Ceramics | Appreciation of Pottery and Porcelain in Beijing Palace Museum. Qing Dynasty Porcelain (End)

  The East Blue Glaze is painted with golden chicken flower, Qing Qianlong, 18.3cm high and 2.3cm diameter.
The flower is cast in the shape of a rooster, head erect, long tail hanging on the ground, on the back of a crank gallbladder bottle, the mouth of the chicken for the flow, bottle mouth for the water injection mouth.Spray the whole body Shi Dong blue glaze, the chicken body is painted with gold color to describe the wings, the bottle body with gold color to describe the banana leaf and the dragon dragon pattern.
The day chicken is a kind of auspicious god bird, the Tang Dynasty famous poet Li Bai in “sleepwalking Tianma Yinliu” in “half the wall sees the sea day, the air smells the sky chicken” sentence.This flower pouring is a court of the Qing Dynasty handed-down utensils, small and exquisite, meticulous description of gold, reflects the royal use of the noble atmosphere.This device can be used not only to water flowers, but also as a furnisher in the temple, practical and ornamental will be ingeniously combined together.

Blue glaze hollowed-out powder painting gold Kui phoenix grain cover bottle, Qingqianlong, 32.8 cm high, diameter 7.2 cm, foot diameter 11 cm
The bottle is a gallbladder type, slender neck, hanging abdomen, circling feet.In the bottle Shi Song Shi green glaze.The outer wall of the bottle is decorated with yellow ground rolling track and pink flower pattern. The neck is decorated with blue ground rolling track and the abdomen is decorated with blue glaze and hollowed with gold and phoenix grain.A small bottle is attached to the bottle.The foot Shi Song Shi green glaze, outside the center of the white square office Qinghua seal book “Da Qing Qianlong year” six words three lines.
This bottle first in the high temperature will be blue glaze, white glaze one-time firing, finish painting gold and then after low-temperature firing, reflecting the high level of ceramic technology at that time.

Peach jars painted with gold, Qingqianlong, 21.3 cm high, 5.2 cm in diameter and 7.2 cm in foot diameter.
The body of the bottle is a three-lobed flower-shaped one, with its mouth slightly turned, long neck, round abdomen and round feet.The inner wall of the bottle is made of Shi Song Shi green glaze, and the outer wall is covered with paste glaze, which is painted with gold-colored tapestry.Neck pile of plastic curly branches and leaves and 5 pieces of tender peach, shoulder with ganoderma lucidum.The outer bottom inscribes” the big qing dynasty qianlong year “three lines six character seal book.
The three-leaf shape of this bottle has achieved a multi-level visual sense and three-dimensional effect, avoid the common long-necked bottle slightly dull.Peach paste and ganoderma lucidum from the bottle show that the bottle should be the birthday of Emperor Qianlong.

The vase with golden flower and bird pattern is painted with powder enamel and blue glaze. It is 32.8 cm high, 10.2-7.9 cm in diameter and 11.6-9.3 cm in foot diameter.
The bottle is tetragonal in shape, its mouth is slightly curled, its neck is long and its abdomen is straight.In the bottle Shi Song Shi green glaze.The outside of the bottle is decorated with gold-covered lotus-grain and gold-covered blue glaze. The neck and feet are decorated with gold-painted leaves for a week.On each side of the bottle, there is a rectangle with white and open light, in which the pictures of mandarin duck lotus, peach-blossom bird, andromeda mantis and peony chrysanthemum are painted in pink.In the bottle foot Shi Song Shi Shi green glaze, the outer bottom alum red color “big Qing Qianlong year” six characters three lines seal book.
The shape of this machine is square angle, the molding process is complex, the burning difficulty is quite big.The pattern in the open light is light and elegant, which is in sharp contrast with the gold painted on the jilai blue glaze.

