphere.The baby play is one of the traditional auspicious patterns in China, which is used to describe the beautiful scenery and peaceful times of Taoyuan, which is” yellow-haired and self-satisfied “.In the Qing Dynasty, through the management of Kang and Yong, the successful implementation of the two-thousand-year-old feudal economy was relatively resolved by the time of Qianlong, and articles and pictures about the glory of Emperor Qianlong appeared in large numbers. The baby play diagram on various handicrafts is one of its forms of expression.

Pink nine peach vase, Qing Qianlong, 64.7 cm tall, 22.2 cm in diameter, 20.4 cm in foot diameter.
Bottle straight mouth micro-turn, straight neck, full and round abdomen, circle foot.A picture of peach tree through the body of a tree, trunk strong, branches knotted flat peach 9, peach tree next to a cluster of roses.Foot book qinghua “qing qianlong year” six-character seal book.
There were a lot of auspicious decoration in the powder-colored porcelain of Qianlong period. Most of these subjects used natural scenery to symbolize good luck.Painting detail, clear level, content is the characteristics of the times.This bottle uses the rendering technique to paint peach solid, peach decoration color thick, the success displays the mature peach solid delicate color, the composition is dense has the result, forms the leaf to have the yin and yang to the back, the tree has the old branch new bud effect, is Qianlong powder enamel the representative work of the large pieces of utensils.
The nine-peach pattern decorative porcelain is the subject matter and style of official-style porcelain since Yongzheng, until Guangxu Dynasty there are still imitation.The nine peach patterns of the yongzheng dynasty may be found either in a powder-colored sky-ball vase, a powder-colored olive vase, or in an over-twig powder-colored disk.On all the powder-colored nine-peach pattern porcelain of Yongzheng, Qianlong and Guangxu periods, the patterns of the Yongzheng period were the most colorful and varied, and the painting level was the highest.

Sky blue ground open hollowed-out powder color turning bottle, Qing Kang Xi, high 73 cm, diameter 31 cm, foot diameter 28 cm
The bottle has a long neck and a golden round chile ear on both sides of the neck, a round drum on the shoulder, a round drum on the upper abdomen, the bottom of the bottle, and five round holes on the bottom of the bottle.The bottle is made up of neck, abdomen and base, fixed with copper rivet.The body with sky blue glaze for the ground, on the painting of green flowers flat chi pattern.Four sides of the abdomen open, hollowed-out Pink window, the bottle set in a bucket-style bottle, bottle body to paint the scenery of Western characters with Pink.The base of the bottle is lotus-shaped. The lotus-shaped flower is painted inside.”Qianlong year” four-character seal style in the cross-office of the outer bottom.
This bottle of sky blue glaze and gold, blue and white against each other, rich and elegant color, the structure of the bottle is ingenious, carving exquisite, reflects the Qianlong Dynasty porcelain industry peak level.

The powder enamel flower convex three baby play bottle, Qing Qianlong, height 21 cm, diameter 5.8 cm, foot diameter 7.6 cm.
The bottle has three flaps, long neck, round abdomen and round feet.Inner wall stony green glaze.The mouth and feet are decorated with red glaze edges, and the outer body is painted with pink flower patterns on white glaze.Stick to the outer wall to build a pile of plastic three babies play.Three babies either climb or stand and play with red ribbons that are also stacks of plastic on their bottlenecks.Bottle base Shi Song stone green glaze white book “Daqing Qianlong year” six-character seal book.
“On April 26th, Bai Shixiu said that the eunuch Hu Shijie had passed on: He had burned three sons and five sons’ bottles according to Tang Ying’s previous work, as well as 50 pieces of bottles and so on. The three-son bottle should be the one mentioned in the file. Qianlong had produced the three-son bottle at least twice before.
The combination of painting and stucco is an innovative technique of porcelain pattern decoration in Qing Dynasty, which was widely used throughout the Qing Dynasty, especially in Qianlong.This bottle sculpture technique is delicate and vivid, the color is pure and elegant, stacks the baby to make the bottle body to separate the unique, quite interesting.