Purple ground rolling track powder painting gold with totem cup, Qing Qianlong,28 cm high, diameter 7.8 cm, foot diameter 7.9 cm
The cup is flat round mouth, two columns, the top of the column is round ball, there is tail flow, deep abdomen, lower abdomen arc, small flat bottom, three feet out.In the middle of the tray, there are raised mountain-shaped pillars, the three grooves of the pillars just support the three feet, the bottom of the disk three long arc-shaped feet.
The exterior of the cup and the tray are covered with rouge and purple glaze. The inner wall of the cup and the bottom of the tray are all blue ground.Dracula and tray decoration style the same, with the raceway process to decorate the bottom lines.In order to divide the main body pattern into several parts: the cup body is painted with gold dragon pattern, the upper part of the foot is painted with animal surface pattern, and the lower part is painted with a variety of cicada pattern.The mountain-shaped pillars are painted with blue-and-white river cliffs and peach patterns, and the inside edge and outer wall of the plate are painted with dragon patterns, which echo the decoration of the trophy.The bottom center leaves the white book “Qianlong year” four-character seal book.
This jubilee cup is modeled after three generations of bronze ware.The production and use of porcelain jubilee cup as a sacrificial vessel is a common practice in the three dynasties of the Yuan and Qing Dynasties. This kind of cup with tray is the earliest known one in the archives of the Qianlong Dynasty and the Palace of Qing Dynasty. One for the rouge purple, one for the yellow ground, the raceway brocade lines and the Kui lines, the production are extremely fine.There are also blue-and-white objects, similar objects in the Guangxu Dynasty also have imitation.

Colorful flower wine glass, Qingjiaqing, 4.4cm high, 6cm diameter, 2.4cm foot diameter
Cup lip, deep abdomen, short circle foot.The outer wall is decorated with fighting colors, painted with rocks, orchids and other contents.Foot Department “Daqing Jiaqing year” three lines of six-character seal.
This design and pattern of the small cup is a simplified result of Kangxi December Cup, Qianlong is no longer a substitute for the production of December Cup, from the Jiaqing Dynasty to the Xuantong Dynasty are burned, its shape, the pattern is roughly the same.Because its pattern is mostly orchid, mountain stone, so also be called fight color blue stone wine cup (or cup).

Huang Di powder colored lotus” Wanshou Wujiang “bowl, Qing Jiaqing, high 8.1cm, diameter 18.2cm, foot diameter 7.4cm
Bowl cut mouth, deep arc abdomen, circle foot.In the white glaze, outside the yellow wall painted pink, green, white three colors hook lotus lines, four round open light inside the book “ten thousand”, “life”, “no”, “Xinjiang” four characters, circle the bottom of the book red color “Daqing Jiaqing year” three lines six characters seal book.
As a result of the influence of Buddhist art, the tangled lotus has been popular in official architecture and handicraft manufacture since Tang Dynasty.Since the Song Dynasty, the appearance and popularity of a kind of disguised hook lotus pattern (or Baoxiang flower pattern), this bowl of powder color Goulian pattern belongs to Baoxiang type, is the imperial kiln porcelain in the Qing Dynasty, one of the common official patterns.Compared with the similar objects of the Qianlong period, the bowl was decorated with thin and formal patterns, the composition was more rigid, and had obvious characteristics of the Jiaqing Dynasty porcelain.

Garlic bottle with flower and fruit pattern,28 cm tall,3.7 cm in diameter and 8.6 cm in full diameter.
Bottle mouth introverted, showing garlic-like, straight neck, shoulder, down, outside the foot circle.The abdominal motif was painted with 6 groups of frilled flowers and fruit patterns, supplemented by reprint, twining flowers, Ruyi lines, lotus-leaf patterns and sea water patterns.The pattern decoration layout is dense, the blue and white flower is beautiful, the painting work is fine.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Jiaqing” six-character money.
This vase has beautiful shape, and the decorative painting method is similar to the blue-and-white garlic bottle in Qianlong Dynasty. It is an excellent work in early Qing Dynasty.

Red ground multicolored gold painting baby play picture bowl, height 9.7 cm, diameter 21 cm, foot diameter 17.5 cm
Bowl open, under the mouth gradually converge, arc wall, circle foot.Outside the wall painted a multicolored painting of gold baby play, set against the red ground.A group of children playing among railings, rocks, flowers and trees, the scene was lively and lively.White glaze in bowl, blue-and-white seal book “Daqing Jiaqing” six-character money.
The Jiaqing Dynasty inherited the porcelain-making technology of the Qianlong period, at which time the Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory continued to produce imperial porcelain.The bowl is brightly colored, the picture is lively and the red color sets off the lively atmosphere of the baby play.

Red color cloud dragon cup, Qingjiaqing, 4.7cm high, 6cm diameter, 2.8cm bottom diameter
Open cup, circle foot.The outer wall is decorated with two blue-and-white strings, each with a red glaze, depicting the dancing dragon and sea water.At the bottom of the book “Daqing Jiaqing year” Qinghua seal book six-character.
This cup imitates the Qing Kangxi instrument shape to burn, the curve is smooth, the instrument shape is graceful, the picture Yunlong line is meticulous, for a Qing Dynasty later official kiln production exquisite wine set.

“Mao Qin Hall” dragon print printing box, Qing Jiaqing, high 7.7 cm, diameter 22.5 cm, foot diameter 14.5 cm.Kiyomiya Ozō
Print box oblate, female mouth, circle foot.The cover and the wall of the instrument are painted lightly with blue-and-white Xiangyun patterns, on which two golden-colored five-claw dragons fly out between the clouds.Under the foot of the white glaze, the book “Daqing Jiaqing year” three lines of six-character seal.The box cover face is in the middle of the gold-colored square frame with the three-character “Mao Qin Dian”.
“Mao Qin Hall” is located in the Forbidden City, the Palace of the Qing Dynasty, the name of the temple to take the meaning of Mao’s hard-working, including the storage of books and ancient books.The system of Qing Dynasty and Ming Dynasty, all the tools of calligraphy are stored here.This printing box is the imperial stationery set up in the temple at that time, so far the box still has used at that time of cinnabar printing mud.

Big double-ear bottle with powder enamel, 63cm high, 22cm diameter and 22.5cm foot diameter.
Bottle wash mouth, thick neck, long round abdomen, circle foot, sand bottom.The neck and shoulder are fitted with the ears of two exotic animals.White glaze is applied in the inner part of the bottle, from shoulder to neck and inside mouth.The outside of the bottle depicts the actual picture of the Zhushan Imperial Kiln Factory in Jingdezhen in Qing Dynasty. It is centered on the Imperial Pavilion, which is built on the mountain. On the east and west sides, there is a big flag of “Imperial Kiln Factory” hanging on each side of the east and west gate, with black tiles on both sides of the white wall, including a corridor and a cave door.In the middle of the tall hall, a few people in the discussion of things, the factory craftsmen each work, is dedicated to work, mining, feeding, drawing, molding, glaze, blowing glaze, painting, painting, billet, kiln, kiln, shipping, and so on, a busy scene.This bottle is painted with pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, black, gold and other colors 61 people. It truly reflects the production scene of imperial kiln in Qing Dynasty, and confirms the construction, division of labor and production of imperial kiln in the relevant documents, which can be used as the first-hand material for our study of imperial kiln.

Blue and white phoenix through peony grain jar, height 37.5 cm, diameter 15.5 cm, full diameter 15.4 cm
Canister straight mouth, shoulder slip, round abdomen, circle foot, cover, cover dome, bead button, cover and jar mother mouth.Cover painting tangled branches peony flower and deformation Ruyi lines, pot hole painting flower 4 groups, two opposite, belly theme pattern full of painted phoenix wearing peony pattern.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Daoguang” six-character money.
The body of this jar is thick and thick. The blue and white flowers are bright and bright. The patterns are clear and lively. The phoenix pattern is unrestrained and concise.The modeling and painting style of this jar have distinct characteristics of the times.