Ancient bronze colored banana leaves with halberd glaze, Qingqianlong, 27.7 cm high, 17.5 cm diameter, 8.5 cm foot diameter.
Huagu imitation bronze modelling, each has a halberd on all sides.The body of the instrument is painted with bronze, and the part is decorated with gold color. The body of the instrument is stamped with banana leaf grain and the waist of the device is stamped with Kuiguan dragon pattern.The outer bottom print “the big qing dynasty qianlong year” three lines six character seal book.
The burning of ancient copper color is more complex, first in the high temperature to burn tea color glaze, and then painted on it gold and green rust spot color, and then into the kiln low temperature secondary firing, to achieve the effect of ancient mottling.The porcelains of the Qianlong period were excellent in imitation, especially the copperware.This flower vase is realistic in shape, simple in glaze color and clear in texture.

The powder enamel carving sets the lotus leaf citron disk, the Qing Qianlong, the height 3.8 cm, the length 15.7 cm, the width 10.5 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
The so-called “citron plate” refers to the ancient study of a small set of fruit plates, often placed in the yellow citron or Buddha hand in which can emit a pleasant aroma, adding a lot of elegance.The shape, glaze color are deliberately imitated in nature, the color and texture are quite real, natural and vivid, reflecting the high level of porcelain molding and firing technology at that time.

The printing ink bed of multicolored flowers and birds imitated bamboos is 2.5cm high, 8.6cm long and 4.3cm wide.Kiyomiya Ozō
Ink bed like bamboo bed, bed and four-foot application of light green glaze, decorated with brown and yellow spots, quite like mottled young bamboo.The bed is decorated with white and multicolored mountain stone flowers and birds pattern, the back of the book red color “Jiuwan Mountain House” four-character seal book.
This beautiful new shape, pleasing to the eye, soft and elegant glaze, as if the body exudes a natural fragrance, is a full charm of porcelain room appliances.

Ancient bronze color, 22.2 cm high, 13.2 cm in diameter and 11.7 cm in foot diameter.
Respecting the mouth, neck, belly drum, outside the foot circle, shoulder symmetrized with plastic percussion ear.This article is made of three lines of six words, “Qianlong year of Qing Dynasty”.
The porcelain production of Qianlong Dynasty was very popular for a time, and the special craft, such as imitation lacquer ware, imitation bamboo and wood ware, imitation antique bronze ware, imitation fruit, conch and so on, was developed in the production of porcelain.The imitation is not only similar in shape, but also in glaze color and texture.The innovation of this kind of porcelain-making technology was due to Tang Ying, then the governor of pottery and pottery.With cool and dull glaze as the base, yellow spots in the dark green background, rust and bronze on the unique decorative, fully show the characteristics of simplicity and elegance.

Flour blue glaze chicken-shaped smoke, Qing Qianlong,22 cm high
Smoke in the shape of a cock, as a recumbent look back.The bottom can be separated from the chicken body.General application of green glaze powder, no recognition.
In the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, in order to reflect the high level of porcelain making, the imperial kiln often made some practical ceramic sculptures, which is one of them.Chicken tail feather stretch, lifelike appearance, the use of hollow carving techniques.When incense, can put the spice in the base, the smoke from burning from the cock’s mouth and wings curled out, can be said to be the intention ingenious.Chicken and “Ji” homophonic, meaning auspicious, but also hinted that the emperor to “smell the chicken dancing” and hard-working.