Blue and white eight treasure hook lotus pattern double ear bottle, height 37.1 cm, diameter 8.5 cm, foot diameter 9.5 cm
Bottle mouth, long neck, shoulder, oval abdomen, circle foot, neck decorated with symmetrical double Ruyi ears.The mouth draws Ruyi head grain, the neck draws the fold branch lotus flower, the bottom draws the back line, the shoulder draws the bat and the fold branch lotus grain, the neck and the shoulder is separated by the back grain, the bottom draws the deformation Ruyi head grain a week, the abdomen theme pattern draws the eight baobaolian lotus grain, the near bottom draws the deformation lotus valve.The foot has the Qinghua seal book “Daqing Daoguang” six-character money.
This bottle has a dignified and steady shape, and the blue and white flowers are beautiful in color. The decorative patterns are not messy. The patterns are neat and clear. The theme is prominent. It is an excellent work in the blue and white porcelain of the Taoguang.

Red-colored rope-like red wine altar, clear road light, high 15 cm, diameter 4.8 cm, bottom diameter 6 cm
Wine altar small mouth, wide shoulder, shoulder gradually under, flat.Full body with low-temperature red glaze, shoulder, abdomen decorated like bamboo-woven yellow pocket-like lines.The two sides of the shoulders in the frame of the ink book “shape Yuan Hong”, “old wine” words, near the bottom of the “Zhejiang Shao Run Lian” square mark.
This wine altar of moderate size, exquisite craftsmanship, outside the altar, easy to tie rope, showing a simple and natural taste.

Blue and white eight treasure pattern flowerpot, height 17cm, aperture 22.3cm, foot diameter 13.3cm
Pelvic mouth rhombus-shaped, slightly turned, short neck, round abdomen, the bottom has 4 Ruyi-shaped feet.The neck and abdomen are divided into eight-treasure pattern, eight-treasure draw between the lotus flower, foot outside the wall drawing and flower pattern.There is no recognition of white glaze in the foot.
This is the standard style of the late Qing Dynasty flowerpot, the body is thick, the shape is full of primitive simplicity, blue and white gorgeous pan-purple, the pattern arrangement is orderly, is the Xianfeng dynasty blue and white porcelain in the fine.

Blue-and-white bamboo and stone plantain pattern jade pot spring bottle, height 28.5 cm, diameter 8.6 cm, foot diameter 11.5 cm
Bottle skimming mouth, long neck, round abdomen pendulous, circle foot slightly high micro outside.Neck painted banana leaf, bottom painted grass and deformation Ruyi head lines, abdominal motif painted bamboo, plantain, cave stone, flowers and railings, near the bottom painted deformation lotus, foot painted pattern.There are green flower script “Daqing Xianfeng year” six-character money.
This bottle has beautiful shape and smooth lines.The neck becomes thick short, abdomen enlarges, it is the standard pattern of jade jug spring bottle in late Qing Dynasty.Its blue and white hair color tends to be elegant, decorative layers, composition, although not as beautiful as Kangxi, Yongzheng Dynasty blue and white, but also exquisite.Xianfeng official kiln is a representative work of Qinghua of Xianfeng official kiln.

Doucai tracing gold twining pattern bowl, Qingxianfeng, 5.8 cm high, 10.5 cm diameter, 4.8 cm foot diameter
Bowl cut mouth, deep arc abdomen, circle foot.White glaze is applied both inside and outside the bowl and inside the circle foot.In the bowl, the light element has no grain decoration, the outer wall is painted with gold.Close to the edge of the deformation drawing back lines, the abdomen drawing twine pattern, near the foot painting Ruyi head lines, the outer wall painting blue-and-white double string line.Outdoor department alum red color script style “big qing xianfeng year” double line six-character funds.
This bowl is unique in color technique, that is, six flowers on the outer wall follow the blue-and-white contour line and then trace the gold color, the use of gold color coordination between various materials, avoid the contrast between different colors too strong, so that the picture appears soft and pleasing to the eye.

Yellow ground powder enamel bowl, clear and clear, 8.1cm high, 13cm diameter and 6.2cm foot diameter.
Bowl straight mouth slightly open, deep abdomen, circle foot.The mouth describes the gold color, the mouth edge inside and outside and the foot wall are decorated with the red grain belt.The white glaze in the bowl is filled with butterfly and flower patterns, the yellow glaze in the outer wall is decorated with four round open light, the inside book is” ten thousand “,” life “,” nothing “,” Xinjiang “and the four regular script red characters with Ruyi lines around each other, the open light between the painted bat, peach and dish lines, meaning” ten thousand happiness”, “ten thousand longevity”.Outer bottom white glaze on the ground to red-colored book “Changchun Tongqing” four-character regular script.
“Changchun Tongqing” porcelain is generally exquisite official kiln utensils.This bowl was the celebration of the emperor’s wedding with porcelain.

Blue and white flower pattern daffodils basin, length 21.5cm, width 16.5cm
The basin was oblong, its mouth slightly turned, its straight belly, its flat bottom, and its four corners, each with one foot.A week of deformation along the mouth, along the edge of drawing grass lines, four sides of the abdomen drawing a group of daffodils.At the bottom of the heart is a four-character seal book, “body and temple system”.
This basin embryo bone is thick, the blue flower hair color is light elegant, the flower painting is delicate and soft, the flower, the branch vein is clear, is elegant and light, is the Qing Tongzhi dynasty court use implement exquisite work.

Blue and white cloud dragon pattern bottle, 39cm high, 10cm diameter, 13cm foot diameter
Bottle skimming mouth, long neck, shoulder, round abdomen, lower abdomen gradually, circle feet slightly high, commonly known as” bottle. “The neck is decorated with clouds and dragons, the abdominal theme is painted with two-dragon beads, the bottom is painted with river cliffs and sea water lines, the outer wall of the foot is painted with lines for a week, and the edges of the mouth and feet are decorated with two lines.The foot has the blue-and-white script “Daqing Tongzhi year” six-character funds.
Appreciation of the bottle more than winding the lotus for decoration, painting the very rare dragon lines, so this bottle is more precious.

Red glaze open-light gold plate, clear and same treatment,9 cm high, diameter 17 cm, full diameter 8.2 cm
Bowl straight mouth slightly open, arc abdomen, circle foot.The mouth painted gold color, inside and outside of the mouth are painted gold back lines a week, the red on the inside wall of the bowl painted gold “Xi” word, in the heart decorated with gold group birthday words, the outer wall red on the ground has four round open light, inside are decorated with dragon and phoenix “Xi” word, open between with flower and butterfly pattern.Outer bottom white glaze on the ground to red-colored book “Changchun Tongqing” four-character regular script.
The whole instrument is mainly red and is decorated with blue, white and green colors. The picture is festive and warm. This is the instrument used by the emperor of Tongzhi when he married.

Yellow ground red color open light “Fu Lu Shou Xi” bowl, clear and treat, height 8 cm, diameter 13 cm, foot diameter 6.3 cm
Bowl straight mouth slightly open, deep abdomen, circle foot.Gesture gold, inner wall red paint Ruyi cloud pattern and tangled branch gourd pattern, outer abdomen yellow glaze on the ground painted red color ruyi cloud pattern, the theme pattern is four round open light, the inside is” Fu “,” Lu “,” Shou “,” Xi “four regular script red character, Each word is surrounded by five bats and a week of Ruyi lines, including the meaning of “five bats holding longevity”.The outer bottom yellow glaze on the ground drawing pen, ingot, Ruyi combination pattern, meaning “must be as good as you like”.
This bowl in yellow glaze on the ground decorated with a variety of patterns, highlighting the auspicious implication, which is the late Qing Dynasty Tongzhi, Guangxu, Xuantong porcelain decoration of the common style.This bowl is a wedding utensil for Tongzhi emperor.

Paint gold plate, clear, 5cm high, 22.2 cm diameter, and 13.2cm foot diameter.
Disk off mouth, shallow abdomen outside arc, circle foot.The oral painting gold color, both inside and outside are decorated with powder enamel.In the plate yellow glaze on the ground painted six painted gold Tuanshou characters, each of which is surrounded by five bats, broken branches peach and ten thousand characters ribbon patterns interspersed among the patterns, take the meaning of “five bats holding longevity”, “Wanfu Wanshou”.The outer wall, white glaze, was decorated with three groups of fold flowers on the ground.Outsole red color book, “the same governance of the year” four-character regular script.
It is decorated with yellow, blue, green, pink, gold and other colors. The pattern inside the plate is dense and the pattern outside the plate is sparse.Its decorative outline is all with gold color outline, the color is magnificent, fully shows the palace characteristic.