Pine stone green glaze hollow basket, Qing Qianlong, 13.5 cm high, diameter 15.9 cm × 9.9 cm, foot diameter 5.8 cm × 4.4 cm
The basket is shaped like a treasure, wide mouth along, the ends of the upturned, short neck, flat round abdomen, circle feet slightly out.The mouth is decorated with 12 gold-colored living rings.The lifting beam is composed of two gold-colored rings and three hollowed-out flame-grain porcelain pieces.Foreign department rouge color “qianlong year of qing dynasty” three lines of six-character seal.Tong body Shi Song Shi green glaze, with hollow dragon wear pattern decoration.
During the Qianlong period, the production of porcelain collected the great achievements of famous kilns of the past dynasties, reached the peak of history, exquisite and wonderful artifacts emerged, and various handicrafts imitated by porcelain reached a disorderly degree.This flower basket glaze color and turquoise color little difference, and a large number of use of carving and ring technology, its exquisite amazing.

Antique copper-gold-glaze tripod furnace, Qingqianlong, 33.1 cm high and 14.9 cm diameter
Furnace imitation of copper censer style, embedded furnace cover, straight mouth, neck, corduroy, flat round abdomen, bottom bearing three columnar feet.The mouth along the line is printed in the Yangwen, “Qianlong year of the Qing Dynasty”, the six-character horizontal row seal book.The body uses the gold color, the decoration mold printing and the hollowed-out pattern.Cover surface is divided into 6, each round open light inside carving double chi pattern, open light top pattern deformation dragon pattern a week, cover button for hollowed-out lotus leaf pattern.Furnace neck and body of the three peach-shaped open-light internal embossing flat chi pattern, leg embossing deformation cicada pattern.
The decoration of the porcelain and porcelain began in the Tang Dynasty, and the Dingyao and Jianyao in the Song Dynasty were also fired. The use of the gold and porcelain was increased during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties.It was commonly used in Qing Dynasty to paint gold, dissolve gold powder into glue, add some lead powder, paint it on porcelain and bake it at low temperature, and finally use agate bar or quartz sand to make it glow.The furnace’s exquisite decoration, the body is covered with gold, fully shows the Qing Dynasty Qianlong period of superb antique ceramic technology.

Qingqianlong, 5cm in height, 3.3cm in diameter and 5cm in foot diameter.Kiyomiya Ozō
Shuicheng wash mouth, neck, flat round abdomen, under the abdominal tuft, circle foot, the foot of the Qinghua seal book “Qianlong year” four-character.The inside and outside of the utensil is coated with powder blue glaze, the shoulders are covered with dark printed Ruyi head pattern for a week, the abdomen is decorated with the dragon pattern, and the proximal foot is decorated with lotus leaf pattern for a week.
This water Cheng glaze surface is even, the glaze color is gentle and elegant clean, the modelling is unique, for the imperial stationery in exquisite work.

Factory official glaze sitting ear, Qing Qianlong,51 cm high, mouth diameter 24.5 cm, mouth longitudinal diameter 19 cm, foot transverse diameter 26.7 cm, foot longitudinal diameter 21 cm
Respecting ancient bronze modelling, oval mouth micro-scrunch, wide neck, bulging abdomen, circle out of the foot.Both sides of the neck are arranged symmetrically as perched ears.Respecting both inside and outside and inside the foot of the factory official glaze.The whole body is decorated with stripes.The outer bottom inscribes” the big qing dynasty qianlong year “three lines six character seal book.
Factory official glaze belongs to iron, magnesium crystal glaze, due to some differences in firing technology, its color has a variety of changes, such as crab shell color, commonly known as crab shell green, some like eel abdominal color, commonly known as eel yellow, some like tea into fine color, commonly known as tea.The glaze on this statue can be called tea-leaf glaze.