Red ground tracing gold happy character bowl, clear with treatment, height 7.2 cm, diameter 10.5 cm, foot diameter 3.9 cm
The bowl has a deep belly and a round foot.The whole red glaze is painted gold.The inner and outer sides of the mouth and the abdomen are decorated with gold return lines, the inner and outer walls and the foot walls are decorated with gold “Xi” characters, and the inner bottom of the heart is painted with gold tuanshou characters.Foot bauxite red color “yan xitong and” four-character regular script.
The “Xi” porcelain produced during the Tongzhi period was the great wedding utensils of the Tongzhi emperor, which mainly consisted of sea bowls, large bowls, medium bowls, soup bowls, Huaiwan bowls, yellow wine bowls, wine glasses, spoons, large and medium plates and dishes.In 1868, King Fu, governor of Jiangxi Province, made the large wedding porcelain for the palace in Jingdezhen for seven years, totaling 120 barrels, including 7,294 pieces.

Huangdi Kaiguang powder color San Yang Kaitai grain bowl, diameter 15.2cm, Forbidden City old collection
The inner wall of the bowl is decorated with green flowers, painted with pine, bamboo, plum, ganoderma lucidum and other patterns.The inner bottom of the heart in the blue and white circle inside painted landscape background, with three different styles of sheep as the center of the pattern, meaning “three yang Kaitai”.The outer wall of the bowl is painted with yellow glaze and decorated with folding peach blossoms. In the way of opening and leaving white light, the three sheep are drawn in three round spaces, which echo the three sheep inside the bowl.
The bottom of the bowl is a six-character double-line regular script of “Daqing Guangxu year”, which shows the characteristics of the imperial porcelain of Guangxu Dynasty.

Powder color dragon and phoenix pattern bowl, Qingguang xu, height 6 cm, diameter 13.9 cm, foot diameter 5.4 cm
The mouth of the bowl was flabby, with its belly curving and feet circling.Light in the bowl.The outer wall is decorated with pink, pink, blue, yellow, emerald and gold colors.Near the yellow glaze on the ground painted bats, peaches and “swastika” characters, the outer abdomen decorated with dragon and phoenix opera beads, between Xiangyun lines, dragon and phoenix patterns of the brush strokes more rigid, near the bottom decorated with deformation lotus petal a week.Outdoor department red color “big qing guangxu year” six-character script.
This bowl is typical of the palace china.

Fancai Jiangshan million generation grain bowl, Qingguang xu, high 6.5 cm, diameter 12.2 cm, foot diameter 4.9 cm
Bowl straight mouth, arc abdomen, circle foot.Light in the bowl.The outer wall is decorated with pastel, a week of gold-tracing and red lines, the abdominal motif is painted with sea and river cliffs, and the river and rock are represented by the river and the mountain, which are six groups of different colors. The center of each group has the character “Swastika”, which means” Jiangshan Wandai “. This is a common decorative subject on the porcelain of the Guangxu period.Two-line six-character script for “big qing guangxu year” in green flower, outer bureau.
This bowl with gold, alum red, blue, green, dark powder color, colorful rich.

Green space powder color flower and bird pattern cover bowl, clear light, through the height 8.8 cm, aperture 11 cm, foot diameter 4.4 cm
Bowl round cover, grip button, mouth micro-turn, arc abdomen, circle foot.With powder enamel, cover mouth is covered with gold line for a week, white glaze is applied on the inside wall of bowl, green glaze is applied on the cover surface and the outer wall of bowl, and bird and flower patterns are painted on it.Gai Niu Li and the bottom of the bowl with a red book “Da Qing Guangxu year” six-character script.
This bowl is in emerald green ground with purple, yellow, grass green, dark green painted patterns, very chic.The pattern is similar to the design style of Daya Yazhai porcelain, produced in the first year of Guangxu (1875) and the second year of Guangxu (1876), or is a product of the same period.
The cover bowl has the form of skimming mouth type and straight mouth folding type two, the abdomen is under, circle foot, the cover is more buckle in the inside of the bowl mouth.

Green space powder color fair cup, clear light xu, through height 6cm, aperture 12cm
This is Yixing kiln works.The cup is lotus-leaf-shaped, the bottom of the circle, nail-shaped three feet.The whole device takes Yixing purple sand as the tyre, the inside and outside is applied green glaze, the outer wall embellishes the group flower.Cup heart for a bun, bare chest, smiling fairy face a yellow column and sit.Cylindrical hollow, with purple sand pottery slender floating column, as a birthday star-shaped, column around the floating column has 5 red spots.
Fair cup was produced in the Song Dynasty, used in drinking order to help wine.The five red dots on this column point respectively to the drinkers present.As the wine slowly poured into the cup, the column in the floating column slowly rose, the birthday star face which red dot, then by the corresponding person drinking alcohol.There is a scale on the pontoon. If the wine is still poured when the scale is exposed, it is considered unfair. The wine party flows out of the hole under the fairy.

Blue and white entwined lotus pattern bottle,38 cm tall,7 cm in diameter,13 cm in foot diameter
Bottle skimming mouth, long neck, shoulder raised chord lines, round abdomen, circling feet slightly higher and slightly outward.The main motif is painted with green flowers and entwined with clematis, supplemented by sea water, Ruyi Yuntou, banana leaves, back lines, deformed lotus petals and honeysuckle patterns.The foot has the blue-and-white script “Da Qing Guangxu year” six-character money.
The emperor of Qing Dynasty used special bottle to reward the meritorious minister, beginning with Yongzheng, finally Xuantong, its tool type has a certain rule.This bottle is very delicate, is a standard official kiln.

Blue and white baby play picture bowl, Qingguang xu, high 7.4 cm, diameter 15.5 cm, foot diameter 5.8 cm
Bowl skim, arched belly, ringed feet.The outer wall is decorated with cyan, gray and blue hair, and each side of the mouth and foot wall has a double ring of cyan.The outer wall draws two group baby play pictures, the baby or wears the belly bag, or wears the wide clothing fat trousers, plays, is naive lovely.The two groups were separated by trees, rocks and flowers.Outside has green flower “big qing guangxu year” six character regular script.
It is one of the typical patterns of porcelain decoration.The figure of baby play was first seen in Changsha kiln porcelain in Tang Dynasty.The figure of baby play appeared on the porcelain of Qing Dynasty, which was due to the stability of social life and the rapid growth of population in Kangxi Dynasty.Under that kind of background, the baby play picture becomes the art picture of the view, and causes the court art to be affected.Tongzhi, Guangxu period baby play map is also seen.

Blue and white flying bat pencil holder, 16.5cm tall, 12.1cm in diameter, 12.1cm in foot diameter.
The pen tube is cylindrical, the oral diameter is similar, the bottom center of the micro-concave, blue-and-blue ash.The outer wall of the pen barrel is painted with a peach tree. There are nine big peach trees on the branches. Under the trees, there are painted mountains and rocks, bamboo and bamboo patterns. Near the bottom, there are painted rivers and cliffs and sea lines. The space is painted with five bats. There are clouds floating in the sky.This kind of auspicious decorative meaning “Shoushan Fuhai”, is the Qing Dynasty porcelain on the common decorative subject matter.Under the central blue-and-white two-column regular script “Changchun palace system” four-character funds.
The decorative painting of this instrument has the typical style of late Qing Dynasty.

Green squirrel grape grain bowl, Qingguang xu, height 11.5cm, aperture 22.5cm, foot diameter 8.9cm
Bowl cut mouth, deep arc abdomen, circle foot.White glaze is applied both inside and outside the bowl and inside the sole.Light in the bowl.The outer wall draws the green flower squirrel grape grain, the grape branch leaves is luxuriant, the squirrel goes through it.Six-character double-line fund of “Daqing Guangxu year” written by Green Flower, Department of Foreign Affairs.