Pottery-changed double-ear chrysanthemum, Qingqianlong, 22.3cm high, diameter 18.2cm, foot diameter 11.6cm
Patron body chrysanthemum petal shape, mouth outside turn, thick long neck, flat shoulder micro arc, flat round abdomen, round foot outside turn, neck, shoulder symmetrical double chi ear.In the application of sky blue glaze, external glaze kiln change glaze, in addition to a small amount of blue shoulder outside, the rest are flame red.Foot paste glaze, printing “Qing Qianlong year” three lines of six-letter yin seal.
In the early period of Qianlong, the glaze kept the characteristic of “flame green” in Yongzheng, and then gradually changed into the patch and stripe of red, blue and moon-white, and the white and blue of the glaze was less in the later period of Qianlong, and most of them were red.
In the Qing Dynasty, the manufacture of porcelain was divided into round ware and cutters, among which round ware refers to bowls, plates, and cutters included various objects that needed to be carved and shaped.Although the statue can be classified as a round device, but the outer wall of the chrysanthemum pattern is to be carved, “ceramic map”, “round-area device drawing” note is” round device of the system is not, its square-shaped corner is inscribed with carved print pin. “This device’s chrysanthemum edge line is made of this process.

Yellow ground blue flower entwined branch lotus pattern cross Thai bottle, height 19.8cm, diameter 9.2cm, foot diameter 11.3cm.
Bottle skimming mouth, short neck, flat abdomen, circumferential feet.Through the body yellow ground blue and white for decoration, mouth, neck draw the banana leaf lines, lines;The abdomen is drawn up and down, the middle is hollowed-out with “T” pattern.A small bottle inside the bottle, the bottle body purple red, painted a plum tree.Bottle bottom turquoise greenbelt green flower seal book “big qing qianlong year” three lines six words.

Red plum vase with three-fruit pattern in glaze, Qing Qianlong, 29.6cm tall, 6.1cm in diameter and 11.2cm in foot diameter.
Bottle small mouth, short neck, shoulder, under the abdomen gradually convergent, circle foot.The whole body is decorated with red in glaze, painted plum, sea water, shoulder, shin and other painted lotus, banana leaf, vase decorated with broken peach, Buddha’s hand, and pomegranate.Three lines of six-character edition of the Qing Dynasty’s Qianlong School.
Three-fruit pattern is the traditional Chinese auspicious pattern, peach “longevity” meaning, the Buddha hand “Buddha” and “blessing” sound close, pomegranate meaning “many sons”, a” three more “, meaning” many years, many blessings, many sons”.

The blue-flowered lotus with eight-treasure pattern tubular ear bottle is 60 cm tall, 13.5 cm in diameter and 18.9 cm in foot diameter.
Bottle straight mouth, thick long neck, neck decoration on both sides of symmetrical through ears, folded shoulder, under the shoulder gradually, circle foot.The mouth draws the sea water and Ruyi lines, each ear draws the lotus one, the middle of the neck draws the leaf pattern, the neck underside draws the banana leaf, the rolling grass grain, the shoulder draws the leaf and the sea water grain, the abdomen theme pattern draws the Ruyi grain and the lotus to eight treasure lines, near the bottom draws the deformation lotus leaf pattern.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Qianlong year” six-character money.
This bottle is tall and primitive shape, blue and white hair gorgeous, decorative painting, pattern layout are typical Qianlong blue and white style, is a fine court furnishings porcelain.

Qinghua Shoushan Fuhai pattern flower mouth bottle, height 25.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm, full diameter 10.8 cm.
Bottle mouth, melon-shaped neck, shoulder, round abdomen, circle foot slightly out.The neck draws the fold branch flower, the abdomen draws a peach tree, on the branch has several longevity peach, under the tree draws the mountain stone and the river cliff sea water grain, the space draws the flying bat, near the bottom draws the deformation Ruyi head and the folding branch lotus grain each week.Qinghua seal book of foot “big qing qianlong year” six-character.
The design of this bottle is wonderful, the blue and white flowers are strong and showy, and it has the artistic effect of imitating the Ming Dynasty and Xuanqing.The decoration is a auspicious pattern, which means” Shoushan Fuhai “.

Yellow glaze tracing gold autumn leaf-shaped pen, Qing Qianlong, 1.4cm high, 12.5cm long, 16.5cm wide.Kiyomiya Ozō