Yellow ground purple green dragon grape pattern dish, clear light, height 2.3 cm, diameter 13 cm, foot diameter 8 cm.
Disc skips, curved abdomen, circled feet.Colored through the body yellow ground.Disc interior decoration double ring line, the heart for the two-dragon pearl pattern, two-dragon one purple one green.Exterior wall adorn four group fold branch grape grain.Outer bottom ink book “big qing guangxu year” double line six-character regular script.
This is the porcelain glaze color product.The firing process is first carved on the natural tire, covered with transparent glaze into the kiln fired, and then in the carved on the need to paint, the rest of the yellow glaze, and then into the kiln low-temperature firing.

Fencai phoenix pattern bowl, Qing Xuan series, height 9 cm, diameter 21 cm, full diameter 8.7 cm
Bowl skim, arched belly, ringed feet.In the bowl white glaze light element, outside the mouth along and near the bottom of each decoration gold thread a week, the abdomen with the pink painting Kui phoenix through pattern.Outside base green flower book “big qing xuantong year” double line six character regular script.
This bowl-shaped Zhou Zheng, soft lines, purple, red, blue, pink, yellow, green color setting, colorful, fine painting, composition full and clean, is a fine powder enamel porcelain.Fangcai phoenix pattern is the decorative pattern of official kiln porcelain since the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty.

Powder color flower pattern disc, Qingxuan series, 1.9cm high, 7.5cm diameter, 3.7cm foot diameter
Disc cut mouth, fold abdomen, circle foot.The outer and outer edges are decorated with blue broadband for a week.The heart of the dish is painted with a pink peach flower with a bush of grass beside it.Three lines of six-character script for “xuantong year” in qing dynasty.
The blue mouth of this disc is matched with pink, tender and delicate peach blossom, which is novel and unique.

East green glaze apricot round bottle, Qing Xuan series, 30cm high, mouth length 11.5cm, foot length 13.2cm
Bottle body square, straight mouth, mouth to the neck of the committee angle, tympanum, square circle foot.East blue glaze was applied in inner and outer body and inside circle foot. Both sides of neck were arranged symmetrically through ears. There were apricot stone protuberance on both sides of abdomen.Six-character double line “Xuantong year of Qing Dynasty” in Qing Dynasty.
Xingyuan vase is a traditional variety of ancient porcelain in China. It has been burned almost since Qing Dynasty. The existing varieties of Xingyuan vase in Xuantong period, such as kiln-changed glaze, imitation official glaze and east blue glaze, were all made in order to reflect the end of the luxury porcelain used by feudal rulers in Qing Dynasty.

Blue and white bamboo plums with grain bowl, Qingxuan series,7 cm high,13 cm diameter,5 cm foot diameter
The mouth of the bowl was flabby, with its belly curving and feet circling.White glaze, blue and white hair color, bowl mouth along the inside and outside and full wall are decorated with blue and white double ring line.The bowl heart draws the cloud grain, the outer wall full draws the pine bamboo plum grain.Foreign department green flower “xuantong year of the qing dynasty” double line six-character script.
Pine, bamboo and plum respectively symbolize evergreen is not old, gentleman way and ice flesh jade bone, these three kinds of plants do not fear the severe winter, hence the name “old cold three friends”, is one of the typical patterns of porcelain decoration.

Yellow ground green color flower and bird pattern bowl, Qing Xuan series, high 6.5 cm, diameter 12.4 cm, full diameter 5.3 cm
Bowl straight mouth slightly open, deep abdomen, upper abdomen is straight, circle foot.Both inside and outside the application of yellow glaze, light element.The outer wall yellow glaze on the ground with green painted two peach trees and four birds, near the mouth along the green circle line, the full wall shallow carved double ring line one week, all the green pattern under the tire with the same pattern of the contour lines.Outsole ink book “xuantong year of the qing dynasty” six-character regular script.

Yellow ground green color is one of low-temperature glaze glaze color varieties, yellow glaze for the ground, with green on the cone carved on the dark lines painted.This kind of adornment method is common on dish, bowl